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Title: Bad Draft/Good Draft
Post by: ronsnap on October 24, 2013, 05:47:00 PM
I don't have time to disect right now but I know where Chop will be listed.
Title: Re: Bad Draft/Good Draft
Post by: ronsnap on October 24, 2013, 09:08:23 PM
Helge started out with a solid pick of Logan Streebler.  Can't be any more stable that that.  Get's bonus almost all the time and doesnt wrestle for State Penn. He'll probably steal his third title this year too.  Chop though...Cmon Man!  Ramos is great but Taylor and Ruth were still on the board.  That was the first indication that you had no clue as to what you were doing.  There was more proof of that throughout the draft.  Ron took a huge risk and took Nahshon Garrett over 2X finalist Nico Megaludis.  It will prove to be the best pick in the first round. 

Ron had another great pick in round two.  Schopp is a bonus point machine.  Cory Clark was a real head scratcher by Tiny but with this group of Hawkeye homers I understand why he took him so high.  Chop...Storley with your second pick...Cmon Man!

The Gut pulled out the best pick in round three.  Gwiz is the balls.  Loder in the third round is a bit of a stretch but I'll give you a break, Justin, since youre a rookie.  Mossy took Colon who could really pay off at the tournament.  However, the best indicator of the future is the past, so I suggest Mossy wait for Colon at the Clear Lake VFW around the end of the first semester so get his payoff.  Hope they have craft beer there cause if they don't have Craft, they dont have Chris.  Ron with another great pick of Ness.

Cody Walters in the fourth round!!! Rookie.  Steiney was a steal in the 4th though.  Great pick Ron.

Dback takes the Mongolian Massacre in round five.  Hope that one pans out for ya. 

I can't go through all the rounds but I know that Chop must have really been on the sauce for this draft.  Homer picks all over the place.  Read the rules Chop and thanks for your donation.

Title: Re: Bad Draft/Good Draft
Post by: yoces51 on October 24, 2013, 11:02:59 PM
Draft Grades:
Helge16: Helge had a great beginning to the draft taking Logan Steiber and likely getting plenty of bonus points with Matt Brown and Ryan Mango.  His head scratchers were taking Sam Brooks and Alan Waters, the strategy of keeping one of them if they stay on the roster all season is great.  But he is giving up to roster spots for guys that will not see the starting varsity lineup all year. C

Chop:  Chop showed his homer status early in the draft taking Tony Ramos with the 2nd overall pick with both Ruth and Taylor on the board.  He then solidified himself as biggest gomer/homer in fantasy by selecting Nick Moore, Josh Dziewa, and Brandon Sorenson.  Chop will do well with Scott Sakaguchi and Mike McMullen, but overall his draft was drafted too much with Heart and not enough with head.  D

Tiny:  Tiny had a solid draft top to bottom.  Anytime you can walk away with David Taylor with the 3rd overall pick you've got to be happy.  Tiny is going to be depending on some young talent to make an impact with Isaac Jordan and Jimmy Gulibon but both guys are highly touted. Tiny also added some nice depth late in the draft with Matt Miller and Johnni Dijulious.  Throw Travis Rutt and Devin Carter and Tiny definitely has a team to be reckoned with.  B

dback:  Dback wasn't able to concentrate on the draft due to his busy partying schedule but he was coherent enough to land Ed Ruth with his first round pick.  Add in Monk, Patterson, and Kokesh and there is the making of a solid bunch,  Dback took a risk drafting Ugi in the 5th round, and is now banking on his eligibility to be granted.  Dback also drafted two of his favorite wrestlers in Blake Roshalt and Eric Grajales.  B-

Cyfan9:  Cyfan also found it tough to balance his party/drafting time.  It shows as he is still a team member short as of this post and although the pics he sent us excuse his late drafting, I'm not sure his team reflects his vast wrestling knowledge.  Kendrick Maple will have a huge year, James green and Spencer Myers will also carry their weight on his team.  Cyfans love for IA State may have gotton the better of him while drafting Mike Moreno and Tanner Weatherman.  Hopefully your last pick (whenever it is finally made) will help redeem your draft this year. F/Incomplete

