Author Topic: Day 5 of Asian Wrestling Championships  (Read 803 times)

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Day 5 of Asian Wrestling Championships
« on: May 16, 2010, 10:58:22 AM »
Quick night tonight. Medal matches started at 6:00 and were completed by 7:00

Less security tonight (maybe because it was Greco, I am not sure). Again, I had no ticket.  I called a guy from whomever was organizing the tournament.  We talked on Thursday and he said he was going to get me eight tickets for the weekend.  So, when I showed up, I called him.  However, this time he told me that I was supposed to get the tickets from him this past morning rather than at the security gate.  No tickets for me.  However, the same security guy who sees me each night was there ready for me and gave me a ticket.  That guy rocks.

The matches were quick.  No may points earned, but no stoppages during the matches.  Thus they were done within an hour.  The last match of the night (gold medal match at 96 kilos) ended in a quick pin. So, I was able to make it home before we put our son to bed,

60 - China, S. Korea, India, ****stan

74 - S. Korea, China, ****stan

96 -  Iran, Kazakstan, ***stan

During the last weight class I had a nice talk with a young man who asked me where I am from (every night started that way), and he asked me about wrestling in the US and that at least in Greco, India has a long way to go (his words were that they are "poor at Greco")  But hey, their getting better.

The entire Asian championships are supposed to be a spring board for the Commonwealth Games.  I must say that India should run away with the Commonwealth Games wrestling championships.  I just don't see the UK, Australia, Nigeria, et al beating India.  The teams that were consistantly better this past week are not in the Commonwealth (Iran & S. Korea).

Even though we leave in three weeks, I am bummed that we won't be here for the Commonwealth Games.