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College / Arkansas Little Rock has updated their team roster
« on: September 22, 2019, 02:51:20 PM »

For their first ever NCAA wrestling team - competing in the PAC 12 this season.

Looks like they need whoever put this roster together needs a tutorial on the weight classes in the N.C.A.A as I see the following weight classes here:

125 lbs
132 lbs ???
133 lbs
140 lbs ????
141 lbs
149 lbs
150 lbs????
155 lbs ????
157 lbs
160 lbs ????
165 lbs
170 lbs ????
174 lbs
184 lbs
197 lbs
254 lbs?????
285 lbs


Three members of ASU's team are listed on the roster without a weight and one wrestler (Aaron Valenzuela) is listed at 113 lbs.   Must be a new college weight class I guess.


College / Penn State's lineup for 2020?
« on: September 18, 2019, 11:11:18 AM »
With the news that former Kent State's wrestler Kyle Conel (finally) getting his 6th year of eligibility approved and him being on the Penn State roster for this season is the following what the Penn State lineup will be for the 2019-2020 season?  If so that's one dominant lineup IMO.  The rankings listed with each wrestler are from WrestleStat and they include three # 1 ranked wrestlers and two # 3 ranked wrestlers as well as one # 9 ranked and one # 10 ranked starter.  That's seven out of ten starters ranked (according to WrestleState) in the top 10 in their weight class.  YIKES!!!


125 lbs
# 24 Brody Teske – RS Freshman

133 lbs
# 9 Roman Bravo-Young – True Sophomore

141 lbs
# 3 Nick Lee – RS Junior

149 lbs
# 21 Jarod Verkleeren – RS Sophomore

157 lbs
# 10 Brady Berge – RS Sophomore

165 lbs
# 1 Vincenzo Joseph – RS Senior

174 lbs
# 1 Mark Hall – RS Senior

184 lbs
# 3 Shakur Rasheed – RS Senior

197 lbs
# 31 Kyle Conel – Graduate Student (6th year)

285 lbs
# 1 Anthony Cassar – Graduate Student (6th year) – 2019 N.C.A.A. Champion at 285 lbs

College / Four of the (now) six wrestling teams in the PAC 12
« on: September 12, 2019, 02:51:20 PM »
STILL have not released their schedules for the 2019-2020 wrestling season.  To date the only PAC 12 wrestling schools which have released their 2019-2020 wrestling schedules are Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and Cal State University at Bakersfield.   Bakersfield's first listed match is Friday Nov. 1, 2019 at Minnesota.   So with only 50 days remaining to that Nov. 1st date FOUR of the six schools STILL have not released their wrestling schedule.   Specifically Arizona State, Little Rock, Oregon State and Stanford.

College / Arizona State preview
« on: September 09, 2019, 10:41:12 AM »

According to this Arizona State wrestling team preview their lineup for the 2020 season will be the following:











I count SIX true freshmen listed in this preview lineup for Arizona State.


With only ONE guy at 133 lbs and 149 lbs and SIX at 141 lbs.  Also some of their incoming true freshmen are not listed on the recently updated team roster.  Such as Blake Fredrickson (125 lbs) and Jacob Peralta (133 lbs)


I noticed only two non-Seniors who are no longer on the updated Cal Poly wrestling team roster.  Namely Hunter Sparks (a True Freshman who was 5-7 at 133 lbs last season) and Willem DeBoer (a Redshirt Freshman who went 7-6 at 197 lbs and 3-7 at 184 lbs last season).   According to some Sparks has transferred to Clackamas Community College (Sparks is from Roseburg, Oregon).    No word on where Willem DeBoer has gone but he did start for Cal Poly last season (at 184 lbs) at the 2019 PAC 12 tournament.  He went 0-2 at the 2019 PAC 12 tournament and placed 5th (last).

Arizona State, Cal State Bakersfield, Oregon State and Arkansas Little Rock have not (yet) updated their wrestling team rosters.  In fact the Little Rock roster still lists only 4 wrestlers on their roster.


