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Other Sports / NCAA Football Pickem's Week 13 Results
« on: November 27, 2011, 07:38:31 AM »
Vise extended his lead with a near perfect week missing one game, Texas A&M on the last second field goal.  Trusty gambled it all on Arkansas.........and lost.

ViseGrip    13
Red Viking    12
Tpay   12
Craig   12
SteveVV    12
Viratas   11
Gage   11
Ryou   10
Brycemus    10
Akin    10
Trusty   6
Crablegs   DNP
MetsFan   DNP

Season Leaders
ViseGrip    142
Red Viking    138
Ryou   137
Gage   137
Tpay   126
Craig   124
Brycemus    120
Trusty   118
Akin    116
SteveVV    118
Viratas   114
Crablegs   112
MetsFan   101
Drooke    87
Cruo    46
Goperfan   30

Off-Topic / Black Friday...........Bust or Boom for you?
« on: November 27, 2011, 07:09:54 AM »
Personally, I think BF was a bust this year with few exceptions.  The wife dragged me to one of those factory outlets at 4:00 AM Friday.  Found a few things we were looking for at reduced prices but overall it was a pricing bust compared to 2010.  A few examples: 

Timberland - the best they would do on shoes 50% off the second if you buy two.  Ordinarily you get the pick of their litter at 40% off or better any other day. They actually raised prices on their shoes for the event in my eyes.

Le Creuset - wifey was interested so we checked them out  - 30% full retail MSRP FOR SECONDS, with chips.  WTF, you're a factory outlet, seconds should be more than 50% off.  She's seen better deals in Home Goods.

NIKE - best you can do is 30% off MSRP on BF?  C'mon you're ripping everyone off.  (actually not expected from Nike) Same for Under Armour...20% off factory outlet listed price, same as any other day of the year.

Did get a real nice suit for the son at Brooks Brothers at 80% off.

Macy's - deals were better on Saturday than Friday with one of their coupons that didn't apply on Friday.  The selection was better on line than in the store.  That where we ended up getting the Timberlands at 60% off and $50 less than the Timberland outlet store price.

Electronics - the TV deals were few and fall between.  Dell was a bust this year.  The electronic guys really didn't put any sales that were any different than any other time of year.

Overall I really missed the MS Live cash back discount for internet buys this year.

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