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Mixed Martial Arts / Gotta say it...
« on: June 27, 2010, 01:57:00 AM »
OVER-RATED!!! (now)
OVER-RATED!!! (thats what you get for fighting freak shows for the last couple years)
OVER-RATED!!! (Sher-dog just sh*t themselves... wow, criticize fedor and you get banned)

Mixed Martial Arts / UFC 113 PICK-EMs!
« on: May 04, 2010, 09:52:10 AM »
1 pt for choosing winner
1 pt for choosing type of Victory
1 pt for choosing round victory will occur (decision default to 25min or 15min)
In event of tie: tiebreaker will be determined 1st by time picked for fight to finish in the main event.
Example: if Main Event were Jackson vs Rashad, it would look like Rampage by TKO, Round 2 3:12 (3:12 being 3:12 into the second round)
2nd Tie Breaker will be KO of the night
3rd will be Submission of the night
4th by choosing the most # of correct rounds
Heaven forbid it go to a 5th, cause then lord knows Im just gonna go coin flip

Champ Lyoto Machida vs. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua (for light heavyweight title)

Paul Daley vs. Josh Koscheck
Alan Belcher vs. Patrick Cote
Jeremy Stephens vs. Sam Stout
Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson vs. Matt Mitrione

Tim Credeur vs. Tom Lawlor
Marcus Davis vs. Jonathan Goulet
Mike Guymon vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida
Joey Beltran vs. Chad Corvin
T.J. Grant vs. Johny Hendricks
Nick Catone vs. John Salter

Off-Topic / Poor Puppy
« on: December 08, 2009, 08:21:44 PM »
This morning I had my puppy neutered... and he has to wear the cone... and his pain med's wore out... He's been whinning for about an hour now, unmoving. I feel so bad for him! Hopefully in the morning he's feeling a bit better

Off-Topic / Do you have one?
« on: November 23, 2009, 10:08:42 AM »
This clearly echo's what most people think each time they see this #%)(@#&% commercial


Mixed Martial Arts / King Mo
« on: October 28, 2009, 12:19:24 AM »
Hopefully, soon TOM will be able to interview him! I have 1 degree of separation, and Viratas should be getting King Mo's contact information shortly.

Off-Topic / David Letterman Cries
« on: October 05, 2009, 07:33:21 AM »
After watching these people preform on his show

Mixed Martial Arts / Lesnars UFC Fights
« on: August 27, 2009, 02:16:49 AM »
A look back at the fights Brock has has in the UFC, and what type of offense worked against him, and what mistakes by his opponent were made afterwards

Brock vs Mir1: (coming shortly, gotta watch now just wanted to get this started)

Brock vs Heath Herring:
R1: Brocks first punch is stupidly FAST... If he could learn to jab more effectively, WOW. 2min in Herring hasnt really dont anything, but Brock isnt looking to put in hooks or attempt a Sub, just trying to control Heath.
R2: Not too much going on in the stand up, but while Brock's strikes are inhumanly fast, Herring doesnt seem to have much problem moving. I really really wish Brock would attempt submissions. SCARY. Imagine him with a Kimora? That shoulder is coming out of socket. Very dominate performance thus far, 1min left. Herring NEEDS to get some distance, he doesnt have the strength to move Brock around.
R3: Its pretty clear, you're going to need amazing takedown defense to defeat Brock, which I mean, Herring lost to Jake O'Brien. Brock with 3min left didnt attempt to posture up from a full mount, He should have. And when Herring does get it back standing, he lunges forward and gets taken down. He needs to create space, stay away, and use his movement to beat Brock. But, honestly, the Brock of UFC100 would have killed Herring soon after the first takedown. The improvement is absurd