First thing I noticed on the newly updated roster is that Dalton Young, who has been projected to be the starter for Stanford this season at 133 lbs., is listed at 141 lbs.   And there are only two Stanford wrestlers listed at 133 lbs.  That being Anthony Le (True Junior) who has a career record at Stanford of 10-17 in the last two seasons and Luciano Arroyo (True Freshman)

According to this newly updated Stanford wrestling team roster the Stanford wrestling team for the 2020 season will be:

125 lbs
Gabriel Townsell - 4th year Senior - 19-12 last season at 125 lbs - Place 3rd at 2019 PAC 12 tournament - Three time NCAA qualifier
Logan Ashton - True Freshman - 2019 NHSCA Senior national champion - 2 time Georgia H.S. State champion and 4 time finalist
Jackson SiSario - True Freshman - 3 time Georgia H.S. State champion

133 lbs
Anthony Le - True Junior - 5-8 at 133 & 141 lbs last season
Luciano Arroyo - True Freshman - 4 time California H.S. State placer (7th, 3rd, 6th & 6th)

141 lbs
Real Woods - RS Freshman - 22-1 last season at 141 lbs.  Won the National Collegiate Open last March and the Princeton Open last November.  Runner-up at the Southern Scuffle last January
Brandon Kier - 4th year Senior - 4-6 last season at 141 lbs - 2019 PAC 12 runner-up at 141 lbs.
Jack Ramalia - RS Sophomore - 12-9 last season at 141 lbs
Dalton Young - RS Sophomore - 6-9 last season at 133 & 141 lbs
Steven Abbate - RS Sophomore - 3-4 last season at 141 & 149 lbs
Tony Williams - RS Freshman - 13-7 last season at 141 & 149 lbs
Fabian Santillian - True Freshman - 2 time Colorado H.S. State champion - 2017 Reno T.O.C. champion and two time Reno T.O.C. runner-up (2018 & 2019)

149 lbs
Require van der Merwe - RS Junior - 24-8 last season at 149 lbs - 2019 PAC 12 champion at 149 lbs - 2019 NCAA qualifier
Jake Barry - RS Junior - Did not compete last season due to injury
Jaden Abas - True Freshman - 2 time California State champion

157 lbs
Dominick Mandarino - True Junior - 21-9 last season at 157 & 165 lbs - Placed 3rd at 2019 Southern Scuffle at 157 lbs - 2018 Roadrunner Open champion at 157 lbs
Tyler Eischens - RS Freshman - 19-6 last season at 157 & 165 lbs - 2019 California Collegiate Open champion at 157 lbs - Placed 5th at the 2019 National Collegiate Open at 157 lbs last March
Gabe Dinette - RS Freshman - Did not compete last season - 3 time Colorado H.S. State champion
Ethan Woods - RS Sophomore - 3-4 last season at 157 lbs
Alex Escudero - RS Freshman - Did not compete last season
Dawson Sihavong - True Freshman - Three-time California state placer (6th - 2017; 4th - 2018; 3rd - 2019)

165 lbs
Shane Griffith - RS Freshman - 25-2 last season at 165 lbs - Placed 1st at 2018 Princeton Open and 1st at the 2018 Roadrunner Open and 1st at the 2019 National Collegiate Open at 165 lbs last March.  Placed 3rd at 2019 Southern Scuffle at 165 lbs
Jared Hill - RS Junior - 11-10 last season at 157 & 165 lbs - Placed 3rd at 2019 PAC 12 tournament at 165 lbs

174 lbs
Foster Karmon - RS Sophomore - 10-7 last season at 165 & 174 lbs

184 lbs
Judah Duhm - True Junior - 5-1 last season at  184 & 197 lbs - 2019 PAC 12 runner-up at 184 lbs (including an upset over the # 1 seed Dom Ducharme of CS Bakersfield)
Colbey Harlan - True Sophomore - 10-13 last season at 184 lbs
Nick Addison - True Freshman - Placed 3th at the New Jersey H.S. State tournament in 2018 & 2019

197 lbs
Nathan Traxler - RS Junior - 30-7 last season at 197 lbs - 2019 PAC 12 champion at 197 lbs - 2 time NCAA qualifier at 197 lbs

285 lbs
Haydn Maley - RS Sophomore - 23-12 last season at 285 lbs - 2019 PAC 12 runner-up at 285 lbs
David Showunmi - Graduate Student - 18-7 last season at 285 lbs
Trevor Rasmussen - Graduate Student - 8-6 last season at 285 lbs
Seamus O'Malley - True Freshman - Two-time Ohio D1 State Tournament champions (2018, 2019)

Is listed as the projected starter for Arizona State next season at 157 lbs.   I'm wondering if there is anything that supports that projection.   When was the last time that Anthony Valencia competed at 157 lbs???  Can he really cut the weight and compete next season at 157 lbs?   I was thinking he would be more likely to move UP to 174 lbs with his brother Zahid moving up to 184 lbs (or taking an Olympic RS).

