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Off-Topic / Re: Last Word
« on: September 15, 2022, 02:10:42 PM »
Well,  the deck is coming along word


International / Re: 2022 World Championships
« on: September 15, 2022, 02:09:53 PM »
Maroulis takes Silver and Mensah-Stock pins her opponent to get Gold.   Waiting on news for Elor.   

Retherford, Burroughs, and Taylor are in the finals.   Retherford unscored on.   Burroughs hurricaning thru.   Taylor and Yazdani in a rematch from WCs and 2020 Olympics.   We'll see if Taylor has made any adjustments.   Both ran through their bracket easily. 


Off-Topic / Re: Last Word
« on: September 14, 2022, 01:08:43 PM »
I need the rain to stay away while we refinish the deck word.


International / Re: 2022 World Championships
« on: September 14, 2022, 01:08:08 PM »
Dominique Parrish is the new WFS World Champion at 53 KG!!!

Plus we have another Bronze medal attempt by Mallory Velte at 65 kg against Hristova (BUL)

Plus we have 3 world finalists in Maroulis, Mensah-Stock, and Elor that will battle tomorrow with Nette pulled into Repechage.    So far 1 gold 1 silver for USA WFS team. 

Gold Medal Match (53 kg): Dominique Parrish (USA) over Khulan Batkhuyag (Mongolia), 4-2

First period: Parrish powers through with a double out of bounds 23 seconds into the match for a 2-0 lead. A few shots by Parrish and a few foot sweep attempts by Batkhuyag didn't materialize. Parrish takes a 2-0 lead into the break.

Second period: Batkhuyag scores off of a single and tries desperately for a lace but doesn't score but Parrish counters a few seconds later with a two-point takedown of her own for a 4-2 advantage. Parrish fights off a barrage of shots and Dom Parrish wins a World gold medal in her first appearance at the Senior World Championships.


Off-Topic / Re: Last Word
« on: September 13, 2022, 04:17:29 PM »
Well, we water the plants and stuff, which costs a ton.   But the yard is roughly .5 acre, maybe more, and just can't justify that word


International / Re: 2022 World Championships
« on: September 13, 2022, 03:01:46 PM »
Miracle lost in the finals, 10-0.    Parrish will be in the finals tomorrow. 


Off-Topic / Re: Last Word
« on: September 13, 2022, 02:01:00 PM »
My grass is brown due to lack of rain.   Happens every year.   After a month, the grass gives it up word. 


International / Re: 2022 World Championships
« on: September 13, 2022, 01:59:28 PM »
Winchester just lost a heartbreaker to CHI who got the Bronze.   Winchester takes 5th. 


International / Re: 2022 World Championships
« on: September 13, 2022, 12:57:45 PM »
BELGRADE, Serbia – Competing in her first Senior World Championships, Dominque Parrish of the United States has qualified for the gold-medal finals at 53 kg at the World Championships in Stark Arena on Tuesday evening.

Parrish defeated two-time World bronze medalist Maria Prevolaraki of Greece, 3-1 in the semifinals. Prevolaraki was placed on the shot clock and Parrish converted a high single shot for a takedown and a 2-0 lead, then got another point when Prevolaraki could not score in 30 seconds to lead 3-0 at the break. In the second period, Prevolaraki added a point when Parrish was unable to score on the shot clock.

Parrish will face 2022 Asian runner-up Khulan Batkhuyag of Mongolia, who was trailing in her semifinals bout against Emma Malmgren of Sweden and scored a sudden fall.

Parrish scored a pair of 10-0 technical falls on Tuesday morning, beating Mercedesz Denes of Hungary and Lucia Yepez Guzman of Ecuador.

Two U.S. wrestlers have qualified for bronze-medal bouts, Sarah Hildebrandt at 50 kg and Mallory Velte at 65 kg.

Hildebrandt lost in the semifinals to 2021 World bronze medalist Otgonjargal Dolgorjav of Mongolia, 6-2. Hildebrandt scored first on a leg attack for a takedown and a 2-0 lead. Dolgorjav was able to get a takedown and exposure in the first period to lead 4-2 at the break. Hildebrandt was unable to score in the second period, and as she pressed the action late in the period, Dolgorjav scored a counter takedown.

Hildebrandt, a two-time World silver medalist and 2020 Olympic bronze medalist, will face the winner of the repechage match between Jasmina Immaeva of Uzbekistan and Emilia Vuc of Romania.

Mallory Velte was pulled back into Wednesday’s bronze medal bout when 2021 Senior World runner-up and 2019 U20 World champion Miwa Morikawa of Japan won her semifinal. Velte will face 2022 European champion Mimi Hristova of Bulgaria in the bronze-medal match. Morikawa only faced Velte and Hristova on the way to the finals.

