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College / Paging n9531 and RYou
« on: March 08, 2017, 05:42:21 PM »
I have sig bets with RYou and n9531l, for one month each, on the number of matches Kyle Snyder wrestles for Ohio State in 2016-17.

20 total bouts is the flex point, forfeits where he takes the win count, but not tournament byes.  If he doesn't wrestle at the NCAA championships, but goes to the World Cup instead, I win.

If Snyder wrestles 21 or more matches, they win.

20 is a push.

Less than 20, I win.

Y'all better root for Kyle Snyder to go down in round one and wrestle all the way back.

International / Taymazov and Kudukhov Stripped of Olympic Medals
« on: August 29, 2016, 11:37:39 AM »

More names coming...

International / The end of Geduev/Yazdani
« on: August 19, 2016, 06:29:20 PM »
I've been trying to figure out exactly what happened and this is as near as I can tell after the final sequence started with Geduev up 6-4:

- Yazdani shoots in and gets a leg, but is largely blocked off.  Almost immediately the Russians throw a challenge.  The announcer (who has proven clueless many times) says the Russians thought Geduev got an exposure, but I didn't see anything close.  Speculation elsewhere is they were trying to get a stoppage to keep the Iranian from scoring two.

- The official allows action to continue, regardless of the challenge and, with less than 10 seconds left, the Iranian gets a takedown to take the lead, 6-6 on criteria.  This call was highly suspect, I didn't think it was a takedown, and I assumed the Russians, who still had the challenge block on the mat would challenge it. 

- When the action stopped, with 3 seconds remaining, according to TR Foley on twitter, the Russians CHOSE NOT TO CHALLENGE BECAUSE THEY MISREAD THE SCOREBOARD!

- Action started again, and the match ended. 

- Now the Russian coach is on the mat demanding to challenge the takedown, apparently just now aware that his man was losing!

- Russia is not allowed to challenge because they missed their chance, coach eventually gets a red card for failing to leave the mat and Iran wins the gold!

INSANE!  How many times are we going to see coaches fail to keep track of what is going on/who is winning while their man is wrestling?  Possibly cost Geduev the gold medal!

Mixed Martial Arts / Conor McGregor AND Nate Diaz?
« on: April 19, 2016, 05:43:14 PM »
Both tweeting that they are retiring?  Could there be more to follow?

College / Van Who?!
« on: February 22, 2016, 07:10:58 PM »
Justin Van Hoose, a senior who was 0-0 on the year and just 17-30 for his career, stepped into the line-up for Virginia Friday night against Pitt and promptly upset 10th ranked Mike Racciato 11-4!  This was no fluke either (the match is on espn3 if you care to see for yourself) as Van Hoose took Racciato down twice in the first period before rolling him over for backs.  He was even in on a shot, trying to score the major, when the match ended.  I don't know who could have seen that coming!

College / Oklahoma State vs. Cornell
« on: February 07, 2016, 12:48:16 PM »
Live on ESPN3 right now!

College / Oklahoma State vs. Missouri
« on: January 23, 2016, 08:00:31 PM »
I meant to write something up sooner, but today was a busy day.  As you may know, Missouri had won 37 in a row since their last trip to Stillwater 2 years ago ended in a loss.  The match started at 125.

125 - Klimara over McGhee 2-1 TB1 (3-0, OSU)
This match looks boring on paper and it largely was.  However, I think Klimara wrestled smart and executed a good game plan in never giving McGhee an opening on the counter attack.  It was obvious that Klimara was better on the mat and that ultimately proved to be the difference.  McGhee had a couple of decent attacks, but neither wrestler came overly close to a takedown.

133 - GWH over Synon 5-2 (6-0, OSU)
Synon got to his double underhooks early and got a takedown.  At that point things looked bleak for GWH, but he did a great job of chain wrestling and, though Synon managed to keep him down for quite a while (over 1:00 as I recall), when he did earn an escape Synon seemed to be losing steam.  The escape in the 2nd for GWH was far easier and he eventually got a takedown and ended the period on top.  At that point, the upset seemed likely.  Synon didn't look to have much left and he got ridden out in the 3rd.  Big win for GWH and really put the dual in the Cowboy's hands.

