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Title: Weigh-in error - how to proceed?
Post by: cwilson on January 04, 2015, 12:42:09 PM
Had a nightmare at our tournament this weekend.

Tournament was suppose to be +2 and +3

Officials got wind of an extra pound that did not exist.  Weigh-in for Friday was mistakenly conducted as a +3.  It was caught before wresting began, but wrestlers that missed weight with +2 were allowed to wrestle instead of pulling them from the tournament, so the weigh-in was officially a +3.

Tournament decides to communicate with the field that Satruday will be plus 3 after officials told kids it would be plus 4 at weigh in.  No additonal pound for the next day, but it was as communicated to coaches.

Despite best efforts to communicate, a few kids missed weight as they failed to get the correction.

The rule book says teams have to get 48 hours notice to grant an addtional pound.  Kids got that additonal pound due to an error.   It also says that you get an additional pound up to two for tournaments extending beyond one day.  So, due to the error on Friday, should the kids get plus 3 or plus 4 on Saturday.  I had a kid miss, and the losses he incurred due to the situation will affect his seeding for post season.

Does the 48 hour notice trump the additonal pound allowance, or do the kids get the additonal pound from the previous day, even if a mistake was made.  Don't know.  I was pushing for the ladder because it benefited my athlete, but what is the proper way to proceed.

My feeling is they should have pulled the kids that missed on Friday since they discovered the issue before wrestling began, then problem solved.  But since they allowed those kids to wrestle, they should have got plus 4 due to the error.  Can't find anything to really address this in the rulebook other than kids get an additional pound each day, and that teams need 48 hours to get the extra pounds.  IN this situation, the two rules kind of cancel each other out.
Title: Re: Weigh-in error - how to proceed?
Post by: matref0 on January 05, 2015, 09:01:20 AM
Are you counting the growth allowance as part of the +
Title: Re: Weigh-in error - how to proceed?
Post by: cwilson on January 06, 2015, 12:45:26 PM
Yes.  The mistake at weight in was they gave growth allowance plus one.  They gave the same on the next day