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2009 World Championship Daily Updates by Jason Bryant
« on: September 20, 2009, 08:56:16 PM »
As a contributor to the Living the Dream Medal Fund I'm receiving these updates which I will pass along to all of you on this thread.

It appears as if most of the U.S. delegation has arrived, with the wrestlers having arrived here in Denmark at least a week prior to competition. On Sunday morning local time, three of our weights will take to the scales in men’s freestyle -- Danny Felix at 55kg, Trent Paulson at 66kg, and Jake Varner at 96kg.

With competition not starting until Monday, we’ve got a day to decompress from the travel, because whenever you cross the Atlantic for anything, the time change really screws with your body, so it’ll be good for the crew of us who traveled in today, including U.S. officials Tom Clark and Rick Tucci.

I’m sure everyone received phone calls from our World Team athletes showing their appreciation for our efforts in donating to the Living The Dream Fund. I received a call about two weeks ago from the oldest member of the U.S. World Team in Felix.

At 35, Felix is making his first U.S. World Team appearance, which is a significant gap in age between the youngest athlete representing the U.S. -- Adeline Gray. The Colorado native is 18 and is wrestling at 67kg in women’s freestyle. Gray is a month older than 55kg women’s entry and 2008 World Bronze Medalist Tatiana Padilla.

What most of us can realize about this Living The Dream Fund is all of our athletes, young and not as young, can benefit. No matter if Gray was only four years old when Felix placed at the NCAA tournament in 1995, their goals are the same -- winning World and Olympic medals.

As a donor to the program, this World Championship will be special to all of us involved, and that’s one thing the Living The Dream Fund has been able to do for the wrestling community, make us all feel involved. We are all vested in our hopes and dreams for our wrestlers here in Denmark.

So it’s a Sun Devil and a pair of Cyclones (Paulson and Varner) wrestling to kick off the 2009 World Championships!

Thank you and we’ll be keeping everyone in the loop!

Jason Bryant
Living The Dream

Please forward this newsletter  to people you think maybe interested in following the World Championships and in helping the Living the Dream Medal Fund meet its goal of 2000 Donors by 2012.  
We have a full line of Living the Dream License Gear Available...100% of all profits go towards the Medal Fund....go to and select the Living the Dream link!

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Re: 2009 World Championship Daily Updates by Jason Bryant
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2009, 10:14:32 PM »
Awesome!  It's great that Felix is 35 and still competing at such a high level.  How old was Sammie Henson when he stopped competing?
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Re: 2009 World Championship Daily Updates by Jason Bryant
« Reply #2 on: September 21, 2009, 09:04:04 PM »
Donors & Contributors

Sept.21, 2009

 Special Edition Newsletter

I’m sure every one of you is eager to know about what we can expect from Danny Felix, Trent Paulson and Jake Varner on Monday. The eagerness around the U.S. camp today was more about getting the first hurdle out of the way -- the weigh in.

All three U.S. wrestlers made weight and received their draws on Sunday, and while the coaching staff has put a lot of time into training for the schedule and peaking for competition, the draws will put our wrestlers right into the line of fire.

Felix, wrestling at 55kg, draws the champion of the recent Golden Grand Prix and 2008 Olympic fifth-place finisher Namig Sevdimov of Azerbaijan. We might remember Sevdimov as the tough wrestler who tested our Olympic Champion Henry Cejudo in the Olympic semifinals.

While the first round match could be Felix’s toughest, the bottom half of the draw is favorable for a few reasons. If Felix upends Sevdimov, the road isn’t as bumpy until the semifinals. However, Felix, the 35-year-old first-time World Teamer will be tested right away.

With over 24 hours passing since Felix’s weigh-in, we look for him to be hydrated and ready to go.

Paulson, like Felix, also has an Olympic fifth-placer first. Leonid Spiridonov of Kazakhstan stands in Paulson’s way. In the last two Olympic Games, Spiridonov has placed fourth and fifth. The Ukrainian, Andriy Stadnik, is one who the coaching staff looks at as the real threat. Paulson, or as USA Wrestling’s Craig Sesker calls him -- TP1 -- needs to win some matches to get the chance at the wrestler many have dubbed as the favorite.

Varner’s draw is favorable in the first two rounds, with Takao Isokawa of Japan the first opponent for the defending NCAA Champion from Iowa State. U.S. wrestling fans might know Varner’s potential second-round opponent, former UTC heavyweight Israel Silva, who is representing Mexico. The bottom half of the bracket is pretty loaded, with Saeid Abrahimi of Iran looming along with Georgia’s George Gogshelidze and Russia’s Khadjimurad Gatsalov also in the mix. Both are former World Champions.

As things wound down on Sunday in Herning, Craig, Jason Townsend and I went to get dinner and found a small Italian restaurant called Napoli. Bob, Bill and Mike Zadick were also getting dinner, so we grabbed a table adjacent to them and enjoyed dinner.