Brock vs Randy (HWT Title): Deserved or not, Brock I feel was one of the top 5 HWTs at this time and HUGE PPV draw. AND HERE. WE. GO
R1: Randy and Brock genuinely respect each other, I'd like to see Brock go down to Extreme Couture for a month or so and train there. Randy is doing a great job keeping Brock against the cage despite the extreme size difference, as well as keeping the fight standing. One thing I noticed a lot this fight, Brock's hands hang low, and they tend to dip. Someone with good head-kicks could score big with those, like a 1-2 punch followed by a high kick to Brock's right side of the face. Brock looks to pass this time vs. his last fight, and looks a lot better on the ground. I love how Brock uses his strength to isolate an opponents arm and throw blows that arm would defend. AWESOME first round, and Randy has a great game plan. He's handling his own in the clinch, he's displaying good takedown defense, and He does have the movement to pick apart Brock in the pure stand up. Very quick on his feet, good head movement. If he dodges that first blow of Brock's, who hasnt learned to effective combinations in a real fight at this point, he has a great chance to counter. Im sure Brock has good combinations in camp, but hasnt seemed to throw them in a fight just yet. But that first blow HHHUUURRRTTTSSS when it connects
R2: I should watch this round again, but the first time Brock throws a 1-2 combo, thats when he catches Randy to knock him down to finish him. Up to this point, it was a very even round again with the stand up, it didnt go to the ground until then. Brock got comfortable, finally, throwing some blows and lands an ok combination to start the end. Randy just got caught by a good blow, but it really just seemed like a matter of time. After that elbow that he was hit by, it seemed to really slow Randy down

Brock vs Mir2 (Unified HWT Title Match):
R1: Pretty quickly, this fight goes into the half-guard of Mir after a few quick blows, with IMO Brock landing the hardest. God, those are the most powerful punches Ive seen with someone laying as low as Brock is. Mir is looking like he's making no real effort to make full guard, but I dont know if he could anyway. His hips are extremely tight to Mir's, I dont think Maia could get back to guard... Mir is really doing nothing this round until about 50 seconds left, trying to get to full guard. R1 ends with Brock having made by far the most damage.
R2: Mir comes out light on his feet, which works great initially for him. He lands some great blows, but decides to close the distance and try and clinch and knee. This does seem to rock Brock, who almost seems to panic with the rush of attack. BUT, Mir got way too close for someone of Brocks strength and wrestling ability. Mir should have stayed outside, and no let the fight get in close. Had Mir picked a much smarter route instead of rushing in close to attempt to finish, he potentially could have won. He had Brock panicked IMO, but instead of continuing to pick apart Brock who clearly wanted to stand that round, he reminded Brock that he's a powerful wrestler and gave him the W. Not litterally, but Mir was NOT smart in his flurry.

What its going to take to beat Brock:
Great Take-Down defense
Equal or as close as you can get in strength
Very solid chin
Average clinch ability/strike defense/striking offense
Quick head-movement
Above average high-kicks

I think its going to be someone with excellent high kicks and great takedown defense that is going to beat Brock. If Brock gets rocked, hes going to revert to his wrestling. If you rock Brock, you have to keep it standing and finish it there and keep it there. I do not see anyone finishing Brock on the ground ever again in his MMA career in the next 3-5years. I could be and probably am wrong, but its my opinion.

Fighters who have the tools to beat Brock in the UFC:
Carwin: Great chin, above average wrestler, and just as caveman strong. Lacking head-kicks, but with that kinda punch power, not really needed IMO.
Randy: He had the right game plan, but I think he blew his better chance to take out Brock
Mir: But has to dramatically improve his takedown defense or he's going to be beaten worse next time

Mixed Martial Arts / Brett Rogers
« on: August 26, 2009, 08:23:18 PM »
Is now going to be the #2HWT in the world, as he will reportedly be fighting Fedor

N28702130_30974526_9880_tiny by Zak Woods on Aug 26, 2009 4:33 PM EDT in News

Beau Dure, of USA Today, is reporting that Fedor Emelianenko will fight Brett Rogers in the fall.

Fedor (30-1) is widely considered to be the #1 MMA heavyweight fighter in the world. Fedor was suppose to fight Josh Barnett at Affliction: Trilogy in August but Barnett tested positive for steroids. In the aftermath Affliction folded and Fedor became a free agent. After brief negotiations with the UFC, which fell through due to an impasse on co-promotion with M-1-- Fedor signed with Strikeforce.

