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College / Surprises in the Semi's
« on: March 16, 2018, 05:58:46 pm »
Wow, two unseeded in the semi's.

Kyle Conel of Kent St took out tOSU's #1 Moore at 197 by pin at 1:30.   
Conel previously beat #9 Weigel 5-0, and then #8 Rotert 8-2.

Tariq Wilson of NC State took out OKST's #4 Brock at 133,  13-5.
Wilson previsously beat #5 Erneste 8-5, and then unseeded Montoya 7-1.

Commanding victories.   Just wow.

It would be great to see them win tonight.


College / 2018 1st session results
« on: March 15, 2018, 03:59:40 pm »
Seeding folks generally did well.  Here are the holes:

(Projected AA's are highlighted)

125   #16 Schwarm
133   #5  Erneste,  #12 Terao,  #15 Nasar
141   #16 Weaver,  #9 Alber,  #8 Lee, #15 Limmex
149   #13 McChrystal,  (with #10 Tsirstis almost losing, won in 3rd OT)
157   #16 D'Angelo, #11 Ream, #2 Lavallee
165   #8 Rogers, 
184   #12 Carr, #10 Parker,
197   #16 Brunner, #9 Weigel, #12 Louseiousersu (don't speak or write French!), #11 Griego, #10 Boykin
285   #16 Stencel, #13 Miller

They nailed 174, did well in most others.   197 was particularly difficult.  Only a four top 8 seeds lost in the first round, with #2 Lavalleee being the most prominent.   Always difficult to say how stuff like that happens, but it does and that's why they have the big dance!!!



College / How Coon beats Snyder
« on: March 13, 2018, 11:13:25 am »
I was thinking about this on my walk to my car from work.  I think Snyder wins, but I think Coon, if he is smart and I hear he is, did not show all his cards at B1G.  Who cares if you win B1G but lose NCAA's?   I think he has a plan.  If he does and if he is smart it is my plan.   ;D

He wears him out, not taking shots and leaning on him.  Really tying him up and having him carry Coon's weight.  We've seen Snyder get fairly winded working on Coon.  Then in the 3rd period when Snyder is good and tired, Coon should start tying up hard and leaning on the head and pushing.   Head lock and bring him down full weight.  Come around for the takedown.   Repeat if necessary if Snyder gets away.   I think it is a winning formula with a tired Snyder.  If Snyder does not tire, then this will not work as well.  He has to work him hard the first 2 periods.

However, Snyder is Snyder afterall, a World Champion 3 times over and Yarigan Champion 2 times.  He is cagey, knows his game, quick and smart and not afraid to go for a leg.  If Coon does not wear him down and crush him, Snyder wins. 

Whaddya think?


College / Number of qualifiers by school
« on: March 08, 2018, 11:50:22 am »
Track had the data, I just had to sort.  Here is the answer to my question.  The format ain't pretty but the numbers are there. 

Lehigh, PA    10
Ohio State, OH    10

Iowa, IA    9
Missouri, MO    9
Nc State, NC    9
Oklahoma State, OK    9

Arizona State, AZ    8
Michigan, MI    8
North Carolina, NC    8

Central Michigan, MI    7
Cornell, NY    7
Minnesota, MN    7
Nebraska, NE    7

Lock Haven, PA    6
Northern Iowa, IA    6

American, DC    5
Csu Bakersfield, CA    5
Drexel, PA    5
Duke, NC    5
Eastern Michigan, MI    5
Edinboro, PA    5
Illinois, IL    5
Navy, MD    5

Appalachian State, NC    4
Clarion, PA    4
Indiana, IN    4
Kent State, OH    4
North Dakota State, ND    4
Northern Colorado, CO    4
Northwestern, IL    4
Oklahoma, OK    4
Old Dominion, VA    4
Oregon State, OR    4

Army West Point, NY    3
Brown, RI    3
Chattanooga, TN    3
Columbia, NY    3
George Mason, VA    3
Maryland, MD    3

Binghamton, NY    2
Buffalo, NY    2
Cal Poly, CA    2
Campbell, NC    2
Fresno State, CA    2
Northern Illinois, IL    2

Air Force, CO    1
Bucknell, PA    1
Cleveland State, OH    1
Franklin & Marshall, PA    1
Gardner-Webb, NC    1
Harvard, MA    1
Hofstra, NY    1
Iowa State, IA    1
Michigan State, MI    1
Ohio, OH    1

Bloomsburg, PA    0
Boise State, ID    0
Davidson, NC    0
Grand Canyon, AZ    0
Ncaa Testings School, NJ    0


Other Sports / Shaun White's half pipe
« on: February 13, 2018, 12:47:02 pm »
Wow, watched the preliminaries last night and White just blew the competition away.  He was faster, higher (by a lot) and more tricksy.  He was just more and even someone like me could see this.  He skyed on his tricks obviously higher than anyone else.  Two guys beat his first run and he came back and scored near perfect.  Amazing.


