Author Topic: WrestleStat Rankings - Week 1 2019  (Read 153 times)

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WrestleStat Rankings - Week 1 2019
« on: November 06, 2018, 08:49:25 AM »
Our first set of rankings are here. Some big movers for names you all may recognize, Patrick Glory and Joey Melendez moved up 45 and 44 spots respectively. While at 285, some new true freshman heavyweight, not sure if you've heard of him, Gable Steveson, moved up 30 spots to close at #33 in the rankings.

Patrick Glory:

Joey Melendez:

Gable Steveson:

Here are the rankings for this week:

Wrestler Rankings:

Dual Rankings:

Tournament Rankings:

As always, don't forget you can play around with Tourney Projection feature so you can predict the wrestler and team outcome for the NCAA tournament. Here's a link to that: