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Intensity's Fantasy Football Report
« on: August 31, 2009, 09:19:45 AM »
Every good fantasy football player knows a major key to drafting well is paying very close attention to training camp reports and especially watching the preseason games. If you're still drafting off a magazine printed back in March, you're a guppie in a pool of sharks in good leagues.

The action in preseason really starts getting good in wk 3. The projected starters get a good 25 to 30 minutes of playing time. I like to watch the first half of the games and I take notes. It's not a rigid thing. I just write down things that occur to me while watching and I keep track of the number of touches or looks the players get. As an example, last year all the talk was about the RBBC in Atlanta being 50/50 with Jerious Norwood and Michael Turner because Turner couldn't catch the damn ball. Well, after watching the wk 3 game I wrote in my notes: Turner looks REALLY GOOD, out gains/touches Norwood 3:1. Well, we all know Turner turned out to be A1 last year and by far the teams #1 option. If you're serious about winning your league or taking your fantasy game to the next level this is a great habit to get into. Especially if you're watching these games anyway.

So here are my notes from last night.
Broncos vs Bears in Mile High

Knowshon Moreno out
Peyton Hillis - nice hands - played FB/HB/slot - looked good
Ton of touches for Forte!  2 TD's
Redzone options are #1 Forte #2 Olsen
Cutler seems to look for Bennet when he's on the field.
Bennett possible deep sleeper
Cutler throws the chip/middle screen to Forte ALOT!
Orton looks for Scheffler in the Redzone!
Hester looks OK. Had monster punt return. Doesn't return kicks anymore.
Aromashudu could definitely emerge as the legit number 2.
Buckhalter did average job, Moreno should do slightly better.
I always bring my hips to the party.