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Mixed Martial Arts / Re: Conor vs Mayweather
« on: August 28, 2017, 01:21:52 PM »
A lot of the so-called conditioning issues also have to do with technique. If your technique is bad you're going to be inefficient as gas sooner. Conor isn't an efficient boxer. He looked very stiff to me.

Mixed Martial Arts / Re: Conor vs Mayweather
« on: August 28, 2017, 01:20:09 PM »
No. No matter how Conor conditioned he was going to gas. It was his first ever boxing match and he was going against possibly the best conditioned boxer in professional boxing history, in a scheduled 12-round fight. Different sports require different types of conditioning that can take years of conditioning specific muscles to peak.

Mixed Martial Arts / Re: Jon Jones out of UFC 200
« on: August 24, 2017, 02:48:03 PM »
He should be banned for life.

Mixed Martial Arts / Re: Conor vs Mayweather
« on: August 13, 2017, 03:53:31 PM »
I predict that Mayweather will be very careful and the right will go the distance. Mayweather via UD in a boring fight. McGregor then retires and never defends his UFC belt. He goes into acting or professional wrestling.

Announcements / Re: Server Migration - Still Some Kinks
« on: June 07, 2017, 07:13:50 PM »
Has "Always stay logged in" been disabled ?  All of a sudden I have to log in every time I open the site.

Yah, me too.

That was good. I'm pretty sure I would have called fleeing the mat in the first period but I'm pretty liberal about those.

Off-Topic / Re: Looks like some good articles coming
« on: March 17, 2017, 11:38:55 PM »
Scientists Struggle to Determine Risky Levels of PFCs in Drinking Water

After the new federal budget some of those scientists may be struggling to find a job.

Off-Topic / Re: WI- where all the prime folks are from
« on: March 17, 2017, 11:37:39 PM »
Yah, there are a lot of sickos here for some reason.

One of my mom's claims to fame is getting asked to dance by Ed Gien (and she accepted).


Interesting perspective....In regards to stalling.....Is the wrestler avoiding wrestling, and is it ongoing? If you can honestly say, "No," then that's the correct call. It looks to be stalling to me.

In regards to fleeing the mat, it's a tough call, but because I don't know their true intentions, I need it to be BLATANT. I only called it once this past season, on the bottom man making a b-line to the out of bounds after a restart.

Thanks for sharing , appreciate all the comments/thoughts on this issue.

Doesn't surprise me one bit. I think I call fleeing more often than most refs and stalling less often.

OK, I also watched the very end of the match. I know a lot of refs will disagree with me on this but I say no stalling on that. I generally call stalling if one guy takes a few shots or offensive moves and the other guy doesn't take any. However, that only goes so far. When one guy gets desperate at the end of the match and suddenly goes crazy the last few seconds with non-stop shots or charging the opponent I'm not going to automatically call stalling on the opponent. I see a lot of refs that will do that but if a guy went crazy like that at the very beginning of the match I doubt they'd be so liberal about the stall call.

I didn't look at the stalling situation but the fleeing the mat is a close call. After looking at it pretty closely I think it should definitely be fleeing the mat and I like to think I would have called that. When they are on the very edge of the mat I can go along with somebody turning toward the out of bounds and taking one step that way. However, he had enough room between himself and the OOB where it is obvious that he was heading DIRECTLY to the OOB line. He took several steps in the direction of the shortest route possible toward that OOB line. His intent is obvious.

I used to not call fleeing the mat very often but I've become more liberal about it the past couple years. I called it a few times this year; probably an average of once or so at every tournament or multi-dual. I don't need to know for sure that he was fleeing. If I'm 90% sure that is good enough.

Wrestlingref - Officiating / Re: Taping During Injury Time
« on: February 25, 2017, 10:26:43 PM »
The problem here is he wasn't ready to wrestle.  He was still being treated.  Taping is treating the injury.  .  I may give a few seconds leeway for the wrestler to put his headgear on and get back to the center of the mat but that is about it.  The issue becomes is where then do you draw the line?  15 seconds, 20 seconds?  It is unfortunate that the wrestler got hurt and potentially ended his season, but when it comes to timings, they are specified and should not have much latitude.  Consistency gets foggy, the opposing coach has a valid issue and the event slows.  I'm a spirit of rules type of official but I believe we need to hold the line on timings. My opinion.

I agree but I should have informed the trainer how much time he had to get everything done. If I would have done that I would have had no problem ending it after 90 seconds but I didn't want to penalize the wrestler or let him get hurt because I didn't communicate properly with the trainer (which becomes a liability issue too). I just never had that situation come up before. He was going to wrestle either way but was in the middle of the tape job. The refs I spoke to thought the same thing.

Wrestlingref - Officiating / Re: Taping During Injury Time
« on: February 14, 2017, 08:16:18 PM »
I'm no guru, but I would equate to same as "clean-up" time after stopping blood time. Not really the same, but the concept is almost the same. Safety needs to be the number 1 priority. I think you made the right call.

That's what the other officials said. It made sense, but I didn't see any case for it in the rule book. Thanks for the input.

Wrestlingref - Officiating / Taping During Injury Time
« on: February 13, 2017, 08:00:03 AM »
I'm officiating at regionals. Injury time for red. The trainer gets out to the mat and I start injury time. He does a somewhat lengthy evaluation of the elbow and then decides to tape it up with 30 seconds left. He wants to put at least a couple layers on including the pre-wrap. Injury time expires and he is about 2/3 done with the tape job. I let him finish the tape job because the wrestler was able to continue but it was good to prevent further injury and it isn't good to wrestle with a "partially taped" arm. I know I could have told the trainer (I was telling the coaches) directly how much time he had left to get the arm taped up but I didn't. Regardless of how I got there, I was just stuck with an arm still in the process of getting taped up as injury time expires. Wondering what other officials would do. The green coach gave me a little grief for it but not much and we moved on without any controversy.

Wrestlingref - Officiating / Re: Near Fall from a switch
« on: February 06, 2017, 01:11:16 PM »
First, you don't have to give a verbal or visual NF count. That is a courtesy so people know what we are seeing/doing.

Second, if the defensive wrestler initiates a move (such as a switch) that puts him on is back he has to get stuck in that position before the offensive wrestler can start getting nearfall. This can be a tough judgment call for a ref. An attempted roll is a more common example. You don't start counting nearfall when the defensive wrestler intiiates a roll, UNLESS they get stuck in that position and are then fighting off their back. Then you can start counting.

I would say that if your wrestler got stuck halfway through the switch for at least a couple seconds (the time is going to differ depending upon the ref and situation) then start counting NF.

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