Our good friends from Living The Dream and the respective team leaders for Men’s Freestyle and Greco walked in, only to be disappointed. The kitchen was already closed for the day, so Dave Barry, Mike Novogratz, Jim Ravannack, Rich Bender, Pete Isais and Paulie Kieblesz couldn’t get dinner, at least not at Napoli.

Let’s hope for our stewards of Living The Dream, this is the only disappointment we have in Herning.

We ended the night walking back to our digs at the Hotel Scandic with Zeke Jones and Brandon Slay, talking about how quiet and small Herning was. “This is like Lancaster, Pa.,” I joked to Zeke. He shook me off, and said, “Morgantown.”

Three more of our U.S. wrestlers weigh in on Monday prepping for Tuesday’s competition -- Shawn Bunch at 60kg, Jake Herbert at 84kg, and Tervel Dlagnev at 120kg.

Monday will be our first step in fulfilling the goals of the Living The Dream Fund for our American wrestlers.

Again, as a donor to the Living The Dream Fund and as an American wrestling fan, I'm thanking you for your continued support of this vital movement.

Jason Bryant
2007 W.I.N Magazine Wrestling Journalist of the Year
2007 AWN Bob Dellinger Wrestling Writer of the Year
2007 NWMA Wrestling Web Site of the Year

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Re: 2009 World Championship Daily Updates by Jason Bryant
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The wrestling program is a joke and our performances are an even bigger joke.  I am not going to contribute a single penny to any usa wrestling program.


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Re: 2009 World Championship Daily Updates by Jason Bryant
« Reply #4 on: September 22, 2009, 10:26:33 PM »
The U.S. contingent fell short in their goals on the first day of the 2009 World Championships in Herning, Denmark, but for the three first-time World Teamers, the experience can only help them in training and developing for the future.

Danny Felix, Trent Paulson and Jake Varner all failed to place after dropping matches early in the tournament and then their opponents lost later in the tournament, eliminating them from contention in the somewhat antiquated follow-the-leader bracketing.

While the U.S. wrestlers all said they’d have preferred a chance to wrestle back, the format isn’t problem, but they all said in interviews following their matches, that it was simply little adjustments that needed to be made.

Danny was the most emotional, tearing up at times, and it was tough to sit there and have to ask question after question to get a complete wrap up. I’ve learned in this sport, there are times you have to leave the athletes be, and times where you have to get them to talk. It’s a tough line to cross, between American wrestling fan and journalist.

For Danny, the 35-year-old former Arizona State All-American, he doesn’t know what the future will hold, but his long-time coach Joe Corso, believes Danny will be back, because he’s persistent.

Trent spent a lot of time with his twin brother Travis, and the pair were sitting together as the Kazakhstan wrestler who defeated Trent was knocked out of finalist contention.

Craig Sesker of USA Wrestling tracked Trent down for a post-match interview when he was in the stands with his family. Craig has covered Trent since he was in high school wrestling for Lewis Central High in Council Bluffs, Iowa, which is across the river from Omaha, where Craig worked at the World Herald.

Jake Varner, shadowed by Cael Sanderson, came running to the mat with just seconds to spare before his quarterfinal match with his Iranian opponent. Varner tried a footsweep late in the first, got off balance and gave up a late takedown.

Jake looks to have a promising career internationally ahead of him -- he was the only U.S. wrestler to win matches on Monday.

Living The Dream shirts were prevalent amongst the American wrestling fans here in Herning. It’s a good thing to see, parents, wrestlers and coaches not only supporting their kids, but supporting the goals we’re putting together with the Living The Dream Fund.

Again, while Living The Dream didn’t have its first payout on Monday, it’s only a matter of time before our wrestlers are rewarded by your gracious support of wrestling.

Jason Bryant
Living The Dream

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Re: 2009 World Championship Daily Updates by Jason Bryant
« Reply #5 on: September 22, 2009, 10:28:22 PM »
our own JB is currently in the process of uploading some interviews from worlds.  I'll post the link when I get it

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Re: 2009 World Championship Daily Updates by Jason Bryant
« Reply #6 on: September 22, 2009, 11:25:17 PM »
vids are up on themat


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Re: 2009 World Championship Daily Updates by Jason Bryant
« Reply #7 on: September 24, 2009, 09:11:23 PM »
After Tuesday’s landmark performance from Living The Dream Fund recipients Jake Herbert and Tervel Dlagnev, Wednesday’s action was nearly a repeat of the tournament’s first day.

Sadly, that means we were blanked from the medal count on Wednesday at the Messecenter Herning in Herning, Denmark at the 2009 World Championships. Dustin Schlatter, a senior for J Robinson’s Golden Gophers of Minnesota, was the last U.S. men’s freestyle wrestler to go, while 2008 World Champion Clarissa Chun and first-time World Teamer Jessica Medina took to the mats as well.

Dustin drew a India’s Ramesh Kumar in the opening round and looked to be in control early. Kumar, a very athletic and active wrestler, fell victim to a quick shot, allowing Dustin to win the first period in their match at 74kg. Kumar rallied to win the second period, then won the third to advance.

Dustin would now have to wait to see how Kumar would perform, with a former Olympic bronze medalist from Bulgaria looming. Fans from around the world, especially those of you who are our gracious sponsors for the Living The Dream Fund, now rooted for an Indian wrestler we’d never heard of prior to Wednesday afternoon (and morning for you all back home).

As luck, or in Kumar’s case, tenacity, would have it, he reeled off two wins in a row to reach the semifinals against a very tough wrestler from Azerbaijan. It’s a tough country to pronounce, and their 74kg entry had an even tougher one. We struggled with it, so I won’t bother you with trying to decipher it. Kumar was pinned in the semis, leaving Schlatter out of medal contention.

On the women’s side, Clarissa and Jessica were nursing injuries and fought through them with opening round wins. Clarissa, wrestling at 48kg, beat the lone entry from Singapore, while Jessica, wrestling at 51kg, beat a wrestler from Vietnam.

A brute of a 17-year-old North Korea in phenom Sim Hyang So shocked Clarissa with a three-period win. So won the third as she won the ball draw, gaining control of Clarissa’s leg through the leg clinch. So was beaten by the Russian, preventing Clarissa from having a chance to come back through the repechage.

Repechage, by the way, is apparently a French word meaning “doesn’t make any sense,” because like all of you, I’m still perplexed by the fact FILA uses such a follow-the-leader type of bracketing system. Wrestling back, while not ideal, would put the Americans at a bit of an advantage if they suffered a loss, because one of our biggest strengths is conditioning.

Jessica got the chance to wrestle back through the repechage after losing her second-round match to eventual World Champion Sofia Mattsson of Sweden. Jessica’s day would end in that first repechage bout, as she lost to China’s Di Hong, leaving the U.S. empty on the third day of competition and leaving all of you in the Living The Dream family without a recipient.

Having looked over the draws from Thursday’s competition, I’m confident you will be rewarding our athletes come the end of competition. Why? Tatiana Padilla, Deanna Rix and Elena Pirozhkov all getting pretty good draws. Tatiana’s draw has many of the more accomplished women’s wrestlers at 55kg in the bottom half of the bracket away from her. Deanna and Elena have good draws, but still, everyone has their work cut out for them.

Nothing is easy at the World Championships, but we should all breathe easier once we add to the number of Living The Dream award recipients.

Again, as a fellow donor to the fund, I’m happy to be involved with this project and all of us over here are appreciative of the effort you have provided in helping our Olympic and World hopefuls.

Do you know someone who is a wrestling fan and is not yet part of the Living The Dream Fund? What are you waiting for? Get them on board!

Be sure to follow all of the action on's World Championships Coverage section. We've got all the scores, news, notes and live updates throughout each day of the event.

From Herning, vi ses ("farewell" in Danish)

Jason Bryant

Tatiana Padilla (Colorado Springs, Colo./Sunkist Kids) received a favorable draw at 55kg for Thursday’s

Padilla will have a first-round bye and then will face the winner of the Lenka Martinakova-Gudrun Hoeie bout. Martinakova is from the Czech Republic and finished 9th in the European Championships, while Hoeie, from Norway,
was fifth at the recent Golden Grand Prix in Baku.  
 Padilla was the World bronze medalist last year in Tokyo as a 1

Deanna Rix (Colorado Springs, Colo./NYAC) placed fifth in the World Championships last year at 59kg and will face Bulgaria’s Taybe Yusein in her first match. Yusein is in her  first World Championships at the senior level as the 18-year-old was third in the Junior Worlds last year.

Elena Pirozhkova (Colorado Springs, Colo./Gator WC)
will also compete tomorrow. Pirozhkova won the 2008 University World Championships at 63kg.

Pirozhkova will face Turkey’s Aysel Can in a qualification round.
Can was 10th in the 2008 World Championships


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Re: 2009 World Championship Daily Updates by Jason Bryant
« Reply #8 on: September 26, 2009, 09:31:57 PM »
God bless Adeline Gray.

The 18-year-old recent high school graduate and resident athlete at the U.S. Olympic Training Center took it upon herself to try to avoid the U.S. from being shut out of the medals on Friday.

After her loss to the Nigerian in the bronze medal final at 67kg, she said she let the team down.

She did anything but. Most didn’t expect her to do as well as she did.

If anyone didn’t let the U.S. down, it was Adeline. The youngster rebounded from an 0-for-1 showing at the Junior Worlds to come within literally one inch of a bronze at the Senior Worlds. She nearly pinned the Nigerian in the first period, but let it slip away in the second and third periods.

From a Living The Dream standpoint, I would have loved to get an 18-year-old Olympic hopeful the medal bonus, since she would be young enough to work through an entire Olympic cycle at a young age, benefitting from our generosity.

Ali Bernard’s tough draw turned into a real tough day. She lost to three-time World Champion Stanka Zlateva of Bulgaria in the opening round, and sat in the back watching the screen as Zlateva fell in her semifinal.

Tears poured from her eyes as the Bulgarian coach admonished Zlateva loudly off to Ali’s left. So loud, it attracted attention from nearly everyone in the back of the warm-up area.

When Greco started, it was time for Spenser Mango to try to improve upon his finish at the Olympics, but Hamid Soryan Reihanpour of Iran was standing in the way.

The Iranian launched Spenser with a beautiful throw to end the second period and the match, but Spenser was pulled back into the repechage when the Iranian, the eventual champ, made the final.

Spenser won his first repechage and went right back to the mat just eight minutes after beating the Spaniard. He lost to the Turk and wound up finishing ninth.

It was another disappointing day for the U.S.

Hopefully, I’ll have some good news to report from the Living The Dream side of things when Chas Betts, Jeremiah Davis and R.C. Johnson take to the mat. Betts and Johnson are Minnesota natives, while Davis hails from California and is a member of the U.S. Army’s World Class Athlete Program.

Davis goes at 60kg, Betts at 84kg and Johnson at 96kg.

From Herning, vi ses ("farewell" in Danish)

Jason Bryant

2007 W.I.N Magazine Wrestling Journalist of the Year
2007 AWN Bob Dellinger Wrestling Writer of the Year
2007 NWMA Wrestling Web Site of the Year

Men’s Greco-Roman

55 kg/121 lbs.
Gold – Hamid Soryan (Iran)
Silver – Roman Amoyan (Armenia)
Bronze – Hakan Nyblom (Denmark)
Bronze – Rovshan Bayramov (Azerbaijan)
5th – Erhan Karakus (Turkey)
5th –Virgil Munteanu (Romania)
7th – Gyu-Jim Choi (Korea)
8th – Jani Haapamaki (Finland)
9th – Spenser Mango (USA)
10th – Vyugar Ragymov (Ukraine)

Gold – Soryan dec. Amoyan, 5-0, 1-0
Bronze – Nyblom dec. Karakus, 2-0, 0-1, 1-0
Bronze – Bayramov dec. Munteanu, 3-0, 1-0

Women’s freestyle

67 kg/147.5 lbs.
Gold – Martine Dugrenier (Canada)
Silver – Julia Bartnovskaia (Russia)
Bronze – Ifeoma Ihenacho (Nigeria)
Bronze – Nadrakh Odonchimeg (Mongolia)
5th – Adeline Gray (USA)
5th – Yoshiko Inoue (Japan)
7th – Kateryna Burmistrova (Ukraine)
8th – Zumrud Gurganhajiyeva (Azerbaijan)
9th – Maher Hasan Salem Doaa Ahmed (Egypt)
10th – Ji-Eun Kim (Korea)

Gold – Dugrenier pin Bartnovskaia, 1st period
Bronze – Ihenacho dec. Gray, 1-8, 2-2, 0-2
Bronze – Odonchimeg dec. Inoue, 3-1, 1-0

72 kg/158.5 lbs.
Gold – Xiaoqing Qin (China)
Silver – Ochirbat Burmaa (Mongolia)
Bronze – Maider Under (Spain)
Bronze – Stanka Zlateva (Bulgaria)
5th – Marina Gastl (Austria)
5th – Svitlana Sayenko (Ukraine)
7th – Dina Ivanova (Azerbaijan)
8th – Simge Yilmaz (Turkey)
9th – Anabel Laure Ali (Cameroon)
10th – Ohenawa Akuffo (Canada)

Gold – Qin dec. Burmaa, 1-0, 1-0
Bronze – Under dec. Gastl, 0-1, 1-0, 4-0
Bronze – Zlateva dec. Sayenko, 1-0, 1-0

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Re: 2009 World Championship Daily Updates by Jason Bryant
« Reply #9 on: September 27, 2009, 12:22:10 AM »
Who is up next in Greco?


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Re: 2009 World Championship Daily Updates by Jason Bryant
« Reply #10 on: September 27, 2009, 01:32:37 AM »
U.S. Greco wrestlers Lester, Sahin, Byers weigh-in, receive draws at 2009 World Championships
Jason Bryant USA Wrestling

 The last three wrestlers from the U.S. delegation weighed in and received their draws on Saturday for competition starting on Sunday at the Messecenter Herning at the 2009 World Championships in Herning, Denmark.

Harry Lester (Marquette, Mich./NYAC), a two-time Senior-level World medalist didn’t get any favors at 74kg. Lester will draw local favorite Mark Madsen of Denmark in the first round.

Madsen is a two-time World silver medalist and was third one other time. The match many had hoped to be the last of the tournament at 66kg, became the first.

Also down on the bottom half of the bracket is France’s Christophe Guenot, the Olympic bronze medalist, along with entries from Azerbaijan, which has had a very successful tournament in men’s and women’s freestyle, and the entry from Iran.

Representatives from the 2008 are not as prevalent, Georgia, China and Bulgaria all have different entries from their Olympic appearances.

Faruk Sahin (Colorado Springs, Colo./U.S. Army) also drew a tough opening round foe, in 2008 Olympic bronze medalist Mikhail Siamionov of Belarus. Sahin, a Turkish native representing the U.S. on his first World Team was third recently in the Pan American Championships and this year’s U.S. Nationals champion.

Names to keep an eye on in Sahin’s side of the draw are two of the European bronze medalists -- Sharur Vardanyan of Sweden and Manuchar Tskhadaia of Georgia -- along with the Hungarian Tamas Lorincz.

As Sahin and Lester got tough draws and even tougher sides of the bracket, U.S. heavyweight Dremiel Byers (Colorado Springs, Colo./U.S. Army) had a better line to a medal.

Byers at 120kg, is on the top half of the bracket, away from both the Cuban, Mijial Lopez, and the Russian, Aleksandr Anunchin. Byers is looking for his second World Championship. He was the 2002 World Champion.

Byers’ first round opponent is Poland’s Lukasz Banak, who finished third at the 2007 World Military Games.

On the top half of the bracket with Byers is Olympic bronze medalist Mindaugas Mizgaitis of Lithuania, and Sweden’s Jalmar Sjoberg, who was fifth in the 2008 Olympic Games. Hungary’s Mihaly Deak-Bardos was second in the World Championships in 1997 and has been on three Olympic teams. He could see Byers in the second round.


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Re: 2009 World Championship Daily Updates by Jason Bryant
« Reply #11 on: September 28, 2009, 11:44:37 PM »
As I sit back in the wee hours of the morning here in Denmark waiting for the shuttle to take me to Billund to fly home, Craig Sesker of USA Wrestling said something that made me chuckle.

“I’ve aged about 10 years this week,” he said.

While I’m not pulling too many gray hairs out of my head, seven straight days of grueling wrestling coverage, broadcasting, video editing and promotion of our World Team athletes does take a toll.

What does make me feel better, and should make us all feel better, is we all contributed to Dremiel Byers’ winnings after he finished second in the World Championships in Herning, Denmark.

Byers won his third world-level medal and fell short of the gold as a gargantuan Cuban, Mijain Lopez won his third World Championship to go with his 2008 Olympic Championship.

Byers ended a hard day for the U.S., as the team finished 15th in the standings and Harry Lester and Faruk Sahin had less than favorable calls go against them in their early round matches.

Lester wrestled local favorite Mark Madsen of Denmark. I could write for eternity on how  Lester got hosed in a match against the hometown favorite for the second time. It happened prior in 2007.

What did happen in the 2009 World Championships is three wrestlers -- Jake Herbert, Tervel Dlagnev and Dremiel Byers earned money to help them train for this Olympic cycle.

Thanks to all of our stewards and sponsors, you’ve made our wrestlers happy to compete, even though there is still a lot of work to be done so we’re giving out awards for 21 medals at the world championships.

Until next time, I’m leaving on a jet plane back to the U.S. at 3 a.m. I’ll already be in the air by the time you read this.

Thank you for all your support. While the results weren’t what you expected, they’re going to get right to work for next year, so you can have the type of payout our wrestlers deserve from this fund.
Great interview with Dremiel. ... ntID=21976

Mange Tak,
Jason Bryant

2007 W.I.N Magazine Wrestling Journalist of the Year
2007 AWN Bob Dellinger Wrestling Writer of the Year
2007 NWMA Wrestling Web Site of the Year
Special Thanks to Jim Brown, Cedar Rapids, IA for his help in marketing the Living the Dream Fund.  He has sent out his weekly blog regarding the Living the Dream Medal Fund.  
Friends of Wrestling,
The World Championships are over and the US teams are bringing home some metal. Jake Herbert won silver and Tervel Dlagnev bronze in freestyle and Dremiel Byers is the heavyweight silver medallist in Greco-Roman.
All will benefit from the Living the Dream Medal Fund. As of the latest list, 395 people have donated to the fund - with many of you regular blog readers among them. Let's blow way past 450 names today. If you haven't contributed yet, please go to ... gramId=501
and "join the club". It's a pretty exclusive group.
A special thanks to Jason Bryant for his dedicated effort and professionalism with the Daily Blog!

Thanks to All Who Have Contributed to the Medal Fund
Gary Abbott, CO
Carl Adams, MA
Raymond R. Adams & Family, NY
Stephen Aiello, VA
Jay Allen, AZ
Dr. Thomas Allen, OK
Ike Anderson, CO
John Andrew, WA
Joshua Andrew, WA
Scott Arnel, NY
Christopher Ayres, NJ
Charles Barbee, NY
Gene Baker, TN
Victor Balmeceda, FL
Ed & Kelly Banach, IA
Joseph & Roberta Baranik, NC
Robert Barson, FL
Brett Bartholomaus, MN
James Baudhuin, TX
Bruce Baumgartner, PA
Scott Beck, NY
David Bell, NJ
Rich Bender, CO
Chaz Bennett, CA
J.D. Bergman, OH
Michael Berkowitz, NY
Steven Beuning, MN
Al Bevilacqua, NY
Brandon & Erin Bevilacqua, NY
Chris Bevilacqua, NY
Kevin Bevilacqua, NY
Kyle Bevilacqua, NY
Michael Bevilacqua, PA
Xander & Isaac Bevilacqua, PA
Ava Bevilacqua, NY
Bella Bevilacqua, PA
Caleigh Bevilacqua, NY
Cara Bevilacqua, NY
Corey Bevilacqua, NY
Lucy Bevilacqua, NY
Tessa Bevilacqua, NY
Charles & Grace Biagini, NY
Tony Black, CO
Obe Blanc, OK
Timothy, Blaney, WI
Michael Blazek, LA
Jacob Bloom, WI
Michael Bloom, NY
Ron Boggs, MT
Sean Bormet, IL
Ethan Bosch, PA
John Bove, PA
John A. Bove, PA
Dominique Bradley, MO
Terry Brands, IA
Jim Brown, IA
Mike Brown, OK
Richard Brown, KY
Gary Brownell, PA
Eric & Nina Brugel, VA
Trisia Brunson, OR
Jason Bryant, MN
Brendan Buckley, NY
Shawn Bunch, OH
Darrion Caldwell, NJ
Peter & Barbara Candito, NY
Larry Cantor, NY
Peter P. Capone, NY
Matthew Carey, CA
Matthew Carotenuto, NY
Scott Casber, IA
Nicolae Catana, NY
Ken Chertow, PA
John Chidester, FL
Brian Church, OH
Ryan Churella, MI
Brian Cipollone, NJ
Marge Civil, CO
John Clark, NJ
Tyler Clark, WI
Steven & Diane Combs, IL
Neil Cook, NY
Spencer Cook, NY
Dwaine Cooper, CO
Kevin Courtney, CA
David Crisanti, NY
Bill Crum, NY
Jeffrey & Carolyn Cuilty, NY
Robert Cutsinger, MI
Gary Dahl, TX
Dustin Darrah, MO
Bradley Darrington, UT
Dr. James Davis, Jr., GA
Gary Day, WI
Dale Deaton, MD
Marsha Deaton, MD
Richard & Karen Defronzo, NY
Jose Delgado, TX
Alexander Denman, OH
Michael DeRoehn, WI
Ted DeRousse, CO
Bill DeSario, NY
Louis DeStefano, NY
Andrew DeWitt, NY
Tervel Dlagnev, IA
Igrena Dlagneva, TX
George Dlugolonski, NY
Tony Dmos, GA
Frederick & Michele Dombo, DC
Bobby Douglas, IA
Timothy Drehmer, OH
Jeffrey Durkin, OH
Kevin Durkin, NV
Joel Dudley, IA
Ed Duncan, NC
Neil Duncan, NY
Mike Duroe, IA
Ed Ellerman, NY
Barry Eisbruck, NY
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Steve & Mary Erber, NY
David Esposito, NJ
Jeffrey Evans, IA
Dick Farfaglia
Sawyer Farris, IA
Alan Feldman, NY
Cheri Felix, WV
Danny Felix, WV
Adam Fenn, IA
Bob Ferraro, PA
Martin Floreani, TX
Timothy & Tanya Flynn, PA
Grant Foster, IA
David A. Foxen, NY
Rick Francis, RI
Jeremy Frank, FL
Jared Frayer, IA
Cliff Fretwell, GA
Joel Friedman, NY
Carl Fronhofer, NJ
Andrew Fuhrman, MN
Joe Fusaro, NY
Dan Gable, IA
Nick Gallo, NY
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Jeret Garcia, WA
Karen Garetano, NY
LeRoy Gardner, RI
Stephen B. Garner, OR
Ken Genova, NY
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John & Suzanne Hamilton, NY
Matthew Hampton, IL
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Georgia & Kevin Hansen, CO
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Courtland Harrison, CO
James Harshaw, VA
Michael Haschak, WA
Bryce Hasseman, IA
Chris Haupert, IA
Drew Headlee, PA
Thomas & Suzanne Heniff
Kevin Hennessy, CA
Jake Herbert, IL
James & Carol Hersma, OK
Jason Hill, SD
Larry Holloway, GA
Werner Holzer, CA
Garrett House, TN
John Huckaby, PA
Mitch Hull, CO
Andy Hrovat, MI
Adam Hyland, NJ
John Illengwarth, NJ
Zachary J. Ison, OH
Pete Isais, CO
Joseph Jamison, PA
David Jedlicka, WA
Jane Johnson, IL
Lorraine Johnson, IL
Michael Johnson, Jr., IL
Mike Johnson, IL
Sonja Johnson, CO
Gregory Jones, WV
Zeke & Renee Jones, CO
Mike & Kathy Juby, KS
