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College / Fantasy Wrestling National Championships
« on: March 10, 2018, 09:51:48 AM »
10 wrestlers and 1 team are being crowned national champions next weekend.  You can join them as a National Champion or All-American by putting your wrestling knowledge to the test in the 2018 Fantasy Wrestling National Championships.  The best part is that you are benefiting USA Wrestling at the same time.

Ultimate Fantasy Wrestling Challenge - National Team Championship
-Live Auction Fantasy Event - teams bid on seeded wrestlers in a fun live auction event. 
-Up to 6 people per team. Join us in Cleveland at the Tilted Kilt or bid online from home
-Huge participation package for each team with subscriptions and gear from our sponsors. The subscriptions alone cover the cost of the event.
-$225 use promo code: facebook for $25 off
-track the standings with live scoring throughout the tournament
-proceeds for the event benefit USA Wrestling
-Great prizes, recognition and bragging rights for the National Team Champions and runner-up All-American Team

Click here to enter the Ultimate Fantasy Wrestling Challenge Team Championship

Fantasy Wrestling National Championship- Individual Championship
-Online salary cap event - choose 10 wrestlers, one from each weight class staying under the salary cap
-Compete against hundreds of fans from across the country
-$1000 prize for the winner, 2nd 3rd place get the team championship participation package.  Top 8 finishers awarded All-American medals.
-$20 entry fee
-track the standings with live scoring throughout the tournament
-All rosters are also entered into free State Championship contests.
-proceeds for the event benefit USA Wrestling

Click here to enter the Fantasy Wrestling National Championship

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