Yoces:  Yoces dominated the fantasy league during last years regular season.  He then, to everyone's suprise had a very poor NCAA's and did not place.  This year Yoces took a step in the right direction of winning it all by having "Herky"s Jerky"s" finest draft.  Top to bottom Yoces is loaded with talent,  A good mix of youth and experience Yoces is the odds on favorite to win the league this year.  One to watch this year is Yoces 15th round selection Mitch Minotti from Lehigh, very likely the Steal of the Draft. A+

Mossy:  Mossy has the most "on the mat" experience of any member of this league.  He used this experience to draft many talented wrestlers.  Andrew Howe will anchor his squad along with Tony Nelson, neither will score a ton of bonus points but neither may lose either.  Joe Colon could pay off in a big way for mossy, or just as likely it may be a wasted pick.  I like the Theilke and Gadson picks, but having Thomas Gilman as your only drafted 125 pounder is a little puzzling.  B

Gutter:  Gutter surprised everyone by drafting 2 Hawkeyes in Derek St. John and Mike Evans.  He made it up to his IA St buddies though by taking Earl Hall and Gabe Moreno (although he should not have taken either).  Gwiz and Tsirtsis are great grabs, but they are evened out by Tyler Lehman who may or may not even see the wrestling mat this year.  A disappointing draft for someone who showed much promise at the end of last fantasy season.  C-

Ronsnap:  If not for Yoces expert analysis and drafting, Ronnie may have had the best draft.  Garrett in the first with the 9th pick is great given all the matches he wrestles.  Ron took maybe the best fantasy (regular season) wrestler in the sport by taking AJ Schopp in the 2nd.  Ronsnap will enjoy watching all the success the Gophers have this year with Ness and Steinhaus on his squad.  One puzzling move for Ronsnap was trading away multiple picks to add both Nebraska 149's in mcCauley and Suefluen.  This will cause him to likely use 3 roster moves early in the season and will hurt  his chances in catching Yoces.  B+

Justin:  Justin is the newcomer in the league this year and has had a lot of "hands on" experience with ncaa wrestling.  Justin has lots of strong wrestlers in their respective conferences and undoubtedly have a shot at winning conference week.  My concern is weather or not he has the top end talent to compete at NCAA"S.  McIntosh, Dieringer, and Caldwell will do well, and I like the Loder pick.  Justin will be depending on the likes of Small, Beckman and Parisi to step up their games against the nations best if he hopes to be in the money.  C

It was another fun year of drafting, next year though lets find a way to get together and knock this thing out in a few hours over some beers. 
Title: Re: Bad Draft/Good Draft
Post by: Brew on October 24, 2013, 11:30:19 PM
What have you heard about Tyler Lehmann, yoces....I took him in the latter part of the draft as I thought he has a huge ceiling with the program there.
Title: Re: Bad Draft/Good Draft
Post by: yoces51 on October 24, 2013, 11:35:47 PM
I don't have anything concrete, only message board rumors.  I heard he may be having some eligibility problems that could result in him not starting until 2nd semester or next year.  This posted under the NDSU thread over on the guillotine I believe.  Hopefully he can go right away as I am looking forward to seeing how he does.
Title: Re: Bad Draft/Good Draft
Post by: Brew on October 24, 2013, 11:39:35 PM
Ok cool...thanks for the info....he was my backup to Rutt at that weight but I really feel like he could put up some serious fantasy numbers.

All of you guys in this league should gets to postin' in the forums here.....if you want that is..
Title: Re: Bad Draft/Good Draft
Post by: ronsnap on October 25, 2013, 09:36:35 AM
yoces, I won't need those extra transactions because of my superior drafting skills.  Doing that also opens the door for the rest of you to have a little advantage over me too.  You'll need it. 
Title: Re: Bad Draft/Good Draft
Post by: dback_5 on October 25, 2013, 05:28:06 PM
Im starting a fund raiser to raise money for Ugi to retain his eligibility this year.  Then, my team is a title contender.