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« on: November 03, 2013, 09:14:13 PM »
There has been considerable amount of discussion on Voxer about advancement points.  We changed the rules prior to the season to add all advancement points.  It is apparent that this just adds unneeded points for everyone.  Where we had an issue was with wrestlers that receive a bye in a tournament and lose a match but get no points.There are five people on voxer that have made it known that the corrent way we count advancement points is too confusing/complicated/time consuming.  So we are going to change the rule to affect the problem at hand.

Advancement points will only be counted in the round your wrestler receives a bye if that wrestler wins his next match.  In the championship bracket a wrestler will be awarded two points for the round he had a bye if he wins the following match.  In the consolation bracket a wrestler will be awarded one point for the round he had a bye if he wins the following match.

Pigtail rounds will not count when addressing byes.  For the purpose of our league there needs to be at least three matches in a round for it to be considered a round.  If there are less than three matches they will be considered pigtails and no advancement points will be awarded.

I think this addresses the original issue and doesn't add a bunch of unnecessary points.
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