141 - Heil over Manley 3-1 (9-0, OSU)
Manley really doesn't do much, but he keeps good, low position and is tough to score on.  You can sometimes pick off better wrestlers when you do that.  Dean Heil is a better wrestler, but there was no picking him off Friday night.  Heil continues to be so solid in all 3 phases that he will be tough for anyone to beat.  He can win matches on his feet or on the mat.  He rode out the 2nd period, then got a reversal and was riding tough in the 3rd.  He earned the ire of John Smith, however, when he let Manley go late and then ran away for 15-20 seconds.  I couldn't make out the whole quote, but Coach Smith clearly said something to the extent of, "You're #1 in the nation!" and proceeded to chew on Heil as he left the mat.  Tough when you just beat another top 5 guy, but there is always something to be learned and this was one of those teachable moments.  Finish the match and dominate!

149 - Mayes over Collica 5-2 (9-3, OSU)
Solid win for Mayes.  I thought we might be seeing the Cowboys momentum continue when the 1st period ended 0-0 and Collica was the closest to scoring when he briefly caught an ankle and had Mayes falling backwards.  Mayes was too much, though.  He is so solid, so explosive that it is a tall order for anyone to shut him down for a full match.  He got another good win and looks to be a real contender here.

157 - Smith over Barnes 10-4 (12-3, OSU)
The first home dual for Smith was more of the same thing we've seen since he has come out of redshirt.  He looked good, got a number of takedowns and then, just couldn't close out the match and get the major.  It is hard to complain when your guy is winning by 6-7 points, but I'm sure Joe and the coaching staff will be looking for ways to finish with bonus in those situations.

165 - Dieringer over Lewis 4-3 (15-3, OSU)
It is amazing how many points Alex scores given how risk averse he seems to be.  You can see it in a lot of his matches with highly ranked opponents and even some lesser guys who manage to get in positions that Dieringer doesn't like.  It has served him extremely well against pinning machines like Walsh and Ness and it, generally, keeps him out of trouble against everyone else (including Bo Jordan in last year's NCAAs).  That said, it can be frustrating to watch and I almost wish he had needed an escape to win the match so that we could have really seen if he could have gotten away.  As it stood, he never gave Lewis an opening while getting ridden the entire 2nd and 3rd periods and absorbing 2 stall calls.  It was certainly not the way you'd expect one of the best pound for pound wrestlers in the country to get the job done, but he got his hand raised.  I would be shocked if he ever chooses down against Lewis again.  A ride like that is a fantastic weapon and makes Lewis dangerous against anyone as he has already shown.

174 - Butler over Crutchmer 3-1 SV1 (15-6, OSU)
Just when it looked like the Cowboys would walk away with the dual win, Butler got his revenge on Crutchmer with a nice takedown in sudden victory.  All the credit goes to Butler as he had the better looking attacks in regulation and it really looked like it meant something to him when he got the W.  That said, Crutchmer is just a head scratching wrestler.  How can someone who has shown the ability to score when he needs to on pretty much anyone go an entire match without really committing to an attack?  It isn't like he is great on the mat and looking for the tie-breakers.  It seems he will still have matches where he just can't pull the trigger.  This means he could win it all in March or be out early.  It has to be all in his head.  I hope he gets it figured out.

184 - Boyd over Miklus 7-2 (18-6, OSU)
"I think this was supposed to confirm that I have a different mindset," Boyd said. "I just going to take it and run with that. I saw Collica wrestle and realized that's the style that works for meā€”keep my feet moving. That's what I did today."

Keeping your feet moving makes you a dominant wrestler?  Thats all it took?  I'm skeptical.  Big win for Boyd and much credit to him for continuing to build on the lead when he could have sat on it.  Still, I have to wonder if Miklus was sick or something.  He had no answer, looked lethargic very early and, even when he went for a big move a couple of times, seemed to not have any snap to his movements.  I hope for the Cowboy's sake that this was Boyd's coming out party and he really is making the leap, but it seemed watching the match that the story was more what is wrong with Miklus than how good Boyd looked.

197 -  Cox over Marsden 7-3 (18-9, OSU)
I was not surprised that Marsden came out trying to go upper body with Cox and moving forward a lot.  This is what he does and it is kind of nice to see that he wasn't backing away from someone with Cox's resume.  That said, I was very surprised that it not only allowed him to keep it close, but that Cox wanted no part of it.  Cox scored by getting out of Marsden's ties and working leg attacks of his own, but didn't score nearly as much as I would have expected.  This may have simply been Cox being cautious.  After all, we have seen him be less than offensive in the past and the dual was over at this stage (Missouri could have tied the score at 18 with 2 falls, but even then would lose on first criteria # of matches won...something truly crazy would have had to go down).  Still, some credit goes to Marsden for both putting Cox in positions he clearly wasn't interested in wrestling from and not giving Cox points by forcing moves that weren't there.

