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getting the score correct
« on: February 22, 2015, 06:12:42 PM »
Can I get a ref's perspective on whose job it is to get the score right?  I maintain that it is the coaches job as they are the only ones with a vested interest in the outcome.  If the score/riding time is wrong then they must call attention to it.  However, others say it is the responsibility of the scorekeepers and the ref.  Now, I don't know who the scorekeepers were for the bungled Dardanes/Stieber match, but the scorekeepers for the Minny-Cornell meet  were miked up and they sounded completely clueless, as if this was the first wrestling meet they'd ever seen.  When they mis-scored the Dardanes/David match it came as no surprise.  So I find it difficult to believe that the burden of deciding who wins a wrestling match would fall on these two neophytes shoulders.  That only leaves the referees.  Are they then responsible for not only calling the match but also verifying that the score is correct?
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Re: getting the score correct
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By the book, the scorer and timekeeper have the responsibility.  However, if they screw it up, the official is the one that will get the rose pinned on to fix it.  In an event with two officials like the BIG 10 or National Duals, a scoring error should never occur.  The assistant referee should verify every point is recorded on the board and the clock starts and stops correctly.

7.10 Scorers
The scorers are responsible for the following:
7.10.1 Recording points scored by both contestants when signaled by the referee.
7.10.2 Constantly checking each other’s scoring.
7.10.3 Keeping the scoreboard operator continually advised of the official score
during each match.
7.10.4 Immediately advising the match timekeeper when they are in disagreement
regarding the score.
7.10.5 Recording the time advantage at the end of each period.
7.10.6 Recording which contestant has the choice of position at the start of the
third period.
7.10.7 Informing the timekeeper and referee when a contestant has exceeded the
allotted number of injury timeouts.
7.10.8 Informing the timekeeper when a technical fall occurs. (See Rule 7.8.9.)
7.10.9 Circling the first points scored in the regulation match, excluding escapes
and penalty points. It is recommended that a visual method be used to indicate
which wrestler scored these first points, thus informing the referee, wrestlers,
coaches and spectators as to which wrestler will have the first choice in the
tiebreaker period, if necessary. (See Rule 3.9.3.)
7.10.10 Recording the time-advantage point, if earned, in the final match score.
7.10.11 Showing the referee the scorebook at the end of each match.
7.10.12 Recording the time of the fall, technical fall, disqualification or default,
both on the match sheet and in the scorebook.
7.10.13 Informing the head coach that a team member (state the name of the
violator) has been charged with a flagrant misconduct violation and, by rule,
disqualified from further competition. (See Rule 5.6.1.)

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Re: getting the score correct
« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2015, 08:19:07 PM »
Thanks, matref0
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