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Title: WrestleStat Rankings - Week 15 2018-2019
Post by: andegre on February 12, 2019, 09:27:47 AM
Note: One final tweak has been made to the algorithm to put more emphasis on the current season results vs career results.

As a result of the upsets last weekend, at 174, Daniel Lewis has moved into #2 after defeating Zahid Valencia over the weekend.

At 184, Jacobe Smith of Oklahoma State debuts at #4 at his new weight.

At 197, Bo Nickal has a ridiculous lead over #2 Kollin Moore. If you ever check out the Elo value associated with each wrestler, the gap from #1 to #2 per weight may be the highest at 197. He is in his own class.

In Dual Rankings, Iowa slid past Ohio State and is now at #3. Also, Cornell moved up 3 spots to close at #7. Iowa State is continuing a fantastic season and is up to #12 now (they defeated Oregon State last night 23-14, which those results ARE included in the rankings).

Wrestler Rankings:

Dual Rankings:

Tournament Rankings:

Statistical Rankings:

Redshirt Rankings:

Don't forget to try out the Tourney Projection Tool so you can A) make your OWN rankings, or B) project out the placements for the National Tournament to see which team will win.

Tourney Projection Tool:

Lastly, just would like to mention that the TourneyPool fantasy system is 100% ready to go for tournament time. Right now, it is automatically scheduled to activate on March 1st, which will actually be Thursday, February 28th at either 6:00 or 7:00 Eastern timezone. Make sure you are registered with WrestleStat so you are ready to go when that get's activated.
Title: Re: WrestleStat Rankings - Week 15 2018-2019
Post by: Bronco on February 12, 2019, 10:25:37 AM
I apologize in advance but I just checked out the Tournament Rankings -

As they have to do with the five PAC 12 teams.   And they make no sense at all to me.  Especially when the very worst team in the PAC 12 (Cal Poly) ranked at # 55 and you have Cal State Bakersfield - which has defeated two top 25 teams in the last two weeks - ranked at the bottom at # 61.    That literally makes no sense at all.   This season CS Bakersfield has defeated Kent State 17-16 - which is ranked # 38 in these tournament rankings and the Roadrunners have also defeated Fresno State 18-12 which is ranked # 41 on these tournament rankings.   CS Bakersfield has also defeated Stanford 20-13 - which your tournament rankings have at # 36.   And they have also defeated Cal Poly (who hasn't) 24-11 - which your rankings have a # 55.  And lastly Bakersfield lost by only 3 points at Corvallis, OR., against Oregon State and Oregon State is ranked # 19 here
Title: Re: WrestleStat Rankings - Week 15 2018-2019
Post by: andegre on February 12, 2019, 10:55:08 AM
None of the team rankings are influenced by previous dual results. The dual rankings are comprised strictly by "simulating" the dual in a wrester A vs wrestler B format with the starters that are currently set. Likewise, the tournament rankings are based strictly on what each individual wrestlers current ranking is, then take the the advancement, placement, and predicted bonus points for that finish at the NCAA tournament.