Author Topic: The Granddaddy of College Football  (Read 376 times)

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The Granddaddy of College Football
« on: January 14, 2018, 07:39:40 AM »
Keith Jackson  RIP  He was the best behind the sports mike.  No one has made a bigger impact on the sport.

He churned college sports into the fanaticism it is today.  Back in the day when ABC Sports had the lock on NCAA football air time and the NFL dominated in the fan base, Jackson brought the excitement of the college game to the masses.  He was there, hyping all of the big rivalries; Michigan v Ohio State, Texas v Oklahoma, Oklahoma v Nebraska, USC v UCLA, Alabama v Auburn, The Rose Bowl. 

"The Big House", Michigan Stadium...Rarely credited for it, but it was Jackson that bestowed that title on that monster.