Brett "The Grim" Rogers (10-0) is currently Strikeforce's #1 heavyweight prospect. Rogers earned notoriety when he called out Kimbo Slice after Slice's disappointing showing on CBS in May of 2008. Rogers isn't hype though, as he boasts an undefeated record with only one of his fights going past round one. Recently Rogers knocked out former UFC heavyweight champion, Andrei Arlovski, in twenty-two seconds at Strikeforce: Lawler vs. Shields.

Off-Topic / Say Something Random about Yourself
« on: August 24, 2009, 07:22:53 AM »
Right now I have the kind of farts that would kill all the birds in our neighborhood if I were to open the door

Mixed Martial Arts / Machida's last 3 Fights
« on: August 21, 2009, 07:24:52 PM »
I was extremely bored last night, so I watched the last 3 fights of his vs Ortiz, Silva, and Rashad. Just a few notes from those fights on the offense those fighters mounted on Machida.

I think I'll do this for all current champs, look at their last 3 fights and what it'd take to possibly beat them. The current champs are the most 'un-beatable' champs in the UFC I can remember

Vs Ortiz:
R1: From the clinch, landed one good knee before Machida got out of the clinch.
R2: Half fake shot, quick jab to Machida's stomach. Shot in again, pulled guard and landed some rabit punches
R3: Clinch against the cage, landed some good knees and punches to the stomach area.

Ortiz, IMO won the clinch game when it was up against the cage. Because he was able hold Machida in a single place, he was able to use his strength and wrestling to land some solid blows to Machida. His movement was pretty good inside the cage, but the instant he started to move towards Machida's power side (Ortiz circling towards Machida's rear foot side) he was usually attacked and it was typically successful. Overall though, Ortiz's striking Defense was very good compared to more recent fights. Had he been able to get Machida up against the cage and more successful taking Machida down, He might have one a round or possibly two. HOWEVER: His inability to close the distance and clinch, and attack from that clinch are what ultimately doomed him. He stood too far away, got picked apart, frustrated, and ultimately lost.

Vs. Silva: Silva made mistakes everywhere; Stand in front of Machida, pay no heed to power side, etc. all bit him in the ass. The only time he was able to land blows was when they were against the cage. But, just before the KO, Machida created space from the cage, tripped Silva, and lands one of the best aimed punches Ive ever seen.

Vs Rashad:
R1: Machida employed more feints here than any other fight, and the instant Rashad quit respecting the feint, knockdown #1 happened in round 1. Rashad half-assed threw a punch when Machida was in range, and paid for it.
R2: Rashad starts 'pawing' with his fist more frequently this round, and seems to lull himself into a false sense of security thinking that's keeping Machida 'honest'. Then with a very traditional Shoto-kan move, Machida slaps down the lead 'paw', and lands the first straight left to Rashad's chin. When Rashad circles away from the power side, not much happens. But the second Rashad either stood still or circled the other way, he was attacked relentlessly

Based on these last 3 fights, this is what its going to take IMO to beat Machida
1: Above average strike defense
2: Good/Great clinch work
3: Constant movement/endless gas tank
4: Able to close the distance and clinch
5: Great-foot work to stay away from Machida's power

Fighters who could be successful right now (not necessarily win, however)
Ortiz (IF healthy, and IF his striking has improved)
GSP (but will never happen, GSP is too small)
Randy a few years ago (like, almost 40 Randy)

Up and coming fighters who could beat Machida in the future
Jon Jones

I'll edit as I think more about it, and hear your comments

Mixed Martial Arts / Re-Thinking P4P
« on: August 09, 2009, 02:26:44 AM »
So, after UFC 100 and UFC101, here we are...

