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College / Three brothers in a row
« on: December 11, 2015, 11:07:20 AM »
Three brothers (from Kentucky)- John, Justin, and Dominic Lampe are all starting in a row for UTC at 165, 174, and 184.

I'm trying think of another time three brothers would've started at once, let alone in a row

College / Ok State and NC State
« on: December 06, 2015, 04:44:00 PM »
125- Eddie Klimara vs Sean Fausz

1st- I came in late in the first. Saw some bad shots from Klimara and that's about it. Fausz is a Kentucky kid though so that's exciting

2nd- Fausz gets the escape, Klimara gets in good on a single but my video went bleh and couldn't see what happened. Fausz gets out of bounds defending the takedown and we are going into the third with Fausz up 1-0, he is looking really good

3rd- Klimara nearly gets a reversal after Fausz gets high on a leg ride attempt. Fausz gets in beautifuly on a single leg and we are caught in a situation where Fausz is on top with Klimara holding the leg, I can see it going either way. Fausz is granted the takedown and we go out of bounds. Klimara decides to wrestle like a senior and shoots to his feet, he gets an escape and immediately hits an arm drag type move to immediately take Fausz down. Now NC State is arguing that it was a standing reversal and not an escape + 2. I think it's a 1 and 2, Flo guys agree with me. They make the change, score is now tied instead of Klimara up one with 16 seconds. Fausz comes up and Klimara drops to a leg, my video freezes but I think Klimara held on and sucked up the stall call. Video now extremely blocky but based off of audio we are going to OT

SV- Klimara gets in on a shot, Fausz reshots, Klimara with a BEAUTIFUL spin out and finishes on top to get the win. Fausz looked great though, he is going to be real good in a couple years.

133- Brian Crutchmer vs Jamal Morris

1st Period- No surprise with the Crutchmer call, he has been wrestling really well, he will hold the spot until Smith bites the bullet and pulls Brock's shirt. Crutchmer going to the tie early, Morris gets an Olympic head lock position and slides Crutchmer by for takedown. Tries a cradle off a leg ride but we are out of bounds, Morris is still wrestling very much like a high schooler but Crutchmer doesn't have an answer so far. We are back to leg riding on top, Morris hit the rack as a kid and has arms longer than Crutchmer's whole body, sitting on a cheap high school level single leg ride and the crowd is getting angry as he continually fails to lock up a turn. Crutchmer seems content to rest his head on the mat and not even attempt a stand up. Real nice of the Cowboys to let the local high school compete in the middle of their dual.

2nd Period- John, being the curmudgeon that he is, tells Brian that he will pick bottom and like it. Crutchmer continues to greet the mat with his face and picks up a stall call for his trouble. Yet again Crutchmer sits still off the whistle and lets Morris do whatever he wants on top racking up 4 minutes of riding time.

3rd Period- Morris decides that Crutchmer hasn't suffered enough and picks top. Score is still 2-0 off of that takedown in the first with Morris not coming close to a turn for the whole match. Crutchmer reaches back and gives up a double wing but Morris gives it up instead of running it. My video cuts out again but I didn't miss much.  I drop down to minimum settings so I can see some blurry pixels sit on the hips of other blurry pixels. I think Crutchmer gave up another stall call because the final score is 4-0 after riding time.

141- Dean Heil vs Kevin Jack

1st Period- Drank some coffee to wake myself up from the high school match at 133. John Smith is emanating disappointment as usual. Heil hits a shot from space but didn't bother getting past Jack's head or legs. Jack hits a shot and finishes pretty easily. Heil gets out almost instantly and we are back to our feet. Heil hits a decent set up but Jack gets his leg back and Heil can't follow up on the shot. Jack hits a bad shot across Heil's body and Heil nearly picks up a short offense takedown but Jack squares up. Heil goes to the same set up and this time gets the leg despite a good sprawl from Jack, Heil actually following up his attack this time. Jack gets out and no real attacks to end the period.