Velte opened the day with a win over Perevsuren Ulziisaikhan of Mongolia, 14-4. In the quarterfinals, Velte lost a competitive 2-0 battle to Morikawa.

Velte, a 2018 World bronze medalist, will have a chance to add a second career World medal.

At 76 kg, Dymond Guilford was defeated in her first bout by Japan’s Yuka Kagami and was eliminated when Kagami failed to make the finals.

Wednesday’s finals are scheduled for 6:00 p.m. local time. Belgrade is six hours ahead of U.S. Eastern time. All of the action is live on FloWrestling.

Sept. 10-18, 2022 | Belgrade, Serbia

Women's Freestyle Group 2 Finals pairings
50 kg - Otgonjargal Dolgorjav (Mongolia) vs. Yui Susaki (Japan)
53 kg - Dominique Parrish (USA) vs. Khulan Batkhuyag (Mongolia)
65 kg - Miwa Morikawa (Japan) vs. Jia Long (China)
76 kg - Yasemin Adar (Turkey) vs. Samar Hamza (Egypt)

Semifinal results

50 kg
Otgonjargal Dolgorjav (Mongolia) dec. Sarah Hildebrandt (USA), 6-2
Yui Susaki (Japan) pin Meisinnei Mercy Genesis (Nigeria), 2:24

53 kg
Dominique Parrish (USA) dec. Maria Prevolaraki (Greece), 3-1
Khulan Batkhuyag (Mongolia) pin Emma Jonna Malmgren (Sweden), 4:53

65 kg
Miwa Morikawa (Japan) dec. Mimi Hristova (Bulgaria), 3-0
Jia Long (China) dec. Koumba Larroque (France), 9-7

76 kg
Yasemin Adar (Turkey) dec. Genesis Reasco Valdez (Ecuador), 4-3
Samar Hamza (Egypt) dec. Epp Maee (Estonia), 3-2

U.S. Women’s freestyle Group 2 results

50 kg: Sarah Hildebrandt (Colorado Springs, Colo./USOPTC/New York AC) – Finalist
WIN Kamila Barbosa Da Silva (Brazil), 10-0
WIN Oksana Livach (Ukraine), 11-0
LOSS Otgonjargal Dolgorjav (Mongolia), 6-2
Bronze Medal Bout: Vs. winner of Jasmina Immaeva (Uzbekistan) and Emilia Vuc (Romania)

53 kg: Dominique Parrish (Tempe, Ariz./Sunkist Kids) – in bronze medal bout
WIN Mercedesz Denes (Hungary), 10-0
WIN Lucia Yepez Guzman (Ecuador), 10-0
WIN Maria Prevolaraki (Greece), 3-1
Gold Medal Bout: Vs. Khulan Batkhuyag (Mongolia)

65 kg: Mallory Velte (Corvallis, Ore./Beaver Dam RTC/Titan Mercury WC) – in bronze medal bout
WIN Perevsuren Ulziisaikhan (Mongolia), 14-4
LOSS Miwa Morikawa (Japan), 2-0
Bronze Medal Bout: Mimi Hristova (Bulgaria)

76 kg: Dymond Guilford (Colorado Springs, Colo./USOPTC/Titan Mercury WC) – eliminated
LOSS Yuka Kagami (Japan), 3-0

International / Re: 2022 World Championships
« on: September 13, 2022, 12:56:08 PM »
Without Hancock, our GR team doesn't have much.   I'm really sorry to see him "retire" a few weeks before the big dance. 


Off-Topic / Re: Last Word
« on: September 12, 2022, 04:13:33 PM »
Yeah, we may be facing that word.


International / Re: 2022 World Championships
« on: September 12, 2022, 01:51:18 PM »
Kayla Miracle is in the Finals.    Winchester going for Bronze. 

Hafizov is in repechage.   Schultz eliminated. 

BELGRADE, Serbia – Four sets of semifinals, two in women’s freestyle and two in Greco-Roman, were held at Stark Arena on Monday night.

Women’s freestyle

2021 World silver medalist Kayla Miracle scored a stunning first-period pin over 2021 U23 World champion Ana Godinez Gonzalez of Canada in 1:37.

Godinez scored first with a takedown, while Miracle still held her leg. The U.S. corner challenged and it was denied, giving Godinez a 3-0 lead. Miracle hit a fireman's carry for a takedown straight to Godinez’ back and adjusted to secure the fall.

