Author Topic: Biggest Surprise...Biggest Bust... Wost Agony...Most Valuable Wrestler  (Read 6577 times)

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Tell us who on your team was the....

Biggest Surpise.....  Hatchett: Unseed flex guy scores 7.5 (Sanjaa close second here)

Biggest Bust............Perry: 7 seed and only scores 3pts

Worst Agony...........Foster: getting pinned holding a comfortable lead (almost glad I was taking a piss at that moment. Imagine having one of your guys in the finals with an easy lead and you figure its ok to break that seal and then come back out and seeing Kilgore with a s**teating grin on his face! :o >:( :'( )

Most Valuable..........Rey: 23 points

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biggest surprise     Q coming back from the dead and #9 seed

biggest bust           kerber continued to underproduce as he did throughout the year     

worst agony           being at nationals and watching d.t. get caught in a cradle and decked.  i still get a sick knot in my belly re seeing it.  especially with it being bubba  and                   
                             his post match celebration and watching david hold back the emotions on the podium     :'(     

most valuable        wright    although ruth battling back to 3rd after getting hurt really helped.     
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