2nd Period- Jack starts bottom, stands up quickly. Heil hesitates and Jack hits a switch and gets a reversal. Heil escapes in a couple seconds but the damage has been done. Heil ups the tempo slightly but Jack is keeping his legs back pretty well. Jack hits a low single, Heil steps over quickly and grabs Jack's ankle. Heil wins the scramble and gets the takedown. Jack goes for a tripod stand up but Heil stalemates out. Smith screaming at Heil to hold him down. Heil hits a few failed mat returns and nearly gets dinged for stalling despite working to return but he is able to end the period on top.

3rd Period- Heil with action on bottom and gets free holding a 7-5 lead, riding time not a factor. Heil with a high crotch attempt, nothing. Jack with a sweep single, Heil goes for the ankle again but Jack wins the scramble this time and gets the takedown. Heil has plenty of time to escape and Jack decides to just cut him. Heil keeps giving Jack that sweep single but Jack isn't taking them. Heil hits a good double leg reshot with his elbow post set up. Heil gets hit with a stall call as soon as Jack stands up 10 seconds after getting taken down because the current stall call rules are pathetic. Heil gives up the escape to prevent another stall call on him. Jack doesn't really have time to set anything up and Heil picks up the win.

149- Davey Dolan vs Sam Melikian

1st Period- Collica is resting his ankle and utility guy Dolan gets the start. I was able to go to the other room to grab my phone and come back to literally no change as I expected. I look away for a second and it appears Melikian hit a solid duck and is now controlling Dolan with a collar tie. Collica has a walking boot on I'm told.

2nd Period- "But coach this guy is good on top!" has never worked on John Smith as Dolan chooses bottom. He is able to get a good stand up though and escapes before a minute riding time is locked up. Milikian with a leg attack, Dolan counter but Milikian stays square. Dolan tries a little cross ankle pick but doesn't get it. No real attacks from other guy as we go into the third Milikian up 2-1

3rd Period- Dolan trying to ride but doesn't really have much. Milikian with our first true leg attack of the match as he gets free from Dolan and immediately goes back in. Dolan tries to force a scramble but Milikian was in too deep. Dolan gets an escape and a helpful Cowboy fan reminds us that Dolan needs a takedown to win. Milikian nearly scores another takedown of a front headlock but Dolan granbys out of bounds. Dolan tries what I guess could be considered a shot but gets trapped beneath Milikian's chest. Dolan tries a reshot and it's not bad but there is nowhere near enough time as Milikian picks up the win.

157- Chance Marsteller vs Tommy Gant

1st Period- Chance's gas tank looked decent against Minnesota so maybe he has the cut figured out, he doesn't look as zombie like as usual. Chance attacking the tie early, looking aggressive we will see if he can keep it up. Chance looks for an underhook throwby to a high crotch but couldn't reach the leg with those stubby arms. Gant also appears to be a fan of the rack method. Gant with a single leg but Marsteller wizzers hard, looks for a reshot but the angle isn't there. Gant gets a takedown at the very end and you can tell it got to Marsteller.

2nd Period- No real turn attempts as Gant gets free. Gant immediately back in on the takedown and takes Chance down, turns him in a cross face tilt. Gant realizes he broke Marsteller at the end of the first and so begins a pitiful display of taking Marsteller down and letting him back up. Score is 13-3 near the end of the second and I think I just saw Esposito's heart break. Marsteller pretends like he is taking a shot and gets taken down. Gant scores 13 points in about a minute on Marsteller.

3rd Period- Marsteller on bottom, Gant realizes he could probably get a pin and starts riding him. They lock up riding time and switch to a tech strategy. Chance fights off a takedown but the ref decides to award a two and one. Smith challenges the call and spends the time saying something to Chance. My guess is he wants Chance to open up for a throw to try and cut away the major. Chance looks a lot better after the break but can't find any openings. Gant has a 12 point lead right now with the riding time so Chance has to worry about the takedown. So I take it back I think John told Chance to sit back and get taken down. That 2nd period is one of the worst I have ever seen from a Cowboy wrestler but the 1st period was good and the 3rd period alright.

