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Coaching and Technique / Supplementing wrestling with other Martial Arts
« on: August 01, 2011, 12:20:09 AM »
What do you guys think of supplementing wrestling with Judo, Jiu-Jitsu etc.  I have always been in support of wrestlers doing freestyle and greco to help their overall wrestling but I don't really know enough about other martial arts to know if this would be a positive or negative thing for most wrestlers.  What do you guys think of this for both kids and older wrestlers?

College / Iowa NCAA performance
« on: March 19, 2011, 11:57:04 PM »
125: Mcdonough wrestled well here.  He got bonus points and a good win over Precin.  I didn't like his strategy in the finals against Robles.  He made it basically a battle of hand strength and thats a battle that Robles will not lose.  Had tons of class after his finals match though and represented the program well.

133: Tony the Tiger blood ramos had a dissapointing tournament.  Losing to Sentes was a bad start but Sentes showed he peaked at the right time.  Usually guys like ramos who keep attacking and don't cut much do well at NCAAs.  His round of 12 against Ruggirello was rough.  Ramos needed to keep that match neutral more than he did and get the first takedown.

141: Montell wrestled well, despite only taking 4th.  He wrestled the Iowa Style against Kennedy and it got him into the semis.  He probably would have been in the finals with a different ref in his semis match.  Marion will be training hard to for Russell next year.  His match against Thorn was great for the fans, as usual.  Hopefully losing a team point is something Marion regrets and will grow from.

157: DSJ wrestled a great tournament.  He beat up on Peppleman who wrestled really well over the 3 days.  He gave Taylor his best match until he ran into Bubba.  St. John wrestled great against Welch who was also having a great tournament.  His match with Fittery was bad but Fittery is a stud.  St. John is a potential champ next year at 157/165

165: Jannsen did not have a good tournament.  With Bailey losing, he had a clear rode to the quarters until he lost to Yates. He wrestled well against Kerber and Bailey, which was important since the team race was close.  His match with Onufer was definitely winnable though.  he wrestled up to his seed, but more was expected from him.

174: Very dissapointing tournament for little lofthouse.  From what I hear he was in a close match with letts that he let slip away at the end.  Things like that separate AAs from qualifiers.  The loss to Hunter Meys was arguably the worst loss for Iowa from a team perspective.  Winning that match would have given him a chance to make it to the round of 12 and wrestle Ruth which would have had huge team points implications.  Ruth definitely looked beatable in his round of 12 match.

184: Gambrall was Iowa's biggest bright spot of the tournament, especially since he is only a sophmore.  Beating Leblanc and and Rutt back to back was great, especially since it gave him the chance to wrestle Wright in the semis, a wrestler he's had success against for years.  Quentin looked phenomenal this tournament though and it wasn't happening for Grant.  He came back strong with a huge win over Bosak who was having a great tournament.  He is a definite title contender next year.

197: Uncle Lofthouse did pretty much how most reasonable fans thought he would do.  He won the matches he was supposed to win.  I didn't see him getting past Kilgore, who is a monster.  Brandvold is also tough but Lofthouse bounced back to beat Giesen and reach his seed.  Overall not a bad performance at all.

285: Rasing was the other huge disappointment for Iowa.  Losing in overtime to fernandez was horrible for Iowa as a team.  Consistent close match wrestler Trice and a small Flores were both winnable matches for Raising.  He could have been a finalist instead of a qualifier.  Getting Russo on the backside was a pretty bad draw, but Rasing still should have that much.  If he had he would have been the favorite in all of his matches up to the consi semis.

Overall Iowa didn't wrestle too bad, but certain weights really cost them a bunch of team points. 

College / 2011 NCAA Upset Thread
« on: March 17, 2011, 11:55:10 AM »
Waters goes down to Zanetta
Morrison goes down to Rappo

Peterkin loses to Ray

2010 TOM Fantasy League #2 / Looking for a 165
« on: January 10, 2011, 09:20:58 PM »
I need a top 10 guy at 165, pm with trade offers.

College / Matt Wilps
« on: December 31, 2010, 01:43:52 AM »
Matt Wilps might be having the best redshirt year of anyone in college wrestling right now.  I followed him for a while because he was on my fantasy team and the guy has been running through tournaments all year.  Now he caps off 2010 with a big Midlands win beating the #2 #3 and #4 seeds in a row.  Congrats to Wilps

Wrestling / Themat attack site
« on: September 03, 2010, 12:13:02 AM »
Is anyone else having their computer say is a reported attack site?

International / Cejudo Coming Back!!
« on: August 12, 2010, 12:40:39 AM »
Read on a Q & A with Henry Cejudo on themat that he will defenitely defend his title in 2012 and could be back as soon as November for the NYAC tournament.  Sounds like he will move up to 60kg too.

Off-Topic / Irony at its finest
« on: June 13, 2010, 11:57:27 PM »
It looks like as we reach 1 trillion dollars in war, Afghanistan gains 1 trillion dollars in resources discovered by us.


Off-Topic / How to deal with trolls
« on: May 30, 2010, 11:41:11 PM »

Other Sports / Dude Perfect
« on: May 21, 2010, 10:45:13 PM »
Anyone ever seen these videos.  These guys make some awesome shots.


College / Boaz Beard
« on: May 15, 2010, 10:13:02 PM »
Heard he is transferring from ISU to play baseball.  Could be a big loss for the cyclones.