I also thought that the starter for next season for ASU at 157 lbs would likely be between Josh Maruca and Jacori Teemer - whichever one of those two is not at 149 lbs next season.

Just guessing here at the likely lineup for the newest Division I wrestling program and latest addition to the PAC 12 Conference - based on what little information I've been able to find regarding who they have recruited or signed to date:

125 lbs – Paul Bianchi – RS JR – Transfer from North Dakota State – 2018 NCAA qualifier at 125 lbs.  He placed 7th at the 2018 Big 12 tournament.  He went 3-5 at 125 lbs last season at North Dakota State.  He went 24-15 in the 2017-2018 season at North Dakota State and was their starter at 125 lbs

133 lbs - Aidan Campbell – True FR – Maize, KA – 2019 Kansas H.S. State runner-up at 132 lbs.   As far as I can tell he's the only 133 lb'er on this team.  I could very well be wrong about that tho.

141 lbs - Trent Dooley – True FR – Allen, TX – 2 time Texas H.S. State champion – Reno T.O.C. Champion and also placed 4th at the Iron Man tournament.  Dooley is ranked # 11 in the nation by Intermat in their 138 lbs H.S. Rankings
141 lbs - Connor Ward – RS FR – Went 4-6 in 2018-2019 for Little Rock at 141 lbs

149 lbs - Joey Bianchi – True FR – Irondequoit, WI – 1 time Wisconsin State champion (2019) and 3 time Wisconsin State runner-up (2018, 2017 and 2016).   There are four or even five guys at this weight class for Little Rock and all of them are true freshmen.   But my GUESS is the starter will likely be Joey Bianchi.

157 lbs - Jose Champagne – RS JR – Griffith, IN. – Transfer from Minnesota – Went 13-3 at 157 lbs as a True Freshman for Minnesota in the 2016-2017 season.  He went 9-8 for Minnesota in his RS FR season of 2017-2018 and did not compete last season.  His overall record at Minnesota was 19-9 at 157 lbs – he went 3-2 at 165 lbs during the 2017 season.

165 lbs – Noah Aziere – JR – Transfer from Cloud County C.C. - Aziere placed 8th at the 2019 NJCAA National tournament at 165 lbs (All-American)

174 lbs - Cash Jones – RS FR – Bentonville, AR – 3 Time Arkansas State champion – 2018  Arkansas 6-A/7-A State champ at 170 lbs – 2017 Arkansas 6-A/7-A State champ (weight not given – but likely 152 lbs).  Jones signed with Campbell University in 2018 but I could find no results for him with Campbell.

184 lbs - Matthew Muller – True FR – Fayetteville, AR - 2019 Arkansas 6-A State champion at 182 lbs – 2018 Arkansas 6-A/7-A State champion at 182 lbs.   As far as I can tell he's the only one on the Little Rock team who could be their starter at 184 lbs - but some things I've found on him say he's projected to compete at 197 lbs

197 lbs – Dylan Johnson – JR – Transfer from Cowley County C.C.  Two time NJCAA National Tournament qualifier
197 lbs - Drake Barbee – True FR - Stillwell, OK - 2019 Oklahoma 3-A State champion at 195 lbs.  DNP at 2018 Oklahoma State tournament – Placed 2nd at 2017 OK. 4-A State tournament at 182 lbs
197 lbs - Steven Elwell – True FR – Knob Noster, MO. - 2019 Missouri Class 1 State champion at 195 lbs.  2018 Missouri Class 1 State champion at 182 lbs

285 lbs – Gunnar Cash – JR – Transfer from Iowa Central C.C. - Went 4-8 in two seasons at Iowa Central at 285 lbs
285 lbs - Seth Seago – True FR – Claremore, OK – 2019 & 2018 Oklahoma 5-A State runner-up at 220 lbs

According to this Oregon State press release

Bob Coleman, who surprisingly won the PAC 12 last season at 184 lbs and advanced to the NCAA tournament for the first time in his wrestling career, has graduated from Oregon State and he plans to return to his family's farm in the Hermiston, Oregon, area - even tho he has another year of NCAA eligibility remaining.