Rick Kacher, MI
Clinton Karlsen, WA
Jim Keen, MI
Adam Keiswetter, CO
James Kelly, MD
Irene Kieblisz, NY
Paul Kieblisz, NY
Brandon Kinney, NJ
Ken Klein, NY
Kyle Klingman, IA
Scott Kluever, WI
Edwin Knarr, MI
Leo Kocher, IN
Paul Konechne, KS
Kenneth Kraft, IL
Scott Kransky, Jr., CA
Julia LaBua, IA
Charles Lambert, KY
Phil & Melody Lanzatella, NY
Aleah LaFrancis, CA
Angelo LaRosa, WI
David Lattimer, CT
Mason Lenhard, CT
Andrew Leonard, NJ
John Leone, NY
Ken Lesser, NY
Lee & Doris Levitt, NY
Sejiro Littleton, NC
Rico Lomastro Jr., RI
Clarence Long, VA
Duane Lough, IN
Jason Loukides, NC
Ira Lubert, PA
Corey Luce, NY
Danny Lutz, GA
Stuart Mahler, FL
Richard Warnke & Kathleen Maino, FL
John Mark, NJ
Jim Marsden
Alfred Martino, NJ
David Mathews, GA
Collin Maxim, CO
Todd McBroom, IA
Robert McCloskey, MO
Kerry McCoy, MD
John McDonald, DE
Thomas McGarvie, WI
Cole Mears
Robert Meehan, NY
Max Meltzer, NJ
Mark & Eiko Miller, NY
James Miller, IA
William Miller, NY
Clint Milliron, ID
Ron & Jan Mirikitani, MO
James V. Moffatt, NJ
Steve Mocco, IA
Chris Moen, CO
Kenny Monday, TX
JT Moore, NJ
Duane Morgan, CA
Alan Morris, CA
Roger Morse, MI
Brandon Mortati, NY
Roger Moss, CT
Brady Moyer, CA
Arno Neimand, CO
Christopher Nettleton, TN
Anibal Nieves, MA
Larry Nugent, CO
Bob O’Connor, NY
Richard O’Malley, NY
Shane Ortlepp, MN
James Orourke, MA
Chris Owens, ID
Jeanie Paddock, NY
Rick Panettieri, NY
Danny Pantaleo, VA
Jeffrey Pape, IL
Patrick Paul, CA
Travis Paulson, NE
Trent Paulson, NE
Momir Petkovic, CO
Michael Pickford, MO
Jamie Piggott, IA
Patrick Pitsch, AZ
Robert & Kathleen Plaia, NY
Joseph Pollard, NJ
Frank Popolizio, NY
Patrick Popolizio, NY
Hank Porcher, FL
Joshua Porter, GA
Mary Beth Powers, CO
Ron Powers, WA
Stephen Pred, NY
Peter Princi, VA
Tracy Pyles, VA
Anthony Quinones, AZ
Jim Ravannack, LA
Ed Rawlins, VA
John Reenan, TX
Mark Reiland, IA
Mark Richman, MN
Brady Riley, PA
Ray Ringstmeyer, SD
Jay Roberts, IA
Karen Robinson, CO
Richard Rockwell, OR
Nestor Rodriguez, NC
Wesley Roper, MO
Kenneth Rosenberg, NY
Richard Rosener, NY
Tony Rotundo, CA
Joseph Russell, MN
Dan Sabin, ND
Andrew & Alyssa Scheffer, NJ
Coady Schiltz, WI
Robert Schoenberg, NY
Lee Schneiderman, MD
Kyle Schnell, ID
Amy Schwake, IA
Coleman Scott, OK
Mark Scott, CO
Frank Seminara, NJ
Andrew Seras, CT
Craig Sesker, CO
Joe & Barbara Sessa, NY
Joey Sessa, NY
Andrew & Alyssa Scheffer, NJ
Dustin Schlatter, OH
James Schmitz, WI
Don Schuler
Shawn Sheldon, FL
Thomas Shifflet, NY
Tyler Shilson, MN
Chad Shilson, MN
Emily Shilson, MN
Travis Shives, CO
Aviram Shmuely, NY
LW Short, TX
Steve Silver, TX
Nick Simmons, OR
Brandon Slay, CO
John Smith, OK
Rene Soto, FL
Matthew Spano, NY
Shane Sparks, WI
David Spatcher, WI
Lee Spiegel, NY
Michael Spilotros, CT
Jack Stanbro, NY
Sonja Stanbro, NY
Kurt Stein, PA
Matthew Stetter, PA
Sandy Stevens, IL
Jason Street, MT
Steven & Jacqueline Strumwasser, NY
Robert Swing, NY
Brian Tabbert, IA
Haley Thompson, CO
Noel Thompson, NY
Ron Tirpak, PA
Nicholas Titus, OH
Justin Tritz, WI
Monte Trusty, CO
Joseph Uccellini, NY
Paul Vaith, MN
Jake Varner, CA
Michael Voiland, CT
Brian Waddell, OR
Andrew Walock, MN
Brian Ward, NY
Yero Washington, NJ
Jeffrey Waters, NJ
Adam Weber, IA
John Welch, NJ
Dan Wetzel, NY
Ryan & Nora Wheeler, VA
Jack & Kevin Wheeler, VA
Kate Wheeler, VA
Charles White, CO
Rob Whittles, MD
Robbert Wijtman, CA
Meredith Wilson, CO
Robert Wilson, IN
Chad Wiltsey, IA
Michael Wolfer, PA
Billy Wood, ID
Justin Woolard, VA
William F. Young, NY
Bill Zadick, CO
Mike Zadick, IA
Stanley Zeamer, PA
Gantry Zettler, IL
Vince Zuaro, NY
Cliff Keen Athletic, MI
Long Beach USAW Club, NY
M.E. Wrestling Club, NY
Pheffer Law Corporation, CA
Titan Wrestling Club
The Map Slap, NY
USAW Freestyle National Team
WIN Magazine, IA