285 - Marsden over Romero 16-0 in 1:25 (23-9, OSU)
I don't want to get too down on a guy who is starting for a D1 team and seemed to be giving full effort, but Marsden clearly smelled blood here and had no fear that Romero posed any threat.  I've not seen Austin go directly for a throw to the back to end it quick before.  It didn't earn him a fall, but Marsden's top game is solid and the tilts came quick and easy.  16 points in less than 90 seconds has got to be a new record for Austin.  That was a fun way to end a dual and reminded me of the Mocco days when you could typically start putting on your coat once 197 finished.

Overall the Cowboys looked sharp for the 3rd dual in a row and, by the rankings used, won 5 matches over top-10 opposition.  Missouri looked like they may have trained a little too hard through this meet, but only in spots as they were very game at most weights.  I will say that this year's Cowboy team wins more matches on the mat than any I remember.  There are very few issues on bottom and the team as a whole does a good job in the top position.  This is a marked departure from some of the teams in the recent past and is reason for optimism going forward.

The official demonstrated once again that the inconsistent interpretation of the out of bounds rule will be pervasive and frustrating until it is changed.  In this case, the official called action almost every time, even when one guy had backed to the edge, made a last stand, and was shoved out of bounds.  The obvious question here is, who should be called in that situation?  The fact that we're still asking (and could debate either side) is just further proof that this rule is awful.  In the Klimara/McGhee match that exact scenario played out.  McGhee had already been hit, backed to the edge and then was pushed out by Klimara.  As I understand the rule, Klimara should have earned a stall.  I have seen officials punish those that back to the edge that way by calling it on them when they go out.  The action call here sure seemed like a cop out.

College / Pre-season NCAA Contest
« on: October 29, 2015, 08:14:36 PM »
Any schmuck can take a look at the brackets come NCAA tournament time, get lucky, and pick a line-up that wins an internet contest (as proof of this, brycemus even beats me at it every 5-10 years or so).  However, it is the tru wrestling expert that can do pick the winners in OCTOBER (or early November as the case may be).  So, I am holding a contest this year to pick a line-up now and see how they do in March!  We will be using the TOM rankings found here:

Here are the rules:

- You can pick one wrestler per weight.
- You get one guy ranked #1, one ranked #2, and so on through #8.  You can pick two other wrestlers from anywhere, in the rankings or not, #9-whatever.
- Your picks will be scored at the big show in MSG in March according to official NCAA Wrestling tournament scoring.
- If a wrestler changes weights during the year, they will still score, but must be picked now at the weight they are ranked at.  If they aren't ranked, make your best guess and I'll rule if there are any disputes.

Who really knows the sport?  Who has the crystal ball (or the horse-shoe wedged where the sun don't shine)?  Entry deadline is next Friday, 6 November by midnight.  I will post my line-up soon.  Good luck!

College / Wyoming Recruit Doyle Trout in Car Accident
« on: April 08, 2015, 06:29:10 PM »

The kid had to have his left leg amputated above the knee.  He was a 4x state champ in HS.  Hope he hangs in there.  Classy statement from Branch:

Tuesday afternoon Wyoming Wrestling Head Coach Mark Branch issued the following statement on Trout's accident and injury, "Our thoughts and prayers are with Doyle and his family. Doyle is a strong young man, and he was in good spirits when we saw him on Monday. This is obviously a life-changing incident, but he is a young man who is equipped to handle this. He is still part of our family. We told his family when we saw them that nothing changes on our end, we will honor his scholarship, and he is still a Wyoming Cowboy. We want Doyle and his family to know that we are here to support them any way we can. We're thankful that he didn't have any life-threatening injuries. Given the severity of the accident, it is amazing that he will be able to move forward and live a healthy life. "

College / 2015 NCAAs - My thoughts
« on: March 23, 2015, 06:26:47 PM »
I haven't yet read the OpenMat wrap-up of the tournament as I wanted to get down my thoughts before I did.  Therefore, any overlap or contradiction are entirely coincidental.  This was my 10th NCAA tournament and I've been to 9 out of the last 10. Writing these things up always helps me remember how many crazy and amazing things happen over the best three days of the year.  To keep the post to a digestible size, I'll break it down into one post per weight with some additional posts at the end for overall thoughts and extras.