1: Anderson Silva. He made a formerly borderline top 10 P4P fighter look like an noob, and it wasnt even close
2: GSP. If he were to finish top opponents like Silva does, he'd be #1 in my eyes
3: Machida. Not as powerful as AS, but striking it just as good, along w/ probably a better ground game IMO
4: Fedor. He drops from lack of competition. We know he'll probably be fighting brett rodgers next, who will suddenly jump to #2 HWT in the world, but I digress
5: Penn. Give the boy credit, Florian gave it his best but BJ at 155 is at his best
6: Mikey Brown. That was an awesome fight with Faber, and he won it once again
7: Rampage Jackson. I dont want him on here, frankly, after seeing Forrest pick him apart then Anderson murdering Forrest, but he's still one of the better fighters out there
8: Thiago Alves. Anyone else as champ for WW, he'd be #1 there for a while. However, GSP is just too good for him
9: Shinya Aoki. Magic submission pants make for magic submissions. I'd love to see him and Penn in a grappling match
10: Torres. He doesnt loose, most of the time

Mixed Martial Arts / "I got owned on the ground" Mir
« on: August 02, 2009, 07:47:01 PM »
Unconfirmed quote from Mir
"I think I should have respected the wrestling a little bit more. I really was under the impression that we would fight on our feet a little bit better. I thought he would avoid the ground with me and want to knock me out. The times we were on our feet, I was more successful, but the bad news was that we were only on our feet for about 15 seconds in the round and a half that we fought. I got pretty much owned on the ground. I need to work more wrestling, and I also need to put on a little bit more size. I think 245 was a good weight as far as maybe everybody else in the heavyweight division, but fighting Brock, there was too much of a size difference due to the fact that he had great technique also. It wasn't just because of his size that he was able to nullify my technique, but he used his size. He knew how to position his hips, and block my hips, and hold my arm. He did things that I didn't really expect because of his reach. I think I went in with too much of a gameplan, and I wanted it to go one way, and I tried to force it that way."

Mixed Martial Arts / Silva vs Forrest Griffin
« on: August 02, 2009, 06:06:12 AM »
Here we go people, what I honestly believe could be FOTY! Well, it could at least be my 3'rd favorite KO of the year (Machida/Evans #1, Hendo/Bisbing #2 by a hair). Because, that is exactly what Im expecting, but not from Silva! Here's the break-down as I see it

Striking Power: Clearly, this belong to Silva. A highlight real of KO's with every single striking weapon he has from GnP (Nate Marquardt), Elbows (that spinning back elbow, anyone?), Knees (Franklin), and Fist (Leben), he's the ultimate striking power Machine. I cant recall a single time that Forrest has just straight KO'ed someone like Silva can and does and will again.

Strength: In this matchup, Forrest will be the stronger individual. He apparently walks around at about 240lbs, and is one of the larger 205lbers in the world and in the UFC. Silva is strong, and should hold his own, but Forrest will be stronger. Could we see some clinch work and dirty boxing from Forrest, holding Silva against the cage? I think so

Speed: In this fight, I think the speed of the movements of the fighters will be similar, with Silva being the faster one but not so much so. I will call this even.

Stamina: I think Forrest will have only a very slight edge. Silva hasnt gone the distance with someone like Forrest recently, who we all know will never tank.

Striking: Advantage Silva. With his KO power and accuracy, I think Silva has the tools to have a significant advantage over Forrest if he strikes from the outside. If Forrest can get in close, I think the striking will be slightly more even.

Grappling: In this fight, Forrest. He's much larger than Hendo, who arguably won a round on Silva holding him down. I think Forrest will employ much of the same strategy, but similar to what Randy does with his dirty boxing and octagon control.

Submissions: Even. I dont think Forrest will submit Silva, and Silva wont submit Forrest with any traditional bjj submission. Any submission, IMO, will come from strikes.

Takedowns: Advantage Forrest. Going back to the dirty boxing/grappling theory, I think this is what Forrest is going to employ to try and beat Silva.

Chin: Edge Forrest. Only reason is, when was the last time Silva was cleanly hit? Meanwhile, Forrest has shown repeatedly that he can take punishment and stick and move throughout the entire fight.

Strike Defense. Someday when Forrest learns to block fewer punches with his face, he'll be even better. Until then, clear advantage to Silva. Again, the dude just never gets hit

Sumission D: The only time Ive ever seen Forrest tap was to strikes, and the last time anyone submitted Silva was a flying ankle lock or somethin. Neither one has the advantage here, but I think Forrest will be better defending from the bottom more so than Silva would.

