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2014 Fantasy Wrestling / Official Waiver Thread
« on: November 06, 2014, 10:01:16 AM »
Let's move everything to this one.  I'll try to keep up.  Of course I can't change rosters so you'll need to do that I believe post haste.

Waiver Order(Reverse Draft)
1. Akin (10)
2. Viratas (9)
3. NY Wrestler (10)
4. Vais (9)
5. Jerry Callo (10)
6. Dutch (10)
7. AC Guns (10)
8. Bryce (10)
9. Jason (10)
10. Yak (9)
11. Lost (10)
12. Brew (10)
13. Falcon (10)

Waiver Log:
11/2: Yak Add Rick Durso, Drop Jason Nolf?
11/3: Viratas Add Kurtis Julson Drop Ricky Robertson
11/6: Vais Add Justin Arthur Drop Jake Sueflohn

2013 Fantasy Wrestling League / How Many AA's Will Be On my bench...
« on: January 30, 2014, 10:51:14 AM »
If you don't get to getting!?

And to a lesser extent..


Don't let poor Jon Morrison, Chris Dardanes and Ethen Lofthouse watch from the sidelines!

2013 Fantasy Wrestling League / Week 14 1/31-2/6
« on: January 30, 2014, 10:49:26 AM »
125- Jade Rauser-Utah Valley
1/31 Boise State, 2/1 SD state
133-Tony Ramos-Iowa
141-, Zain Retherford-PSU
1/31-MSU, 2/1 Mich
149-Andrew Alton-PSU(Backup Beitz)
1/31-MSU, 2/1 Mich
157-Dylan Alton-PSU
1/31-MSU 2/1 Mich
165-Nick Moore-Iowa
174-Chris Perry-Ok State
184-Gabe Dean-Cornell
1/31-Princeton, 2/2 Penn
197-Dan Mitchell-American
285-Mike McMullan-Northwestner

2013 Fantasy Wrestling League / Week 9 Lineups
« on: December 25, 2013, 11:06:37 AM »
125-Thomas Gilman-Iowa
133-Tony Ramos-Iowa
Flex Jon Morrison-OK St
141- Zain Retherford-PSU
149- Andrew Alton-PSU
12/28 Wilkes Open
157-, Dylan Alton-PSU
12/28 Wilkes Open
165-Nick Moore-Iowa
174-Chris Perry-Ok State
184-Ethen Lofthouse-Iowa
197-J'Den Cox-Mizzou
285-Mike McMullan-NW

2013 Fantasy Wrestling League / Rosters/Transaction Log Are Updated
« on: November 08, 2013, 08:58:39 AM »
And will be updated consistently from here on out.  Double check your roster/transactions.


2013 Fantasy Wrestling League / Rosters/Free Agency
« on: November 02, 2013, 09:16:19 AM »
AKIN-Please sticky this and make it so nobody posts on this thread so I can still edit the teams throughout the year as changes and additions are made.  Let me know if you have any questions in the WAIVER thread. 

Brycemus UnderooDogs
125: Terao & Germaine
133: Soto
141: Nevinger &
157: Pena & Pack
165: Mock
174: Ottinger & Zilmer
184: Wheeler, Ben Stroh
197: Palik
Hwt: Telford & Herrin

Brew The Enigmas
125 Nashon Garrett
133 Mark Grey, Cash Quiroga
141 Mitchell Port, Stephen Dutton
149 Jake Sueflohn, Cam Tessari
157 Nestor Taffur, Maxamillian Schneider
165 Ramon Santiago, Jim Wilson
174 Lee Munster
184 Dominic Abounader, Lorenzo Thomas,
197 Travis Rutt,
HWT Nick Gwiazdowski NC State

