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College / Best bread and butter move
« on: November 22, 2011, 04:18:58 AM »
Last year it was a no brainer...Burroughs double leg. Who has the best bread and butter move in college this year?

Off-Topic / Best Zomedy
« on: November 21, 2011, 07:32:13 AM »
Well, which one is best?

Off-Topic / I freely admit...
« on: November 20, 2011, 11:38:08 AM »
I was a sophomore wrestling 168 at a school with a terrible wrestling tradition. I was already a better wrestler than our terrible coach. Unfortunately I was wrestling a weight filled with upperclassmen and had wrested about 15 matches against guys that qualified/or placed at state the previous year. I did well against the few guys my own age, but had a losing record thanks to all the badasses I'd wrestled. Amongst the guys that had destroyed me that year was a kid named Ernie G (name witheld to protect his identity!) from Catoosa, a two time placer at state and a victim of the worst case of acne I'd seen up to that point. Seriously, Ernie showed terrible acne on every inch of exposed skin and it kinda creeped me out to wrestle him. However, Ernie was a legit badass and crushed me 10-0 in our dual match.

Wrestling @157 was my teammate/frenemy Robert. Robert had been a stud wrestler back in elementary days, but gave up wrestling to play basketball during Jr High because girls like bball more. After 3 fruitless years riding the bench he came back to wrestling and was getting curbstomped by everybody he wrestled, including a guy from Stillwell named Bill M. Bill M was a legit badass.

Fast forward to the 1981 2A regional qualifier tournament in Catoosa, Oklahoma. Robert lost two matches in rapid succession. I lost my first match, won a couple, then lost another to get knocked out of the competition. Being teenagers free to roam (since we didn't have to wrestle again) we naturally ran around all over the place having a grand old time. I checked the brackets and saw that Ernie G and Bill M were wrestling in , I think, the finals at 157 or 168. I said "hey Robert, check this out" and showed him. A glimmer of an idea came to us. At that wrestling tournament basically all teams shared Catoosa's locker room and we went in and looked for Ernie G.'s locker, finding it quickly. It was unlocked. Robert took a piece of paper and wrote "Ernie, you human zit...I'm going to pop your zit head in front of everybody in our match. Signed- Bill M." Snickering, we placed the note in Ernie's locker. We went over and sat on a bench when who should walk in but Ernie G. Ernie went over to his locker, opened it, and pulled the folded up note out with a puzzled look on his face.  Ernie's face reddened, and I swear for a second I could hear a cartoon whistle go off as steam came out his ears. He slammed the locker and strode out with a murderous expression on his pimply face.

That night, at the finals for that weight class, Ernie G inexplicably destroyed Bill M. in a manner which nobody saw coming. Everybody expected a close fought match, but what they got was a one sided destruction of poor Bill M. To Bill M, I offer this belated apology. To Ernie G, no thanks are required.

Off-Topic / Immortals : a movie review
« on: November 17, 2011, 07:16:35 PM »
It sucked.

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