This will be the second straight World Championships in which Miracle has reached the finals. She will battle 2021 World bronze medalist Nonoka Ozaki of Japan in Tuesday’s finals. Miracle becomes the first U.S. wrestler to qualify for the finals in this year’s World Championships.

Miracle had previous wins over Godinez in the Bout at the Ballpark in Arlington, Texas in February, 6-5, as well as part of the FloWrestling Burroughs vs. Zahid card in November 2022, by an 8-0 margin. Godinez had an injury default win over Miracle at the 2022 Pan American Championships.

2019 World champion Jacarra Winchester was defeated in the 55 kg semifinals by 2020 Olympic champion and two-time World champion Mayu Shidochi Mukaida of Japan, in a 12-2 technical fall. This places Winchester into a bronze-medal match on Tuesday, against an opponent to be determined.

Winchester won a pair of bouts on Monday morning to reach the finals, stopping Otgonjargal Ganbaatar of Mongolia, 8-3 and Roksana Zasina of Poland, 4-2.


Greco-Roman Group 3 semifinals were held in two weight classes, 60 kg and 130 kg.

When No. 1 seed Zholaman Sharshenbekov of Kyrgyzstan scored an impressive 7-0 victory over Aidos Sultangali of Kazakhstan in the 60 kg semifinals, Ildar Hafizov of the United States was pulled back into repechage on Tuesday morning.

Hafizov has drawn Krisztian Kecskemeti of Hungary in the repechage on Tuesday morning. Keczkemeti was fifth in the 2019 U23 World Championships. If Hafizov wins, he advances to a bronze-medal match against Sultangali.

Hafizov opened with two wins, 9-6 over Ditcher Toro Castaneda of Colombia and 7-1 over Michal Tracz of Poland. He was pinned in the quarterfinals by Sharshenbekov in 45 seconds.

The other U.S. wrestler in Greco-Roman Group 3, Cohlton Schultz at 130 kg, had a 1-1 record on Monday morning and did not qualify for repechage.

The Tuesday morning session begins at 10:30 a.m. local time, with Group 2 women’s freestyle through the quarterfinals. The Group 2 women’s freestyle semifinals are at 4:30 p.m., followed by the Group 3 Greco-Roman and Group 1 women's freestyle finals. All of the action is live on FloWrestling. 

At Belgrade, Serbia, September 11

Women’s freestyle Group 1 finals pairings
55 kg - Mayu Shidochi Mukaida (Japan) vs. Oleksandra Khomenets (Ukraine)
62 kg - Nonoka Ozaki (Japan) vs. Kayla Miracle (USA)

Women’s freestyle Group 1 semifinals results

55 kg
Mayu Shidochi Mukaida (Japan) tech. fall Jacarra Winchester (USA), 12-0
Oleksandra Khomenets (Ukraine) dec. Karla Godinez Gonzalez (Canada), 5-3

62 kg
Nonoka Ozaki (Japan) dec. Aisuluu Tynybekova (Kyrgyzstan), 11-5
Kayla Miracle (USA) pin Ana Godinez Gonzalez (Canada), 1:37

Greco-Roman Group 3 finals pairings
60 kg - Zholaman Sharshenbekov (Kyrgyzstan) vs. Edmond Armen Nazaryan (Bulgaria)
130 kg - Amin Mirzazadeh (Iran) vs. Riza Kayaalp (Turkey)

Greco-Roman Group 2 semifinals results

60 kg
Zholaman Sharshenbekov (Kyrgyzstan) dec. Aidos Sultangali (Kazakhstan), 7-0
Edmond Armen Nazaryan (Bulgaria) dec. Kenjiro Fumita (Japan), 5-5

130 kg
Amin Mirzazadeh (Iran) dec. Mantas Knystautas (Lithuania), 2-1
Riza Kayaalp (Turkey) dec. Muminjon Abdullaev (Uzbekistan), 5-3

U.S. Women’s freestyle Group 1 results

55 kg: Jacarra Winchester (Colorado Springs, Colo./USOPTC/Titan Mercury WC) – IN BRONZE BOUT
WIN Otgonjargal Ganbaatar (Mongolia), 8-3
WIN Roksana Zasina (Poland), 4-2
LOSS Mayu Shidochi Mukaida (Japan), tech. fall 12-0
Bronze match – Opponent to be determined in repechage

62 kg: Kayla Miracle (Tempe, Ariz./Sunkist Kids) – IN FINALS
WIN Xiaojuan Luo (China), 17-6
WIN Tetiana Omelchenko (Azerbaijan), 6-1
WIN Ana Godinez (Canada), pin 1:37
Finals – Vs. Nonoka Ozaki (Japan)