That news would seem to me to make incoming J.C. transfer Nicholas Maximov (from Clackamas C.C.) the likely starter for Oregon State next season at 184 lbs.

College / Speaking of what happened to?
« on: June 18, 2019, 10:47:32 AM »
Like Gavin Teasdale I'm also curious to know what happened with Kyle Conel of Kent State.   Did he ever get his medical redshirt from the NCAA for another year of eligibility?   And if so why haven't we seen anything about him transferring?  I would have to believe that IF he had been given his Medical RS that there would have been some word about that by now.

I was reviewing the 2018 Penn State recruiting class which - at that time - included commits from Gavin Teasdale (125 lbs) and Travis Wittlake (174-184).   At that time that Teasdale committed to Penn State (in March of 2017) Penn State had commitments from the # 2 ranked recruit (Teasdale) in the country as well as the # 3 ranked recruit (Wittlake) and the # 4 ranked recruit (Roman Bravo-Young).    Teasdale and RBY both signed with Penn State and Wittlake de-committed from Penn State and signed with Oklahoma State instead (where he went 16-2 last season at 174 lbs.

And Teasdale announced he was leaving the Penn State wrestling program last November or December I think - when he announced he would be transferring from Penn State.  But I have yet to see anything about WHERE he transferred to at this point.   One would think that if he did - in fact - transfer elsewhere that there would have been word about that by now.

According to an article I read from last March (I think?) there are five members of the Penn State wrestling team who are eligible to take an Olympic redshirt for the 2019-2020 NCAA wrestling season.  Question is which of they five - if any - will do just that?

The five who were identified as being eligible to use an Olympic redshirt for 2019-2020 are

     Mason Manville - 2017 Greco-Roman World Team Member

    Jarod Verkleeren - 2015 Cadet World Champion

    Mark Hall - 2016 and 2017 Junior World Champion

    Aaron Brooks - 2017 Cadet World Champion and 2018 Junior World Silver Medalist

    Brady Berge - 2018 Junior World Bronze Medalist

College / Stanford wrestlers doing very well these days
« on: June 11, 2019, 11:21:15 AM »
Stanford's Freshmen Shane Griffith and Real Woods, who will both be RS Freshmen next season for Stanford, helped lead the United States to a first-place finish at the Junior Pan American Freestyle Championships last Friday in Guatemala City.

Griffith teched his way to a gold medal finish at 79kg. He had identical 10-0 Tech Fall wins over Peru's Brisd Jahz Rojas in the quarterfinals and Mexico's Miguel Reynoso in the semifinals. In the finals, Griffith won by Tech Fall again with a 12-1 win over Canada's Carson Lee.

Woods placed 2nd at 65kg for the United States with a 4-1 record. He started the tournament with a 12-2 Tech Fall over Mexico's Francisco Torres. In the quarterfinals, he won by Tech Fall again (10-0) over Canada's Jacob Alexander. Woods then won by Tech Fall again in the semifinals, 12-1, over Ecuador's Oscar Calvopina. In the finals, he lost 6-4 to Cuba's Cristian Solenzal Lopez,


The weekend before last Stanford's Gabriel Townsell, who will be a Senior next season at Stanford, in the best-of-three finals series at the U23 Nationals, after losing the first of the three matches won back-to-back Tech Fall victories over Danny Vega to capture the 57kg Freestyle title.   Vega wrestles for South Dakota State.

Also Stanford's Haydn Maley placed 2nd at the U23Nationals at 130 kgs in the Greco-Roman tournament.  And Stanford's Tyler Eischens placed 4th at 72 kgs (Greco-Roman).


Last month at the World Team Trials in Raleigh, North Carolina, Stanford's Shane Griffith, the # 2 Seed at 74 kgs, won by Tech Fall over Aaron Bancroft (Backyard Wrestling Club) in the quarterfinals.  He won again by Tech Fall in the Semi-finals over Phillip Conigliaro (a Harvard commit) in 5:17.  In the finals Griffith defeated the # 1 Seed, Danny Braunagel in 4:16.

Then in the Best of Three matches Griffith lost 6-3 and 6-4 to the U.S. Open champion David Carr (Iowa State).

Stanford's Haydn Maley placed 4th in the Greco-Roman tournament at 130 kg (he was the # 4 Seed).

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