College / Returning Wrestlers next year
« on: April 03, 2010, 03:48:58 PM »

1. Matt McDonough Iowa
2. Andrew Long ISU
5. Zack Sanders Minnesota
6. Cashe Quiroga Purdue
7. Anthony Robles ASU
8. Niko Triggas Ohio State
R12 Jarrod Garnett Va Tech
R12 Fred Santaite Boston
R12 Brad Pataky PSU
R12 Michael Martinez Wyoming

Out of Redshirt - Brandon Precin Northwestern, Nik Bedelyon Kent State


4. Jordan Oliver OSU
5. Tyler Graff Wisconsin
7. Boris Novachkov Cal Poly
R12 Mike Grey Cornell

Out of Redshirt - Jimmy Kennedy Illinois, Lou Ruggirello Hofstra, Also coming back- Andrew Hochstrasser Boise


1. Kyle Dake Cornell
2. Montell Marion Iowa
4. Zack Bailey OU
5. Tyler Nauman Pitt
6. German Lindsey Ohio
7. Mike Thorn Minnesota
8. Chris Diaz Va Tech
R12 Mike Mangrum Oregon State
R12 Jamal Parks OSU
R12 Levi Jones Boise State

Out of Redshirt - Kellen Russell Michigan, Possibly Gallick ISU


5. Frank Molinaro PSU
6. Torsten Gillespie Edinboro
7. Kevin LeValley Bucknell
R12 Jason Chamberlain Boise State

Out of Redshirt - Darrion Caldwell NC State, Possibly Returning- Bubba Jenkins likely 157


3. Adam Hall Boise State
4. Justin Lister Binghamton
5. Steve Fittery American
7. Justin Gaethje N. Colorado
R12 Jesse Dong Va Tech
R12 Anthony Jones Michigan State

Also (likely) returning - Jordan Burroughs Nebraska


1. Andrew Howe Wisconsin
4. Nick Amuchastegui Stanford
5. Tyler Caldwell OU
R12 Justin Kerber Cornell
R12 Jon Reader ISU
R12 Josh Asper Maryland


2. Mack Lewnes Cornell
3. Chris Henrich UVA
5. Jordan Blanton Illinois
6. Ben Bennett CMU
7. Scott Giffin Penn
8. Jarrion Beets UNI
R12 Mike Benefiel OSU
R12 Colby Covington Oregon State

Out of Redshirt - Quentin Wright PSU


2. Kirk Smith Boise State
4. Joe LeBlanc Wyoming
6. Clayton Foster OSU
7. Dustin Kilgore Kent State
R12 Josh Ihnen Nebraska
R12 Steve Bosak Cornell
R12 Andrew Saunders UNCG

Out of Redshirt - Chris Honeycutt


3. Cam Simaz Cornell
6. Trevor Brandvold Wisconsin
7. Alan Gelogaev OSU
8. Sonny Yohn Minnesota
R12 Brent Haynes Missouri
R12 Anthony Biondo Michigan
R12 Matt Wilps Pitt


3. Zack Rey Lehigh
8. Jarod Trice CMU
R12 Ben Berhow Minnesota
R12 Brandon Williamson West Virginia
R12 DJ Russo Rutgers

College / 2010-2011 Lineups and Team Predictions
« on: March 22, 2010, 11:27:46 PM »
I think Cornell should be the favorite next year.  They only lose Nickerson and Arnone.  Arnone didn't score them any points at NCAAs and Lane may actually be an upgrade.  Nickersons 4th place could be matched next year by Perelli, or even improved upon.  I think Villalonga is going to be the freshman of the year next year, more kyle dake than Marion Mason.  He seems like a can't miss recruit.  Peppleman may have more trouble just because he wrestles close matches most of the time and getting out on bottom in college is tough, so RT points could kill him.  Then again, he will be a big 157 lber and I wouldn't be surprised if he was a freshman AA.  I think he'll at least score some points at NCAAs, which is better than this year.

Grey should improve on his performance from this year, with Ness, Gomez, Dennis, Oliver, Fanthorpe, Mitcheff, Fisk, and Bell all leaving the weight.  He could be a high AA.  Dake should contend for a title at 149 with many of the top guys leaving.  His biggest competition will probably be Molinaro, Chamberlain, and Levalley.  I think he can beat all of them.  Hopefully Caldwell goes 157.  Kerber was a second away from placing this year and should place next year.  Lewnes should be the best guy in college wrestling next year and the surest thing for a national title.  Bosak was Round of 12 this year and should place next year since about 7 of the top 12 guys were seniors.  Simaz should be ranked #1 next year and after his win over Taylor should win it imo.  Brandvold and Biondo could be his biggest competition.

So out of their 7 proven guys I think they will have 7 AAs and 3 National Champs (Dake, Lewnes, and Simaz).  Then I think they will get at least one AA out of Villalonga and Peppleman.  Lane could score some points at the tournament.  3 Champs and 8 AAs should have them run away with the tournament like Iowa did this year.  Maybe score even more points than Iowa

125: Perelli
133: Grey
141: Villalonga
149: Dake
157: Peppleman
165: Kerber
174: Lewnes
184: Bosak
197: Simaz
285: Stryker Lane

College / How Many Champs will Iowa Have
« on: March 19, 2010, 10:39:51 PM »
I'll say 3.  Mcd, Metcalf, and Borschell.

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