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« on: April 25, 2009, 08:14:04 AM »
In all honesty, I do not know all the guys that well so I am guessing, but it is fun.

55 KG - Finals Mustari vs. Sanders - Sanders wins

60 KG - (loaded here) - Gomez vs Oliver - Gomez wins (although I could see it ether way and I could see Scott over Gomez as well in the quarters.

63 KG - Shinn vs. Humphrey - Humphrey wins (is it me or is there not much on the top side of the bracket, like I said I dont know all the guys)

66 KG - LeClare vs. Mason - Mason wins. (Mason has to get by Prater in the 2nd round. Winner of that wins the weight IMO)

70 KG - (I have no Idea on this one to be Honest) Brown vs. Mueller (Mueller wins???)

74 KG - Morningstar vs. Kerr (all IA) M* wins

79 KG - Winston vs. Benefiel - Winston wins

84 KG - Wright vs. Letts - Wright wins

96 KG - Jones vs. Kilgore - Kilgore wins (Man Minny Cut Nord down to 211 interesting)

120 KG - Disney vs. Berhow (All Minny a total homer pick in part sorry)
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