U.S. Greco-Roman Group 3 results

60 kg: Ildar Hafizov (Colorado Springs, Colo./Army WCAP) – IN REPECHAGE
WIN Ditcher Toro Castaneda (Colombia), 9-6
WIN Michal Tracz (Poland), 7-1
LOSS Zholaman Sharshenbekov (Kyrgyzstan), fall 0:45
Repechage – Vs. Krisztian Kecskemeti (Hungary)

130 kg: Cohlton Schultz (Parker, Colo./Sunkist Kids) – eliminated
WIN David Ovasapyan (Armenia), 1-1
LOSS Oskar Marvik (Norway), 5-0


International / 2022 World Championships
« on: September 12, 2022, 01:47:57 PM »

BELGRADE, Serbia – Max Nowry (Colorado Springs, Colo./Army WCAP) competed in the bronze-medal match at 55 kg at the World Championships in Greco-Roman on Sunday night, the first U.S. athlete to reach a medal match at this year’s World Championships.

Nowry was defeated by two-time Asian champion Yu Shiotani of Japan, 7-0. Shiotani scored all of his points in the first period. Shiotani opened with a four-point arm throw, then forced a step out, and added a takedown late in the first period. In the second period, Nowry attempted three headlocks which ended up as miss throws, and Shiotani held his position well to close out the victory.

This was Nowry’s third World Championships appearance. He placed fifth in the 2019 World Championships in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, and was ninth at the 2021 World Championships in Oslo, Norway

Nowry won his first two matches on Saturday by pin, stopping Arjun Halakurki of India in 5:02 and Fabian Schmitt of Germany in 4:58. In the semifinals, he was defeated by 2018 World champion Eldaniz Azizli, 8-0. Azizli won his second career gold medal later in the session, scoring a technical fall over Nugzari Tsurtsumia of Georgia, 8-0.

The three other U.S. wrestlers in Group 1 did not place in the top 10 of their weight classes, after losing their first match Saturday and not qualifying for repechage. Benji Peak (Marquette, Mich./MNU-OTS/Sunkist Kids), was 22nd at 72 kg, Kamal Bey (Colorado Springs, Colo./Army WCAP) was 31st at 77 kg and Alan Vera (New York, N.Y./NYC RTC/New York AC) was 18th at 87 kg.

All four U.S. wrestlers in Group 2 were eliminated on Sunday morning, so the USA will not have any athletes competing in Group 2 sessions on Monday.

The final two U.S. Greco-Roman wrestlers in Group 3 will start their competition on Monday morning, Ildar Hafizov (Colorado Springs, Colo./Army WCAP) at 60 kg/132 lbs. and Cohlton Schultz (Parker, Colo./Sunkist Kids) at 130 kg.

The first two U.S. women’s freestyle competitors also hit the mats on Monday, 2019 World champion Jacarra Winchester (Colorado Springs, Colo./USOPTC/Titan Mercury WC) at 55 kg and 2021 World silver medalist Kayla Miracle (Tempe, Ariz./Sunkist Kids) at 62 kg. Their first round draws are listed below.

The Monday morning session begins at 10:30 a.m. local time, with Group 1 women’s freestyle through the quarterfinals. The Group 1 women’s freestyle semifinals are at 4:30 p.m., followed by the Group 2 Greco-Roman finals. All of the action is live on FloWrestling.

At Belgrade, Serbia, September 11

Greco-Roman results

55 kg
Gold - Eldaniz Azizli (Azerbaijan)
Silver - Nugzari Tsurtsumia (Georgia)
Bronze - Yu Shiotani (Japan)
Bronze -. Jasurbek Ortikboev (Uzbekistan)
5th - Max Nowry (USA)
5th - Amangali Bekbolatov (Kazakhstan)
7th - Rudik Mkrtchyan (Armenia)
8th - Poya Soulat Dad Marz (Iran)
9th - Fabian Schmitt (Germany)
10th - Ekrem Ozturk (Turkey)
Gold – Azizli tech. fall Tsurtsumia, 8-0
Bronze - Shiotani dec. Nowry, 7-0
Bronze - Ortikboev dec. Bekbolatov, 9-5

72 kg
Gold - Ali Arsalan (Serbia)
Silver - Ule Ganizade (Azerbaijan)
Bronze - Andrii Kulyk (Ukraine)
Bronze - Selcuk Can (Turkey)
5th - Ibrahim Ghanem (France)
5th - Ibraghim Magomadov (Kazakhstan)
7th - Samuel Bellscheidt (Germany)
8th - Robert Fritsch (Hungary)
9th - Jose Varela Garcia (Guatemala)
10th - Valentin Petic (Moldova)
Gold - Arsalan dec. Ganizade, 7-4
Bronze - Kulyk dec. Ghanem, 4-3
Bronze - Can dec. Magomadov, 3-3

