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So what does everybody think of their teams so far? I figured we are a few weeks into the season so you can finally get a look at how your team stacks up so far

MVP--So far I'd have to go with Burroughs (165), not going out on a limb exactly but he's 9-0 with 4 pins and 3 Tech's.

Biggest Disappointment--Easily Anthony Biondo (197). Scored 13 points for me in the EM Open Week 1.  Hasn't scored a point for me since.

Dark Horse--Could be a few, but I'll go with Derek St. John (157).  He's already put up some big bonus point victories but hasn't seen much for quality competition yet.  I think he's gonna turn some heads before the year's over.

I started off a little slow with I think 43 points in Week 1-2, but seem to be picking up a little steam (fingers crossed).

What does everybody else think about their chances?

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