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Most Dominant Wrestlers
« on: January 15, 2016, 07:22:52 PM »
I will provide a podium of the top 8 most dominant wrestlers so far this season.

Here's my criteria to qualify for the most dominant wrestler:
1. Wrestler must be undefeated at this point in the season
2. Wrestler must have at least 10 matches at this point in the season
*Most stats were pulled from
**Data is taken from start of the season up until 1/14

Wrestlers are graded on the simple rubric of: sum(decision victory = 3pts, major = 4 pts, tech. fall = 5 pts, pin = 6 pts) divided by total # of matches

#1 Zac Brunson (5.15)

Surprise! Brunson has been the definition of domination with a record of 13-0 (3 dec, 2 techs, 8 pins). He hasn't wrestled any of the big guns in this weight class yet, but he did take out Jackson (who recently beat #1 Nickal). Brunson has also yet to wrestle in January.

#2 Zain Retherford (5.11)

His career losses are only to Logan Stieber and Mitchell Port during his true freshman year. Only other guy I know that has beaten Zain in the past 3 years is Aaron Pico. Retherford sits at a perfect 18-0 record with 8 pins and 6 techs.

#3 Jason Nolf (5.10)

Excited to see him go toe-to-toe with IMar in the coming weeks. Nolf is currently 19-0 with 9 pins and 5 techs.

#4 Isaiah Martinez (4.94)

He's my pick to win the actual Most Dominant award given at the end of the year. IMar currently sits at 17-0 with 12 of those coming by techs.

#5 Alex Dieringer (4.93)

Seems to be the favorite for the Hodge Trophy and the next 3x NCAA Champ for Oklahoma State

#6 Thomas Gilman (4.92)

14-0 record with 6 pins. Don't think he'll be seeing stiff competition for awhile.

#7 Nick Gwiazdowski (4.79)

Quite impressive for a HWT to be this dominant.19-0 with 9 pins.

#8 Morgan McIntosh (4.67)

McIntosh has been on a tear this year: 18-0, 6 majors, 3 techs, and 6 pins.

Bet none of you saw Brunson as #1