Takedown D: Advantage this fight goes to Forrest. I think he will take Silva down, and GnP his way through this fight

Mental Prep/Game Planning: Edge Even. Both of these fighters are warriors, ready to fight and win no matter the cost. I discount the last two Silva fights, neither one of those fighters wanted any part of Silva. they were terrified to engage him and actually try and win. Forrest hasnt backed down from anyone, and has shown tremendous ability to fight back.

Prediction/Outcome. What I honestly truly believe is that we're going to see Forrest grind down Silva, and take him down for a 3rd rd Dec. I dont see this fight going either way. Silva is always dangerous on his feet, which is why I think Forrest is going to smoother him, take him down repeatedly, and GnP to a win. Forrest wont flop waiting for Silva to fall into his guard, he's going to come after Silva and tie him up. he's strong enough to take away the knees, and will negate the elbows and fist of Silva and make it a close in tight battle

Forrest via Decision, R3

Mixed Martial Arts / "We tried Everything to get Fedor"
« on: August 01, 2009, 01:05:43 AM »
Friday, July 31, 2009
by Joe Hall (

On the morning of negotiations with M-1 Global and Fedor Emelianenko, Dana White didn’t just wake with a good feeling. The UFC president says he knew he was going to sign the top-ranked heavyweight in the world.

“This is going to happen,” White said he told UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta. “It’s going to happen today. We’re going to make this thing happen.”

Days later, however, Emelianenko is back in Russia and still outside the UFC. White was adamant during a media conference call Friday that the fault belongs to M-1 Global.

“I was f---ing miserable, miserable … because we couldn’t make this deal,” White said. “I was so confident we were going to get this done because we were willing to do it. We were willing to make a deal at almost any cost.”

The “almost” involves co-promoting. White said he won’t do a deal that includes co-promotion, and M-1 Global President Vadim Finkelstein has said he won’t do one that excludes it.

“We built this business, this entire freaking industry,” White said. “How are they going to come in and help us co-promote? It’s basically them coming and saying, ‘We’ve got this guy and some people say he might be the best heavyweight in the world. So for that, we want half your business.’ Yeah, OK. That sh-t probably works in Russia. Not here.”

White added that the Fertittas’ gaming license would hinder co-promoting with M-1.

“People from other countries just don’t walk in and jump in business with the Fertitta brothers,” he said. “There has to be full background checks and all kinds of crazy sh-t. It doesn’t work that way. It’s impossible; it will never happen.”

Other than co-promotion, White said he had relented on previous sticking points such as allowing Emelianenko to compete in sambo tournaments. He characterized himself as “the nicest Dana ever” during negotiations and described his offer to Emelianenko as “amazing.” No figures were discussed, but White guaranteed the Russian would not be offered a better deal.

“He got offered a f---ing assload of money,” White said. “A ton of money, everything he wanted. He can go fight in sambo every f---ing Thursday night if he wants to. He can do everything he wanted to. We showed them nothing but respect.”

White sounded equal parts angry and exasperated Friday. He had said he didn’t want to discuss Emelianenko but then did numerous times over the hour-long call.

“It’s insanity to turn down a deal like this,” White said. “To turn down a deal like this, you don’t care about proving you’re the best in the world. You don’t want to fight the best in the world. You don’t care about money. How do you deal with something like that?”

Several times White reiterated that the door to a deal was still open, then he kind of closed it by saying he was over the deal and didn’t want to discuss Emelianenko anymore, then he opened it again by saying M-1 could call him right then and they could reach an agreement if they’d budge on co-promoting.

By the call’s end White was back to questioning Emelianenko’s status as the best in the world and wondering why the media cares so much about a heavyweight who will not challenge himself in the sport’s top promotion.

In that way, the UFC wagons have circled. Might as well. M-1’s are going round and round, too, and against everything Dana White was certain of when he woke one morning this week, Fedor Emelianenko is still not in the UFC.

Mixed Martial Arts / Favorite MMA gifs
« on: July 31, 2009, 03:44:00 PM »
Lets see them!!!

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