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Off-Topic /
« on: May 04, 2009, 10:41:42 AM »
A friend of mine is looking for a singlet to be used in a play and is looking for one of the old ones that were made before lycra.  I haven't seen one like that for sale in many years.  Anyone have any ideas how to obtain one?

College /
« on: March 04, 2009, 12:41:29 PM »
I've been thinking about this since the Slaton to 157 thing came up and the Oklahoma State 184 situation pushed me over the edge.  I realize that the Iowa coaching staff had more to consider with Slaton being the main backup at 133\141, otherwise they may have made the move earlier.

It is my opinion that replacing a wrestler who has started for the entire year, just before the qualifiers and post season tournaments is a failure by the coaching staff.  Yes, this is a sport where you have to continually earn your keep and your spot, but investing a starting role on a guy who you aren't willing to go with for the most important time of the year is a mistake.  It may be that you misjudged the weight early in the season and didn't see your mistake until too late or that you made a panicked decision when you realized the post season was upon you and you didn't have a legitimate guy ready to go, but either way you hurt your team.

I could go on about how a guy who started all year should improve and shouldn't be getting beat by backups, but its the coachs job to help everyone improve and some guys make leaps that are unexpected.  However, if you've got a guy thats close, he should be getting some looks during the season.  

At Oklahoma State at 184 we have seen 3 men take the mat as the starter this year, Shelton, McNeil and Hill.  However, we have only seen McNeil once or twice and not since the first semester.  Neither Shelton or Hill has performed well, though I would argue that Hill has shown improvement.  Now comes word that it will be McNeil at Big 12s.  If this was a possibility, why did we not see him in any Big 12 duals?  Why did he not get a match against Binghamton or Wyoming?  This can only be explained by a massive miscalculation by John Smith.  I love the Cowboys and I hope McNeil finds a way to qualify (he needs just one upset, there are 4 autos at 184), but we need to acknowledge that this was handled poorly.

College /
« on: February 20, 2009, 10:43:27 PM »
Now lets break this down.  Going into 184 Ohio State leads by 1 point.  If Pucillo goes at 184 Ohio State is a slight underdog at 184, a slight favorite at 197 and a solid favorite at HWT.  Instead, he bumps up to 197 meaning that it will take a big upset for Northwestern to win the dual.

I guess I can understand that this gives them a better chance to win the dual (though odds are you're going to win 1 of 2 at 184 & 197), but this is a ridiculous move.  The dual win means nothing!  You can talk all you want about risking a guys confidence and what not, but what does it say when you won't let your #2 guy have a shot at #1?  I don't blame Pucillo at all because I'm sure he wanted a shot at Herbert and he has to do what his Coach asks him to do, but Tom Ryan should be ashamed.  You had a chance to feature a match between the top 2 in the country, 2 national champions, with the dual on the line and you chose to avoid that.  That is bad for the sport, its bad for your fans and its bad for your team.  Tom Ryan is a great coach, but he screwed up big tonight and I hope he realizes that before the next time rolls around.

Off-Topic /
« on: February 06, 2009, 03:57:53 PM »
I'm relatively new to the political discussions around here (I ventured into the NWT forum on occasion, but rarely read too much) so I'm trying to gain some context.

So, the question is:

If you were appointed President of the United States today, do you think you would be capable?  Also, what would be your first order of business?

High School & Lower /
« on: February 06, 2009, 10:11:44 AM »
I went to this dual last night and was impressed with how much my old HS program has progressed.  When I was there we were ok, but BA routinely beat the crap out of us.  This match was even broadcast on the local cable channel.

This was a well wrestled and close match.  There was only one fall, no techs and 2 majors.  In the match of the night, #1 Ronnie Balfour gave up a 2nd period take down, but responded with a takedown of his own to knock off #2 Zach Skates 4-3.

Also featured in this dual were nationally ranked wrestlers #18 Josh Walker (WBD 7-4 @ 103) and #30 Terry Williamson (WBMD 10-0 @215).  Union's all time winningest wrestler and 2 time dfending state champion Joey Sheridan won 6-2 at 171.

College /
« on: February 05, 2009, 04:29:32 PM »
125: #15 Obe Blanc Vs Andy Pokorny
Blanc has been getting better slowly over the course of the year.  Pokorny isn't very good so Blanc has to be looking for bonus here.
Blanc MD, 4-0 OSU

133: #14 Chris Notte Vs Matt Vacanti
I'd never have guessed Notte would be ranked higher than Blanc at this stage of the year, but he has been a big surprise.  I know little about Vacanti.
Notte Dec, 7-0 OSU

141: #15 Jamal Parks Vs Curtis Salazar
Parks could get a major if he wrestles the whole match or he could get beat if he shuts down too early.
Parks Dec, 10-0 OSU

149: Luke Silver Vs Robert Sanders
A total tossup, but I'll go with the senior at home.
Sanders Dec, 10-3 OSU

157: #10 Neil Erisman Vs #3 Jordan Burroughs
Erisman has been good, but he isn't in Burroughs league.  I'd be happy if he kept it to a decision and I think he will.
Burroughs Dec, 10-6 OSU

165: #10 Brandon Mason Vs #6 Stephen Dwyer
Will it be the Mason that got pinned by Reader or the one who took down Moza Fay twice in a convincing victory?  I say Mason starts a run towards his 2nd AA finish.
Mason Dec, 13-6 OSU

174: #14 Newly McSpadden Vs #3 Brandon Browne
Newly looks good up at 174, but much like 157 he isn't up to beating Browne.
Browne Dec, 13-9 OSU

184: Cody Hill Vs #11 Vince Jones
In a matchup of two guys with known conditioning issues, Hill gasses first and harder.
Jones Dec, 13-12 OSU

197: #8 Clayton Foster Vs #2 Craig Brester
Foster is much better than last year, but he still has trouble with the elite.  Brester is one tough sob.
Brester Dec, 15-13 Neb

HWT: #3 Jared Rosholt Vs #19 Tucker Lane
I believe Rosholt is the best HWT in the country when he wrestles anyone not named Zabriskie.
Rosholt Dec, 16-15 OSU

Huge swing matches at 149 and 165.  Bonus points will likely decide the dual and neither side can afford any big upsets.  Should be a great dual.

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