International / DT pins in Semi final win with old school arm bar
« on: February 02, 2018, 07:12:56 pm »
Here is the link.  The arm bar gets put in at 2:20.   This is not the whole match.  But that arm bar series is pretty good.

To show his finals pin, it starts around 2:00 where he goes for a takedown but gets flipped and then he reverses it very handily.  That boy showed some chops!


International / Watch the Yarigan free and live on Trackwrestling
« on: January 26, 2018, 12:50:32 am »
go there


Off-Topic / I need a check like this
« on: January 23, 2018, 07:00:52 pm »
Except written to me!


International / Great match
« on: January 23, 2018, 03:43:51 pm »
B Saitiev vs A Leipold.

This was really good.  I hope you enjoy.


International / New method of making world team
« on: January 16, 2018, 07:44:27 pm »
What do you guys think of the new process?

1.  Last years World Medallists go straight to the Final X competition.

2.  US Nationals winner goes straight to the Final X competition unless a world medallist is in his weight.  If the latter is the case, he gets to go to the WTT trials.

3.  WTT trials will be held by top seven placers at Nationals and maybe some other invitees. 

4.  The final 2 of 3 matches (Final X) will occur on 3 separate dates.

June 9, 2018
● Men's freestyle weight classes (57 kg, 70 kg, 74 kg, 97 kg)
● Women's freestyle weight classes (55 kg, 59 kg, 68 kg)

June 16, 2018
● Men's freestyle weight classes (65 kg, 79 kg, 86 kg)
● Women's freestyle weight classes (62 kg, 72 kg, 76 kg)

June 23, 2018
● Men's freestyle weight classes (61 kg, 92 kg, 125 kg)
● Women's freestyle weight classes (50 kg, 53 kg, 57 kg, 65 kg)

So rather than two competitions to see everything, you need to go to 5 competitions.  My opinion - I don't like it.


Other Sports / ROLL TIDE!!!!
« on: January 08, 2018, 11:26:11 am »
Here's one fan hoping for a Tide win tonight!!


Off-Topic / Cop needs assistance in taking perp down
« on: December 20, 2017, 05:42:50 pm »

She's lucky he didn't do anything earlier.  He could have clocked her a good one but never bothered.  Lucky those other guys were there. 


Off-Topic / How to buy Brussels Sprouts
« on: December 20, 2017, 04:11:26 pm »
I just saw an article about this, stalk or no stalk.  My answer:  Don't buy them. 


International / World Clubs Cup
« on: December 20, 2017, 12:42:32 pm »
How do I see these matches?  I can't seem to find them anywhere.   


Off-Topic / Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro Top Plus
« on: December 20, 2017, 12:40:52 pm »
I mentioned some time ago I got this guitar.  I can't afford a Gibson $1500+ version so I settled for this.  I did watch a video where the guys were kind of split on the sound in a blind fold competition between the Gibson and Epiphone.  The Gibson was a little bit clearer, not so muddy.  But it was really close to my ears.  So I got it.

I play it through my Marshall Code 50 amp and it sounds pretty good.  The only problem I have seen is there seems to be a mismatch in the pickups.  The bridge pickup does not seem as hot as the neck pickup.  This is pretty minor.  It drives the amp pretty good, the signal is quite a bit hotter than my son's Tele knockoff. 

It looks like this:

I ordered it used on GuitarCenter website.  It looked like a sunburst which is what I wanted.  When it came it was Honeyburst and I was disappointed.  I was about to send it back but that would have been a large cost.  So I took it, figuring the electronics are the same.  Afterwards I saw a few sunburst Epiphone Les Pauls and they are pretty substandard paint jobs.  This honeyburst is really nice looking and I actually like it better.  I paid less than new price for a guitar that was about 6 months old and had not been played much.  It was in pristine condition.

Bottom line - I really like it.  It sounds nice, plays nice, stays in tune forever, and is fun to play.  The Code 50 is a bit much in the house.  No way can I turn it to 11!!!   I have the Master volume at about 7-8 oclock, very low.  But that is plenty loud in the house for sure. 

Just thought I'd share my experience with it.  Overall, I couldn't be happier with my setup.  I might get a foot pedal for the amp so I can  change sounds on the fly.  The amp is a modelling amp so it can sound like 14 different preamps, 7 different power amps, with all different kinds of chorus's, flangers, and other effects.  I can program them so that my pedal can get to them pretty quickly.   

Merry Christmas everybody!


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