77 kg
Gold - Azhol Magomedov (Kyrgyzstan)
Silver - Zoltan Levai (Hungary)
Bronze - Malkas Amoyan (Armenia)
Bronze - Yunus Basar (Turkey)
5th - Viktor Nemes (Serbia)
5th - Hyeonwoo Kim (Korea),
7th - Aram Vardanyan (Uzbekistan)
8th - Tamerlan Shadukayev (Kazakhstan)
9th - Rui Liu (China)
10th - Yasaf Zeinalov (Ukraine)
Gold - Magomedov tech. fall Levai, 8-0
Bronze - Amoyan dec. Nemes, 7-1
Bronze - Basar dec. Kim, 4-1

87 kg
Gold - Zurabi Datunashvili (Serbia)
Silver - Turpal Bisultanov (Denmark)
Bronze - David Losonczi (Hungary)
Bronze - Ali Cengiz (Turkey)
5th Alex Kessidis (Sweden)
5th - Naser Ghasem Alizadeh (Iran)
7 SUI Damian Von Euw (Switzerland)
8 KAZ Nursultan Tursynov (Kazakhstan)
9 KGZ A. Aziisbekov (Kyrgyzstan)
10 COD Barthelemy Tshosha (Dem. Rep. of Congo)
Gold - Datunashvili dec. Bisultanov, 6-2
Bronze - Losonczi dec. Kessidis, 6-2
Bronze - Ali Cengiz dec. Alizadeh , 7-1

U.S. Greco-Roman Group 1 performances

55 kg - Max Nowry (Colorado Springs, Colo./Army WCAP), 5th place
WIN Arjun Halakurki (India), pin 5:02
WIN Fabian Schmitt (Germany), 4:58
LOSS Eldaniz Azizli (Azerbaijan), tech. fall 9-0, 1:44
LOSS Yu Shiotani (Japan), 7-0

72 kg - Benji Peak (Marquette, Mich./MNU-OTS/Sunkist Kids), 22nd place
LOSS Robert Fritsch (Hungary), 3-1

77 kg - Kamal Bey (Colorado Springs, Colo./Army WCAP), 31st place
LOSS Viktor Nemes (Serbia), 4-0

87 kg - Alan Vera (New York, N.Y./NYC RTC/New York AC), 18th place
LOSS. Haitao Qian (China), 5-3

U.S. Greco-Roman Group 3 draw for Monday

60 kg: Ildar Hafizov (Colorado Springs, Colo./Army WCAP)
vs. Ditcher Toro Castaneda (Colombia), gold at 2021 Pan American Championships

130 kg: Cohlton Schultz (Parker, Colo./Sunkist Kids)
vs. David Ovasapyan (Armenia), silver at 2021 U23 World Championships, bronze at 2019 U23 World Championships, silver at 2018 U20 World Championships

U.S. women’s freestyle Group 1 draw for Monday

55 kg: Jacarra Winchester (Colorado Springs, Colo./USOPTC/Titan Mercury WC)
Vs. Otgonjargal Ganbaatar (Mongolia) – Second in 2022 Asian Championships, 2017 U23 World bronze medalist,

62 kg: Kayla Miracle (Tempe, Ariz./Sunkist Kids)
Vs. winner of Tserenchimed Sukhee (Mongolia) and Xiaojuan Luo (China)
Sukhee – 2014 World champion, 2015 World silver medalist, 2018 U23 World bronze medalist, 2013 Junior World champion,
Luo – 2015 and 2019 Asian champion, Second in 2018 Asian Championships,


Off-Topic / Re: Last Word
« on: September 12, 2022, 12:57:19 PM »
Well we are redoing the deck.   We contracted with some guys that caved when they saw the issues.  So now we have to do it.   Spent all weekend sanding the thing, old Deck Over impossible to remove completely with even a drum sander.  So after trying to remove it all, we decided to just paint over it.   Used the drum sander to rough everything up.  This deck has become a nightmare.   My wife, not knowing there is a difference between stain and paint, did the latex "stain" the first time 17 years ago and we have been fighting the deck ever since.  Rainy season  is coming up and we need to finish this quickly word!!


Off-Topic / Re: RIP Queen Elizabeth
« on: September 09, 2022, 11:44:38 AM »
Indeed.   Poor guy.  But he's been trapped forever so he's used to it. 


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