Author Topic: WrestleStat Re-Design is ready for prime-time!  (Read 1100 times)

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WrestleStat Re-Design is ready for prime-time!
« on: July 31, 2018, 12:58:10 PM »
Hello Folks! It's taken HUNDREDS of hours, lots of testing, and lots of feedback (thank you), but the new version of WrestleStat is ready to go!

I guarantee you I won't remember every item that has changed, but here are the highlights:

1) The entire layout/template of the site has been updated to a dark theme. I felt this made it easier on the eyes, especially if/when viewing in dark rooms. Some color-blind users have mentioned having problems with viewing some of the pages, if there are still pages/text on the site that is really hard to read, please let me know. (See contact info below)

2) Search feature has received an upgrade; you can now quickly search for dual or wrestler comparisons without having to go through the wrestler/team select dropdowns. For examples, just look at the text box at the top of the site (on EVERY page).

3) RSS Feeds have been incorporated into the site. You can now see up-to-date articles, blog posts, and podcasts for anything wrestling related. If there's a site/source out there that you follow that is wrestling related that's NOT on WrestleStat, let me know and I can get it added assuming it has a valid RSS feed url.

4) Your wrestlers and schools that you follow via WrestleTrak are no longer on the front page. There's now a link called "My WrestleTrak" that will take you to a page to view all of the schools and wrestlers that you follow.

5) Since the homepage has received a re-design and none of the old lists are there anymore (ie top wrestlers, top 10 dual rankings, recent recruits, upcoming duals, etc), they've been moved to their own pages. You can get to these lists from the "Lists" section on the homepage.

6) Rankings update (kind of). The main theme of the feedback I've received about the rankings is "why is EVERYONE ranked". Well, I've updated the wrestler rankings links so it now DEFAULTS to the starters-only version of rankings. You can still get to the rankings pages for ALL wrestlers at a weight by clicking the "View All Wrestlers for {Weight}" green button.

7) The rankings trend for a team/wrestler has also changed a little bit. Previously, there was a red/green arrow next to a number indicating how much that team/wrestler went up or down since the last set of rankings. This has changed so now you will see the standard ranking in white, then in "super"-text, there will be either a red or green number which indicates the trend.

Those are the heavy-hitters at this point. I know there are still little tweaks that need to be made, if you spot something, let us know and will add it to our log. (ie the Donate page, spacing doesn't look very good)

Dan Seifring aka Obrats has been cranking through the team rosters and schedules for this upcoming season, so those will continuing to change as the teams update their websites.

A little note about the rankings....since the algorithm was updated a few months ago, I've found a bug that is not allowing me to re-process the preseason rankings. That bug is going to get fixed in the coming months.

Lastly, as always, any feedback, either positive or negative, is ALWAYS welcome!

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