Dutch's Dominators
125-Jess Delgado,
133-Cody Brewer,
141- Richard Durso,
149-Scott Sakaguchi, Brody Grothus
157-Taylor Walsh,Austin Mathews
165-Cooper Moore,  Mike Moreno
174-Cody Walters, Levi Clemons
184-TJ Dudley Jack Dechow
197-Kyven Gadson-
HWT-Connor Medbery, Adam Chalfant-
Garcia?  Who is Garcia?  He's on your team, whoever he is...  I dont see Richards on your roster either, but whatever. 
Vaisforlovers, Vaisenbergs(Props to Brew)
125-Thomas Gilman, Joey Dance
133-Tony Ramos, Jon Morrison
141-Chris Dardanes, Zain Retherford
149-Tyler Diamond Zach Niebert, James English
157-Dylan Alton,
165-Nick Moore
174-Chris Perry
184-Ethen Lofthouse, Gabe Dean
197-Dan Mitchell, J'Den Cox
285-Mike McMullan,

125: Nico Megaludis, Corey Clark
133: David Thorn, 
141: Ian Nickell, Nick Lester
149: Nick Dardanes
157: Dylan Ness, Justin DeAngelis
165: Tyler Caldwell, Dylan Palacio
174: Logan Storley, Dom Kastl
184: Ed Ruth
197: Alex Polizzi
285: Amarveer Dhesi ,Adam Fager

Team LawDog
125 - Dylan Peters
133 - AJ Schopp, Johnni DiJulius
141 - Edgar Bright
149 - Hunter Stieber, Mitch Minotti
157 - James Green, Nick Brascetta
165 - Zach Toal, Jackson Morse, Taylor Massa
174 - Andrew Howe,
184 - Max Thomusseit
197 - Nick Heflin, Mario Gonzalez
285 - Jimmy Lawson

Jerry Callo, CALLO'S CREW:

125   JARROD PATTERSON,  Ryan Taylor
133   , Zane Richards,
149  ERIC GRAJALES, Tywan Claxton
157   DYLAN NESS , Brian Murphy
197  Scottie Boykin
285   TONY NELSON, Adam Coon, Joe Stolfi

HerbP PUDS ( Currently being managed by FalconwrestlingKy)
125--Zanetta, Terao-
133-Tyler Graff, Nick Soto, Devin Lotito
141-Joe Spisak
149-Maple, Bryce Busler
165-Joe Booth, Sulzer,
174-Miller,-Hayden Zilmer
184-Swarz, Sam Wheeler

125   Nico Megaludis-Evan Silver
133  Mason Beckman, Zach Horan
141   Josh Dziewa,
149   Chris Villalonga, Josh Kindig,
157   ,  Joey Napoli, Blaise Butler
165   Dan Yates , Bo Jordan
174   Elliot Riddick, Bryce Hammond       
184   Ed Ruth,  Kenny Courts
197     Phil Wellington
285   Mike McClure     
Akin's Lynch Mob:
125- Josh Martinez   
133- Ryan Mango-
141- Adam Krop, Joey Lazor       
149-  Lenny Richardson-
157-  Isaac Jordan
165- Pierce Harger-
174- Robert Kokesh, Tyler Wilps
184- Boaz Beard, Ophir Bernstein
197- Nathan Burak, Jace Bennett, Morgan McIntosh
285- Austin Marsden,  Ernest James
  ACGuns Totally Underrated Ninja Assassins (TUNA)

125-Tyler Cox-Korey Mines
133-Joe Roth-Central
141-Logan Stieber-Ohio State
149-Jason Tsirtsis, Gus Sako-
157-Ian Miller, Tristan Warner
165-Steven Monk
174-Mikey England-MIZZOU
184-Jimmy Sheptock, John Eblen
197-Richard Perry, Braden Atwood
285-Spencer Myers, Ross Larson

 125: Nathan Kraisser,  Corey Keener
133:  Joe Colon
141: Evan Henderson, Chris Mecate, Ugi
149: Drake Houdashelt
157: Derek St. John-
165: Josh Veltre,
174: Turto Luvsandorj, Matt Brown, Stephen Doty
184: Nikko Reyes, Vic Avery-
197: Scott Schiller-
285: JT Felix

C) Free Agency/Waiver
Each owner can claim up to 10 wrestlers from free agency/waivers throughout the season (known as the free agent quota). In order to do so, the owner must drop another wrestler from his roster. Claims are placed by posting in the "Waivers" thread.
i) Free Agency. Any wrestler not on a roster or waivers (see below) is a free agent. A free agent may be claimed at any time on a first-come, first-serve basis.
ii) Waivers. Whenever an owner drops a wrestler from his roster, that wrestler will be placed on waivers for 3 days. At the end of this period, whichever owner who wants the wrestler and has the highest waiver priority will "win" the wrestler. This owner will then move to the bottom of the waiver priority list. Initially, the waiver priority order will be the reverse of the draft order. If no one claims the wrestler in the waiver period, the wrestler will fall into the free agency pool.