Oklahoma State Thoughts: I thought going into the tournament that Eddie was a little lucky to have the #7 seed.  When he handled the 10 seed Rios from Oregon State and Garrett went down, it suddenly appeared that he could make the semi's.  Of course, that was before the legend that is Zeke Moisey was quite so well known.  Dropping down after that loss and facing the #5 seed, Boyle from UTC, there was reason to be concerned that Klimara would fall in the round of 12 for the second straight year.  I'm sure most people missed that match.  It lasted only 28 seconds and featured Eddie at his electric best.  He attacked early, got a takedown and then caught Boyle as he tried to escape, whipping him right to his back.  He was stuck immediately.  That roar was quickly drowned out as Moisey pinned Gilman about 30 seconds later.  The rest of the tournament was Eddie in a nutshell.  He couldn't get anything going against Youtsey, but was in the match.  Then he looked dead to rights against Conaway in the 7th place match only to steal a victory late.  Hopefully with a full off-season with no trouble hanging over his head, Klimara can continue to improve on this finish.  Congrats to him on his first AA finish!

Everybody else: I've already touched on Moisey a little, but you can't really overstate how fun his tournament was to watch from a neutral fan perspective.  I wasn't overly impressed when he knocked off Garrett as I though Nashon made a huge tactical error spending the entire 2nd period eliminating riding time rather than pushing for TDs.  Moisey had to hang on for dear life in that 3rd period so it seemed more like a fluke upset than the start of something big.  He wrestled a good, solid match in beating Klimara and I was more impressed, but I still didn't give him much chance against Gilman.  That was as loud as I heard the arena all tournament long.  I think the moment may have gotten to him a little in the finals as he sat down on the mat after he came out and took a big deep breath, then started slowly, but credit to Tomasello for getting the W even when Moisey's magic started to surface late. 

I was glad to see Waters go down as I don't like his style much.  Dance not AAing was almost as surprising as Moisey ending up in the finals.  One final salute to Delgado.  Despite his less than aesthetically pleasing style, he was a two time champ and its never fun to see someone go out to injured to bring their A game.  This bracket was just filthy.  Dylan Peters went 0-2.  Former seeded wrestler Josh Martinez won a couple matches, but then was dispatched.  There were just so many tough kids.

College / I hope this finally kills the Big 12 as it stands
« on: May 28, 2014, 10:43:41 AM »
From the link:

Pre-Allocations. The NCAA Division I Wrestling Committee recommends that the Big 12
Conference no longer have access to pre-allocated spots. The number of Big 12 wrestlers
who earn gold or silver standard will be subtracted from the pre-allocated allotment and all
Big 12 wrestlers will go into the at-large pool (see Nonlegislative Item c).

A lot of interesting stuff in there, but the Big 12 needs to make a move now more than ever.

Off-Topic / Robin Ficker
« on: May 13, 2014, 03:36:12 AM »

15 ... 140401.pdf ... tation.pdf

Thanks to SHP for posting it elsewhere.  I went through it and I give it a B-.  The good news is the points aren't insanely skewed (though 8 points difference between 1st and 2nd with 15 points between 1st and 3rd is a little higher than I wanted to see, it is close enough) and there isn't anything in the proposal that is completely awful.

That said, the regional format still has the same problems (short notice travel, questionable fan interest), the points given to every team selected to attend will cause controversy when one team is picked over another (not likely to impact a title race, but why set yourself up for that?), and the spread between 1st and 3rd makes seeding much more important than I'm comfortable with given the NCAAs struggles with seeding in the past and the limited amount of data they will have to go on.

Selectiuon of regional sites (from a timing aspect, seeding aspect, and interest aspect) will be crucial.  Because they're going straight top 4 seeds as host, the interest aspect will be a roll of the dice.  How early can those seeds be determined?  It already appears the other 5 teams will have 1 weeks notice as to where they'll be going.  If the host school crowd doesn't show its going to be ugly.

I'm willing to keep an open mind here and, of course, I'll support the wrestling where I can, but I see a 1 site, 2-day event making more sense over the long-haul.

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