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« on: April 12, 2009, 12:21:28 AM »
What Is Happening To Freestyle & Greco In The Off Season?
By Steve Fraser
April 6, 2009

As I write this article I am watching the 2009 European Championships taking place in Vilnius, Lithuania. The Greco-Roman style is currently on the mat. In freestyle Azerbaijan won the team title beating Russia this year. In the women’s division Russia won the title. And in Greco it looks like Russia will win it too.

As I sit here and contemplate what we need to do as a country to beat these fierce international opponents I can clearly see some very specific things. I can see we need to be very physical in our attack on our feet. It is very obvious to me that the wrestlers who are most aggressive usually have a great advantage. Tiring our opponent out is still a powerful strategy.

From top parterre, we need to be very strong with our particular technique of choice. If it is a gut wrench then we need to be able to gut wrench everyone. From the bottom position in parterre we need to have cement like defense. Our torso needs to be as strong as a tree trunk.

As I was thinking about these technical and physical issues I started to think about our system of training and development as well. What can we do to improve the way we develop our guys? How can we better prepare our youth wrestlers who will grow up to be our future world and Olympic medallists?

As I thought about this I remembered the clinic I did just prior to coming to the Europeans. The clinic was in Grand Haven, Michigan. It was at a USAW youth folkstyle, freestyle and Greco-Roman tournament. I spoke to the kids and parents for a few minutes before I started my technique session. As I was speaking to them I realized that most of the kids and parents did not have a clue that the Olympic Games were not folkstyle. They were not aware that the two styles of wrestling contested in the Olympic Games are freestyle and Greco-Roman.

My thought was “what is happening with our U.S. wrestling system for the youth in our sport?â€
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