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Title: US nationals
Post by: mspart on May 05, 2022, 05:03:23 PM
I didn't even know US nationals was happening.   Now it is over.  With the new Final X format where a previous world medallist has the final in the WTTs, US nats just doesn't seem all that big a deal to me.   It used to be that the winner of US nationals got the bye in WTTs.   Now they don't even bother with US Nats.   It is a shame really.   Anyway, they were done last week. 


At Las Vegas, Nev. April 30, 2022

Men’s Freestyle Champions
57 - Matthew Ramos (Boilermaker RTC)
61 - Nico Megaludis (Pittsburgh WC / TMWC)
65 - Kendric Maple (Sunkist Kids WC)
70 - Alec Pantaleo (Cliff Keen WC / TMWC)
74 - Jason Nolf (Nittany Lion WC / TMWC)
79 - David Mcfadden (Pennsylvania RTC / TWMC)
86 - Mark Hall (Pennsylvania RTC / TWMC)
92 - Cameron Caffey (Michigan WC)
97 - Michael Macchiavello (Wolfpack WC / TMWC)
125 - Hayden Zillmer (Gopher WC - RTC)

Outstanding Wrestler- Kendric Maple of Sunkist Kids WC, 65 kg

57 KG
1st - Matthew Ramos (Boilermaker RTC) dec Anthony Molton (Buies Creek WC), 9-3
3rd - Jakob Camacho (Wolfpack WC / TMWC) dec Gregory Diakomihalis (Spartan Combat RTC / TMWC), 7-5
5th - Caleb Smith (Boone RTC) dec Aden Reeves (Viking WC (IA)), 9-7
7th - Gabriel Townsell (New York Athletic Club) tech Noah Cortez (Grays Harbor WC), 10-0 0:23

61 KG
1st - Nico Megaludis (Pittsburgh WC / TMWC) dec Joshua Rodriguez (Nittany Lion WC / TMWC), 3-1
3rd - Jesse Mendez (Region Wrestling Academy) inj Daniel Deshazer (Gopher WC - RTC)
5th - Tyler Graff (NJRTC / TMWC) no contest Seth Gross (Sunkist Kids WC)
7th - Josh Kramer (Sunkist Kids WC) dec Cullan Schriever (Hawkeye WC / TMWC), 9-5

65 KG
1st - Kendric Maple (Sunkist Kids WC) fall Matthew Kolodzik (New York Athletic Club), 6-0 0:54
3rd - Ian Parker (Iowa) dec Luke Pletcher (Pittsburgh WC / TMWC), 6-3
5th - Evan Henderson (Ohio RTC / TMWC) no contest Patricio Lugo (Hawkeye WC / TMWC)
7th - Dean Heil (Oklahoma RTC / TMWC) dec Cole Matthews (Pittsburgh WC), 5-1

70 KG
1st - Alec Pantaleo (Cliff Keen WC / TMWC) dec Jordan Oliver (Sunkist Kids WC), 3-2
3rd - Doug Zapf (Pennsylvania RTC) dec Michael Blockhus (Gopher WC - RTC), 4-1
5th - Sam Sasso (Ohio RTC / TMWC) no contest Tyler Berger (California RTC (CA RTC) / TMWC)
7th - Dayne Morton (Wolves WC) dec Harold 'Brock' Mauller (Sunkist Kids WC), 3-3

74 KG
1st - Jason Nolf (Nittany Lion WC / TMWC) tech Joshua Shields (Sunkist Kids WC), 11-0 4:47
3rd - Collin Purinton (Sunkist Kids WC) tech Peter Pappas (Unattached (George Mason)), 10-0 1:34
5th - Andrew Cerniglia (Pennsylvania) inj Thomas Gantt (Wolfpack WC / TMWC)
7th - Joshua Ogunsanya (New York City RTC) tech Evan Delong (Clarion RTC), 14-4 4:08

79 KG
1st - David Mcfadden (Pennsylvania RTC / TWMC) dec Vincenzo Joseph (California RTC (CA RTC) / TMWC), 8-6
3rd - Alex Dieringer (Cliff Keen WC / TMWC) fall Taylor Lujan (Panther WC RTC / TMWC), 4-0 1:37
5th - Chance Marsteller (Annapolis RTC / TMWC) dec Brayden Thompson (Illinois), 3-0
7th - Evan Wick (SoCal RTC / TMWC) no contest Isaiah Martinez (Beaver Dam Wrestling RTC / TMWC)

86 KG
1st - Mark Hall (Pennsylvania RTC / TWMC) tech. Marcus Coleman (Iowa), 10-0 4:19
3rd - Nick Reenan (Wolfpack WC / TMWC) tech Caden Steffen (Mustang WC), 10-0 2:13
5th - Owen Webster (Gopher WC - RTC) tech Caleb Hopkins (Buies Creek WC), 10-0 1:19
7th - Julien Broderson (Iowa) forfeit Timothy Young (Illinois), 0-0

92 KG
1st - Cameron Caffey (Michigan WC) dec Isaac Trumble (Wolfpack WC / TMWC), 11-7
3rd - Max Shaw (Tar Heel WC) dec Michael Battista (Cavalier WC), 5-4
5th - Christopher Smith (Southeast RTC, Inc / TMWC) dec Jacob Koser (Navy-Marine Corps Mat Club), 10-8
7th - Levi Hopkins (Buies Creek WC) tech Rodsean Graham (Illinois), 10-0 2:23

97 KG
1st - Michael Macchiavello (Wolfpack WC / TMWC) dec Josef Rau (Wildcat WC / TMWC), 6-1
3rd - Jonathan Aiello (Cavalier WC / TMWC) inj Timothy Dudley (Sunkist Kids WC)
5th - Samuel Mitchell (Bulls WC) dec Ethan Laird (Broncs WC), 9-4
7th - Duncan Lee (Iowa) forfeit Marco Retano (La Grande Mat Club), 0-0

125 KG
1st - Hayden Zillmer (Gopher WC - RTC) dec Dominique Bradley (Sunkist Kids WC), 2-2
3rd Ty Walz (Spartan Combat RTC / TMWC) dec Demertius Thomas (Pittsburgh WC), 5-0
5th Lucas Davison (Wildcat WC / TMWC) dec Christian Lance (Nebraska Wrestling Training Center), 10-2
7th - Jordan Wood (Lehigh Valley WC) dec Samuel Schuyler (New York), 8-1

Title: Re: US nationals
Post by: goStanford18 on May 06, 2022, 03:49:35 AM
Big upsets at 79kg. McFadden winning the whole thing was very surprising. He had quite the run through his side of the bracket.

I believe was down 6-0 to IMar then stuck him at the end of the first period. Then he took out Chance and Joseph.

On the otherside of the bracket, Joseph took out Dieringer. Think Dieringer had a comfortable lead then got thrown on his back with short time.
Title: Re: US nationals
Post by: mspart on May 06, 2022, 12:51:11 PM
Ringer did come back for 3rd.   But I don't recall any real pre event hoopla or anything.  Like I said, I didn't know about it until I saw that Ringer was upset on