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« on: October 11, 2010, 02:53:12 PM »

The Basics
1. 15 wrestlers per team. You'll start 11 wrestlers per week, one guy at each weight from 125-285 and then a "flex" guy from any weight you choose who will be eligible to score points at whatever weight he wrestles.

2. There isn't going to be head to head during the regular season. The standings will go strictly by total points scored.

The regular season will run up through Conferences. After Conferences the 4 highest scoring teams will advance to the finals during NCAA's, and we're also going to take two wild cards this year.

These wild cards will be the two highest scoring teams during Conference week that wouldn't already be going to the next round anyway. Come NCAA's I'll wipe the scores clean and it'll be a 6 way scramble for the championship.

3. 3 points for a win by decision, 4 for a major, 5 for a tech with back's and 6 for a pin. Same as we've done the last two years.

4. All dual meets count for points. Other events that will count for points will be the All Star Match, Hokie Open, Kauffman Brand Open, Las Vegas, Reno, Midlands, Scuffle, Penn State Open, Michigan State Open, NC State Open, Body Bar Invitational, Navy Classic, Brockport tournament, the EMU Open, the Binghamton Open, PSACS, NY Interscholastics and the Missouri open.

5. Wrestlers who win the Vegas, Reno, Midlands and Scuffle tournaments will get a ten point bonus added to their scores. Wrestlers who finish second in those tournaments will get five bonus points.

6. Wrestlers who win the Big 10 and Big 12 tournaments will get 16 bonus points added to their scores, those finishing second in these two tournaments will get 12 bonus points. The guys who win OW at those tournaments will also get 5 bonus points. All other conferences will have bonuses of 12 points for a championship and 8 points for a second.

7. Trades are permitted, free agency is not. We'll have a trading deadline this year of 2/17.

8. Supplemental will be back during the holiday weekend in its 3 round format.

New Rules/Changes
1. Keeper Rule: You keep a guy from last season, he counts as your first round draft choice.

2. We're eliminating the rule where you don't get points if your wrestler bumps up a weight in a dual. If your wrestler wrestles in a dual and wins you get his points.

However if your wrestler bumps up and loses but his back up wins you don't get the back ups points.

The rule from last year where if your wrestler doesn't wrestle and his back up wins will stay the same. You will get those points just as long as someone else doesn't have the back up.

3. Back Ups will be eligible for tournaments this year. The difference between tournaments and duals however will be that in tournaments to get points from a back up you will have to specifically declare that back up in your line up for the week.

4. If your wrestler beats a guy in the TOM Top 20 at a tournament that we don't score you'll get points for that.

5. If you trade a guy away, but then for some reason want him back you'll have to wait three weeks before you're able to trade back for him.

6. NCAA's will deviate from normal scoring. We will use official tournament scoring there, not the scoring used during the regular season. All other tournaments will continue to be scored in the 3/4/5/6 format.
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