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High School & Lower / Re: Using iPads for Stats
« on: September 22, 2015, 10:16:28 PM »
How much does your app cost?
About ten cents a match, less if you run on multiple iPads.  The cost is $2.99 to download the app and it has the ability to score 30 matches.  Additional matches are purchased within the app from the Apple App Store.  You can install the app on multiple iPads registered to the same iTunes user.

See our website for more details or just go to the App Store, download it and give it a try. 

High School & Lower / Re: Using iPads for Stats
« on: September 22, 2015, 05:55:34 PM »
we could barely find girls smart enough to use a stat book ... give them an Ipad and they'll be posting selfies & updating Facebook instead of their work

Using a well-designed digital scorebook is easier and less error-prone than paper, so you can recruit your scorers from a broader audience than "girls smart enough."  You might even be able to find "boys smart enough", "parents smart enough" or even "coaches smart enough", but don't hang your hat on that last one.

I'm hoping that your reply was entirely in jest.

High School & Lower / Re: Using iPads for Stats
« on: September 15, 2015, 10:08:06 PM »
Takedown Scoring and Stats release 2.0 is available for download from the Apple App Store.  New features: integrated roster downloads (over 9,000 high schools), staff contact info w/ messaging, equipment management and more intuitive user interface.  See

High School & Lower / Re: Using iPads for Stats
« on: November 26, 2014, 05:22:00 PM »
Takedown Release 1.7.3 available for download from the App Store. New features since last season:

+ Choice-on-restart implemented for injury timeout
+ iOS 8 compatibility
+ Injury, blood, recovery, riding time clocks
+ Enhanced external scoreboard displays new injury and riding time clocks
+ Wrestler Profile Report
+ Enhanced social media support includes Twitter, Facebook and user #hashtags
+ Undo choice and previous period scoring errors
+ Copy weigh in from another event for dual tournaments
+ Single page weigh-in form for both teams in dual meet.
+ Random Draw generates weight class for starting dual meets.
+ Export your stats in a spreadsheet friendly format for more flexibility in analyzing and visualizing your team's stats.
+ Riding Time report reveals how much your wrestlers ride and get ridden by opponents.

Many thanks for your continued support! Takedown was recently ranked as the #12 Sports app in the Apple App Store.

Team Takedown
Twitter: @takedownapp

High School & Lower / Re: Using iPads for Stats
« on: September 09, 2013, 06:31:44 PM »
Takedown Release 1.3 is available for download on the App Store.  Now supports roster download from NWCA/OPC database or any spreadsheet, user-defined weight classes and period lengths and Seeding Meeting report.   Revised pricing is more affordable -- no annual fee or upfront cost.  Score matches for as low as six cents each.  For more info:

High School & Lower / Re: Using iPads for Stats
« on: November 19, 2012, 12:53:58 AM »
As I mentioned above, we transcribe the matches from one iPad to another or from a scorebook.  Suboptimal, but easy.  Has the virtue of all data being on one iPad for reporting and statistical analysis..  Also, as I mentioned above, in general it is a good idea to back up your iPad via iTunes or iCloud regardless of what apps you use.  That way, when a bus (or a bunch of wrestlers)  runs over your iPad, your data is restorable.

There are a few wrestling scoring apps out there and they are each useful in their own way.  I prefer using a native app over a browser for the reasons noted in my previous post.  Others might reasonably choose differently.  Having choices is a good thing. 

High School & Lower / Re: Using iPads for Stats
« on: November 17, 2012, 06:51:13 PM »
Some good points.  In contrast, I use an iPad app for all wrestling scoring.   My iPad cover has a bluetooth keyboard built-in and it works well.  Also, I'd rather use the iPad touch interface than a mouse.  For me, carrying around a mouse, especially at a tournament when I'm running around, is just too inconvenient.  Not so bad in a dual meet.  I haven't found printing to be an issue; reports are easily emailed and then printed.  The app I use is very stable, but, as you say, it depends on the developer's quality control.  For me, I wanted an app that I could try for a reasonable period of time before purchasing.  We use two iPads at tournaments along with paper when necessary.  Transcribing from paper to iPad or iPad to iPad is quick, easily done in the stands during the long periods of inactivity as the day progresses.  With some experience, I can transcribe a match in less than a minute.

I use Trackwrestling on an Internet-connected computer.  I like it for tracking tournaments. 

I use an iPad app for all my team's stats.  The reasons I like it is:

1.  Doesn't require an Internet connection for anything.  All of my team's stats are kept on the iPad
2.  My data is private.  It is never uploaded to a cloud database.  I like that.
3.  I pay for the app once, I can use it on as many iPads as I own.   iPad Mini at $330 is something we'll consider this year.
4.  Lots of standard and custom reports, and I can narrow the report results along lots of dimensions: season, events, wrestlers, JV v. varsity, etc.  No internet connection required.
5.  Emailing reports from within the app  -- makes it easy to communicate with wrestlers, parents, press, college coaches.  Of course, email requires an internet connection.
6.  The touch interface let's me avoid a track pad or a mouse.  I like this for the wrestling environment.
7.  Scoring interface prevents silly scoring sequences like an escape from neutral, a takedown from the bottom position.  Makes the scorer's job easy.

Coaches have more choices for stats keeping these days and that's a good thing.  I really like using an iPad app for keeping our stats. 

High School & Lower / Re: Using iPads for Stats
« on: November 16, 2012, 03:11:54 PM »
This is a very good point:  if your app doesn't store its data on a server, then you should regularly backup your iPad with iTunes or iCloud or both!  That way, when your iPad gets run over by a bus, you can restore all of your data to a new iPad.  This applies to all of your apps, not just those associated with wrestling.

What other specific limitations of an iPad create a "whole host of other potential issues"?  We can all learn from your experience, but the cautionary note is imprecise.

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