Author Topic: #12 Simley vs #1 AV off?  (Read 771 times)

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#12 Simley vs #1 AV off?
« on: February 10, 2010, 07:11:13 PM »
sounds like the dual is being cancelled due to potential exposure to mat virus (herpes).

too bad. was looking forward to it. first Wadsworth/SPG, now this.
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Re: #12 Simley vs #1 AV off?
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2010, 02:38:13 AM »
Simley's exposure forces cancellation with Apple Valley
By Tim Leighton
Updated: 02/10/2010 11:42:16 PM CST

Exposure to skin herpes on Simley's wrestling team less than a week ago has prompted the Spartans to cancel their much-anticipated showdown with top-ranked Apple Valley on Friday night.

Simley was exposed to the virus on Feb. 6 during the Classic Suburban Conference meet.

"Simley does not have a confirmed case of skin herpes,'' said Will Short, Simley's activities director and co-wrestling head coach. "We were just exposed to it. It is highly unlikely that we will have a confirmed case.''

The incubation period for Herpes Gladiatorum, a virus spread by skin-to-skin contact, is eight days. Simley's exposure to it could have put Apple Valley at risk. Simley didn't practice on Monday and has not had any meets this week.

The cancellation of the state's most anticipated match of the season was precautionary and not mandated by the Minnesota State High School League, Short said.

Apple Valley is ranked No. 1 in the country along with Graham High School of St. Paris, Ohio. Simley is No. 12 nationally. Apple Valley defeated Simley 32-20 last month at the Clash national duals in Rochester. The teams will not meet in the state tournament because Apple Valley is in Class AAA and Simley is in Class AA.

Three years ago, the MSHSL shut down wrestling for eight days after a case of skin herpes was spread during the Clash tournament.

Dr. B.J. Anderson, the MSHSL's expert on the virus, said there is no outbreak at this time, and shutting the sport down again was unnecessary and not an option.
"There are some issues and there are some teams that are battling it,'' Anderson said. "The MSHSL continues to be proactive and we are in the process of re-educating people, reminding them that we went through this three years ago.''

Anderson praised Simley for being proactive. The Spartans made the decision in consultation with the MSHSL, as well as Apple Valley activities director Pete Buesgens and wrestling coach Jim Jackson.

"I am so appreciative of Will and the Simley wrestling program for being proactive with this,'' Buesgens said. "It is great they took the steps to do this. Imagine the worst-case scenario. It could have been a huge black eye for wrestling. The chances are remote, but they are still there.''

Buesgens broke the news to the Apple Valley wrestling team late Wednesday afternoon.

"They were really bummed out,'' he said. "We don't draw well for wrestling, and these guys were really excited about this big match. Friends, teachers and community people were going to come and they were excited about it. We don't get that kind of chance very often. They understand, though. Their ultimate goal is to win a state title.''

Anderson said he is frustrated with the medical community, not with wrestling programs, which he said are doing a good job of monitoring and educating student-athletes on the virus.

"The coaches are really doing a nice job, but some in the medical community are not,'' Anderson said. "Our (MSHSL) guidelines are pretty simple. If they see some signs, you pull the kid for a short period of time. Physicians aren't taking the time to learn it and see why these recommendations are in place.''