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« on: April 03, 2009, 02:36:17 PM »
Got this from the California Forum.


He is regaining almost total movement to his face. To think we were hours away from him not walking again, this is a miracle in our eyes.

Currently he is undergoing rehab to try to regain feeling in the right hand, forearm and foot. He does have movement and can walk. The last cortisone shots in his spine and the removal of the infected bone is helping tremulously. They also inserted a drain tube to release any other infection that may be present.

As far as a wrestling mat we don't know if that will happen, it will depend on the tests we will under go on the 17th of April and the lab results from Stanford.

Thank you for asking and for your prayers. We have had hundreds of calls, emails, etc. The wrestling family is like no other. We have discovered though the torn cartilage in his chest last year that was infected was defiantly related to this issue and he has had it most likely for a few years. In the grand scheme he will be a healthier young man with this removed for sure according to the doctors. Thank you all for your prayers.
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