Author Topic: Atheists at the Creation Museum err Jurrasic Lark  (Read 1180 times)

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Atheists at the Creation Museum err Jurrasic Lark
« on: October 25, 2012, 09:43:42 AM »

Ken Ham personally saw my "Creation Museum" video. Of course, it's an honor. :)

His Facebook post trods though the familiar arguments. If we don't believe in Creationism, why is the museum of any concern to us? Evolution is our religion. Atheists are so angry. And watch out for the "expletive" in Lesson 7.

Ham is correct on one oversight I'm guilty of. Lesson two addresses dinosaurs, but I also show a mastodon and a pterodactyl on screen, and he (rightly) draws attention to the error.
Then he (wrongly) asserts that there is nothing of substance in my criticism of the facility, as my slip on the mastodon negates the penguin in the tropical garden, the humans frolicking with velociraptors, the talking snake, the fact that sin is responsible for our lawns having weeds, and the idea that 8 people half a millennium in age boarded a floating zoo and survived a flood (for which there is no geological evidence) before practicing incest to create more than 5,000 global ethnic groups in just four thousand years.

Don't troll Ham's page or stir up trouble. His mind (or his pocketbook) is made up, and as his followers have lined up lock-step, you won't change minds and will only feed his assertion that atheists are malcontents.

Just know that the mastermind of The Creation Museum has seen this critique of his "truth" and echoed the responses of a thousand other apologists. -Seth

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