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Re: Got the wind knocked out of me
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He is the humblest of wrestling heroes. Never seeking out the spotlight but toiling in the shadows. The posters on here can all tell you of their personal experiences with AM. Ask V about the time Marston bumped up six wight classes to challenge one of Minnys most renowned heavywights.

How about Marstons training regiment that centered around living in the most spartan conditions to focus solely on his dream. No heat, no utilities, sharing his meager resources with a family of raccoons.

Had he been born in an earlier time he would have been at the side of Leonidus defending the pass at Thermopylae. He yielded to no man on or off the mat.

Marston embodies the heart of the warrior that we all seek to emulate. He used to post here on occasion. Perhaps you can begin your search here by checking the archives and gleaning some of the wisdom that he so unselfishly left here.

I also believe that Ryou, one of the senior posters on these boards, has been compiling a bibliography on Marston.
Other little known facts about Marston

Dan Gable keeps an autographed pic of Marston on his desk

Dan Gable's wife keeps an autographed pic of Marston next to her bed

Marston taught John Smith the low single

Marston's is the only hand Dan Hodge is afraid to shake

After facing Marston as a true Frosh at ISU Cael Sanderson went up two weights to avoid him

Chuck Norris quit wrestling after being pinned by Marson

Marston is not just a legend here in the USA but internationally as well!

Alexander Karelin avoided freestyle because he was afraid of facing Marston

Arsen Fadzev sends Marston tapes of his matches for hints on technique

He is such a legend in the wrestling rich Republic of Georgia they named a province after him, Marstonivlistan

Ok, stop right there.........and I'll bring back the sun.