Waiver Order(add/drops)
1. Brycemus( 4 )
2. Dutch134 ( 1)
3. Brew(3)
4. Viratas(4)
6. Vaisforlovers( 3 )
7. ACGuns( 8 )
8. Herbp( 1)
9. Jason_L_Jackson(4)
10. Akin(10)
11. Jerry Callo(1)
12. Yakrider(3)
12. NY Wrestler (6)
Transaction Log

11/1-Vaisforlovers Drop Jade Rauser, Add J'Den Cox
11/4-Yakrider Drop Peppelman add Nathan Tomasello
11/4-Jerry Callo Drop Sean Boyle Add Jade Rauser
11/4-Dutch Drop Nathaniel Brown Add Austin Meys
11/5 Jerry Callo Drop Wolfensperger add Zane Richards
11/7-Dutch Drop Nathan Pennesi Add Jack Dechow
11/10-Jerry Callo Drop Cashe Quiroga Add Tyler Wilps
11/13-Akin Drop Justin Lavalle add Adam Krop
11/12 Viratas Drop Chris Caton Add Justin DeAngelis
11/13 Falcon Drop Depalma Add Bryce Busler
11/18 Jerry Drop Stephen Dutton Add Adam Coon
11/18 Dutch Drop Ugi Add Cooper Moore
11/18 Jerry Drop Dutton Add Adam Coon
11/19 Brew Drop Bailey Add Quiroga
11/21 Yak Drop Tomasello Add Ugi
11/21 Bryce Drop Mougin Add Ottinger
11/21 Bryce Drop Minotti Add Dylan Cottrell
11/22 Brew Drop Lehman Add Mattiace
11/23 Yak Drop Soto Add Wellington
11/24 Dutch Drop Borja Add Doty
11/24 Brew Drop Garcia Add Lee Munster
11/27 Brew Drop Stauffer Add Jim Wilson
11/27 Yak Drop Ugi Add Dan Scherer
11/27 ACGuns drop Mellon Add Ross Larson
11/27 Jerry Drop Bonaccorsi Add Colton McCrystal
11/27 Falcon Drop Dicamillo Add Nathan Pennesi
12/1 NY Drop Thomas Gilman Add Justin Arthur
12/4 Falcon Drop Small Add Collica
12/4 Bryce Drop Parisi Add Tyler Small
12/4 Dutch Drop Austin Meys Add TJ Dudley
12/5-Yak Drop Sherer add Blaise Butler
12/7 Jerry Drop Chris Moon Add Brian Murphy
12/10 Jerry Drop Fausey Add Tywan Claxton
12/11 Falcon Drop Tony Dallago Add Sam Wheeler
12/12 NY Drop Joey Dance Add Corey Keener
12/15 Dutch Drop Devin Carter Add Austin Matthews
12/15 Brew Drop Mattiace Add Abounader
12/15 Viratas Drop Beazley Add Shane Woods
12/23 JLJ Drop Cobb, taylor and Cobb.  JLJ Add, Short, Massa, Brascetta
12/24 Jerry Drop Rauser Add Taylor
12/25 Vais Drop Tim Lambert Add Thomas Gilman
12/26 Viratas Drop Woods Add Polizzi
12/26 Dutch Drop Silver Add Jon Fausey
12/26 Yak Drop Mcculley Add Elliot Riddick
12/26 AC Drop Jimmy Gulibon Add Korey Mines
12/29 Btrew Drop Destin McCauley Add Cam Tessari
12/31 NY Drop Austin Wilson Add UGi
12/31 JLJ Drop Thielke Add Edgar Bright
12/31 JLJ Drop Jake Short Add Mitch Menotti
1/1 Yak Drop Jordan Add Marshall Peppelman
1/2 Falcon Drop Pennessi Add Hayden Zilmer
1/2 Falcon Drop Lester Add Joe Spisak
1/7 Falcon Drop Leblanc Add Nick Soto
1/9 Viratas Drop Rogers Add Palacio
1/9 Yakrider Drop Peppelman Add Jordan
1/13 NY Drop Arthur Add Stephen Doty
1/13 VA Drop Bradley Add Tomasello
1/15 Bryce Drop Wilcox Add Germaine
1/15 Bryce Drop Staudenmeyer Add Pack
1/16 Viratas Drop Delgado Add Nickell
1/16 Viratas Drop Abidin Add Lester
1/17 Jerry Drop McCrystal, Add Boykin
1/17 Brew Drop Downey Add Dutton
1/28 Herb Drop Collica Add Joe Booth
1/30 VA drop Tomasello Add Jade Rauser
2/1 Callo Drop Rosholt Add STolfi
2/1 Herb Drop Kremier Add Devin Lotito
2/11 VA Drop Rauser Add Beitz
2/12 Herb Drop Herrin Add Hughes
2/13 VA drop Alton Add Dance
2/12 Yak drop Hall add Silver
2/12 Dutch drop Fausey Add Clemons
2/16 Dutch drop Richards Add Garcia
2/17 Bryce Drop Small Add Stroh
2/17 VA Drop Alton add English
3/4 VA Drop Beitz Add Diamond

