Author Topic: Day 1 of the Asian Wrestling Championships  (Read 884 times)

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Day 1 of the Asian Wrestling Championships
« on: May 12, 2010, 12:24:58 PM »
Just arrived home after Day 1.  (60, 74 & 96 kgs)

Arrival was a bit weird. There were hundreds of soldiers there keeping the peace.  I am not sure why so many military officers were there, after all, this was a wrestling meet.  I felt pretty darn safe there.

When I arrived at the front gate I was stopped by four of the soldiers.  They asked me for my tickets.  I told them that I had planed to purchase the ticket once I made it into the event.  I assumed incorrectly that there would be a ticket booth at the entrance.  The oldest of the soldiers told me I could not enter without a ticket and that I could not get a ticket at the event.  I asked how I could get tickets.  No one knew, but they did know they were free.  Hmmmmmm....the tickets cost no money, but I could not enter the event without a ticket and there was no place to get the tickets.....I found that odd.  

Then one of the younger soldiers came to me and gave me his.  I felt that was odd becuase why would he be given a ticket in the first place if his job was to watch over the front gate of the stadium.

Anywho, I walked into the Indira Gandhi Indoor Sports Stadium right at 7:00.  The schedule stated that the medal rounds would begin at 6:00.  However, instead of missing any wrestling, I only missed the first hour of middle school students dancing to Hindi tunes.  There were dozens and dozens of schools represented and all pretty much danced the same way. However, some schools brought merrigold pedals to drop on the mat.  That took some time to clean up afterwards.

On to the wrestling....

60 kilo gold medal match.  Iran beat Japan soundly.

During that match I got a text from a guy from the British Embassy.  He was there with some mates and had a feeling I would be there too.  So, I found them and shared their seats with them.  I guess wrestling is not a big sport in the UK becuase I had to answer questions like:  

"Can you punch a guy in the face?"
"Why isn't that guy just trying to throw him over his shoulders?"
"Is he trying to break his fingers?"

Unfortunately, after I answered "no" to the "Can you punch a guy in the face" question, the British fans started looking at their watches....and left shortly after.

Onto the 74 kilo match:

Iran vs, India.

This match was sooooooo much fun to watch.  There were a ton of Iranians who came to watch the tournament and they were so boisterous.  The wrestlers were so darn good and their fans were even better.

It was such a back and forth match with the Indian prevailing. The crowd got so into it.  The Indians shouted, then the Iranians, back and forth like a tennis match.  

When the guy from India prevailed, the place errupted not unlike that Icelandic volcano a couple of weeks ago.

Then at 96 kilos, the guy from Iran put on a clinic on the guy from Kazakstan. Very one sided, but I really enjoyed watching it.  After all, I saw quite a few folkstyle moves within that match: quarter nelson, front headlock, etc...

I am excited about going back tomorrow.  After all, 66 kilos is up tomorrow.  Sushil Kumar won the bronze in Beijing and is a sort of hero here in India.  He is the first medalist in wrestling and now has a plum job with the railway system in India (the largest employer in the world I must add).

Oh, and I didn't just see cauliflower ears, I saw entire rhubarb ears!

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Re: Day 1 of the Asian Wrestling Championships
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2010, 12:30:47 PM »
Awesome sounds like a blast.

I am gonna see if FILA TV has it.

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