Total Contributors: 395

Richard Tavoso
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Re: 2009 World Championship Daily Updates by Jason Bryant
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Men’s freestyle champions
55 kg/121 lbs.– Kyong-Il Yang (North Korea)
60 kg/132 lbs.– Besik Kudukhov (Russia)
66 kg/145.5 lbs.– Mehdi Taghavi (Iran)
74 kg/163 lbs. – Denis Tsargush (Russia)
84 kg/185 lbs. – Zaurbek Sokhiev (Uzbekistan)
96 kg/211.5 lbs. – Khadjimurad Gatsalov (Russia)
120 kg/264.5 lbs. – Bilyal Makhov (Russia)

Women’s freestyle champions
48 kg/105.5 lbs. – Mariya Stadnyk (Azerbaijan)
51 kg/112.25 lbs. – Sofia Mattsson (Sweden)
55 kg/121 lbs. – Saori Yoshida (Japan)
59 kg/130 lbs. – Yulia Ratkevich (Azerbaijan)
63 kg/138.75 lbs. – Mio Nishimaki (Japan)
67 kg/147.5 lbs. – Martine Dugrenier (Canada)
72 kg/158.5 lbs. – Xiaoqing Qin (China)

Greco-Roman champions
55 kg/121 lbs. – Hamid Soryan (Iran)
60 kg/132 lbs.- Islam-Beka Albiev (Russia)
66 kg/145.5 lbs. - Farid Mansurov (Azerbaijan)
74 kg/163 lbs. - Selcuk Cebi (Turkey)
84 kg/145.5 lbs. - Nazmi Avluca (Turkey)
96 kg/211.5 lbs. - Balázs Kiss (Hungary)
120 kg/264.5 lbs. - Mijain Lopez (Cuba)

1 TURKEY, 44
2 IRAN, 39
4 RUSSIA, 31
5 CUBA, 26
8 SWEDEN, 17
11 ARMENIA, 15
12 BELARUS, 14
13 GERMANY, 13
14 FRANCE, 12
15 USA , 11

Men’s Freestyle Final Team Standings
1 RUSSIA, 63
3 IRAN, 40
4 TURKEY, 27
7  USA 19
9 INDIA, 14
9 JAPAN, 14

Women’s Freestyle Final Team standings
2 JAPAN, 37
2 CANADA, 37
5 RUSSIA, 27
6 USA , 24
10 CHINA, 16
11 POLAND, 15

 Good News  
We may have raised enough to provide the entire financial awards for our 3 medal winners.
We will be continuing the Medal Fund until the Olympics in 2012...
Our Goal is 2000 Contributors by 2012.
We will know shortly whether Chicago will host the 2016 Olympics.

The good news is that President Obama will be going with his wife and the 2016 Chicago Olympic Committee to Copenhagen, Denmark
 The host city will be announced on Oct. 2nd
Rio De Janiero, Moscow,
Madrid, Berlin & Chicago
 will become the host of the 2016 Olympic Games


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Re: 2009 World Championship Daily Updates by Jason Bryant
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Living the Dream
Medal Fund
       Dremiel Byers    
        Silver Medalist

        Jake Herbert
        Silver Medalist
        Tervel Dlagnev    
        Bronze Medalist

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Re: 2009 World Championship Daily Updates by Jason Bryant
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What a dismal performance, usa wrestling needs to take a long look at what isn't working.