2013 Fantasy Wrestling League / Draft Big Board
« on: October 21, 2013, 08:50:13 AM »
Shoot me some gmail accounts to share this with.  Akin, bryce, whoever is running it.
Here it is, updated so far..

« on: September 15, 2013, 09:39:24 PM »
IS THAT A SECRET TOO!?  Looked freaking everywhere for a simple schedule with TIMES!!

High School & Lower / Spencer Lee to Franklin
« on: May 31, 2013, 09:17:18 AM »
Kid's a stud.  Franklin is where Megaludis went, so they put out tough wrestlers.

Coaching and Technique / Best mouthguard for wrestling
« on: May 28, 2013, 09:14:33 PM »
Have a stud getting braces so he will need a mouth guard. Whats the best brand/model for performance(i.e. doesnt disrupt breathing as much)

College / Biggest locks to win next year, rank
« on: May 21, 2013, 11:40:43 AM »
DT-weaker competition than Ed imo
Logan-at 41
Nelson-field much weaker than last year, he could go up to 3
Ramos-Logans gone so 33 should be his
Howe-health the only thing keeping him off the top potentially
DSJ-hes the favorite, but lots of contenders on his heels.
Delgado-hes my pick but Mega, Garrett and Clark are tough and 2 of those have wins over jesse

If you can find a favorite at 49 or 97 good luck, but i didnt want to make a choice. 

Ness might be the guy at 149 but I dont really buy into Meeks as a favorite.

So I ranked top 8.

2012 Fantasy Wrestling League / Hows your team doing?
« on: March 23, 2013, 10:47:36 AM »
Mixed bag for me.

2 in the finals(Ramos, Kilgore) Probably looking at 1 champ

7 other AA's-All going for top 6.

2 others in R12.

I think it comes down to Russ and I.

Russ has:

3 in finals.  Favored to win all 3(Delgado, Maple, Nelson)

4 other AA's.

3 top 6, 1 wrestling for 7.

College / This is our NWCA President?
« on: February 26, 2013, 07:23:11 PM »

Pretty delusional comments here.  This kind of arrogance is what got wrestling eliminated from the olympics.

Heard a Terry Brands interview and he referenced these comments.

Coaching and Technique / Weight Training
« on: February 26, 2013, 05:09:04 PM »
Ok, I'm putting you in a box here with specific parameters for weight training.

Let's say we are limited to 30 minutes, 2 times a week.

We get to do 4 lifts.

What are they?

Squat, Deadlift, Hang Clean, Bench?

Just looking for some opinions.

College / PINFALL
« on: February 22, 2013, 10:12:14 PM »
Heard it 3 times by JB's commentating partner!  I was smiling.

How hard did you bite your tongue?

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