165- Alex Dieringer vs Stacy Davis

1st Period- Some pointless line up gamesmanship to try and save bonus from NC State. Dieringer coming out fast paced but Davis is underhooking well to defend. As soon as I type that Dieringer tosses Davis to his back and gets the pin.

174- Kyle Crutchmer vs Max Rohskopf

1st Period- Rohskopf actually looks to be a decent size but Crutchmer has that thick build. Crutchmer clears the arms and hits a nice bully double to takedown Rohskopf. Lets Rohskopf back up and we are back on our feet. Crutchmer is letting Rohskopf dance away from the tie, basically just standing and staring at him really.

2nd Period- The rare college level defer and Crutchmer makes John proud by picking down instantly. Rohskopf close to a turn but Crutchmer catches the leg and has Rohskopf in a bad position. Rohskopf goes around the throat and gets the pd to reset, interesting strategy I'll try it. Crutchmer gets a caution negating a beautiful stand up. Rohskopf keeps throwing some good boots in but Crutchmer is too solid to turn. Rohskopf gets over a minute of stalling time. Crutchmer doesn't get a caution this time and gets free. Crutchmer his a sloppy sweep single but takes Rohskopf down and is looking for back points. The ref decides to award Crutchmer no back points, probably doesn't like his tatoos. Crutchmer with the ride out.

3rd Period- Smith gives Crutchmer orders to ride him for 13 seconds and cut. Crutchmer follows orders and we are on our feet. Crutchmer looking for a takedown and Rohskopf gets hit for stalling. Crutchmer takes a good shot but Rohskopf snatches the ankle to force a scramble. Crutchmer gives up the stalemate and John is a bit annoyed. Crutchmer takes an alright double but Rohskopf shoves him away. Rohskopf stands up trying to look for a throw and Crutchmer blasts through him for a takedown at the end of a match. Rohskopf does defend the major but was it worth giving up the fall at 165? I disagree with the lineup shift since I feel that Crutchmer gets too much credit as a bonus point wrestler for his throwing ability.

184- Nolan Boyd vs Peter Renda

1st Period- I laugh in the face of those who thought Rogers was going to actually start at 184 over Boyd this season. Renda nearly picks up a non control fall while Boyd was poorly defending a shot. Boyd continues to display his patented horrible decision making as he nearly gets pinned in a cradle after nearly getting pinned earlier, basically Boyd put himself in the cradle trust me. Boyd tries another ridiculous move but this one almost works as we find Boyd sitting on Renda's back facing his feet. We get a stalemate and Boyd actually hits a good stand up and escapes after a turn in. Boyd lets Renda circle away from the edge as Smith screams in futility.

2nd Period- We are going into the second period with Renda up 4-1 but Boyd winning the ridiculous decision making race. Boyd with movement on bottom and forces a locking hands from Renda and gets a reversal with his free move. Renda gets an escape as he tries to understand what just happened. Renda with a quick shot but Boyd just drops hips on him. Boyd takes a shot and gets the leg for a second but too much pressure from Renda forces him out. Boyd with another single leg and clings on to that leg as Renda is forcing his way behind. Renda scores a takedown at the end of the match because Boyd is too stubborn to let go of the leg even when he is getting extended.

3rd Period- Boyd making out with the back of Renda's head with a simple hip ride. Boyd hits a roll back claw tilt for two swipes. Renda spent too long trying to understand what happened and gives up a stall warning. Boyd, not happy wrestling smart goes for a suicide cradle falling off the side and giving Renda the reversal. It's 9-6 as Boyd immediately comes out and has 30 seconds to get a takedown. Boyd gets a low leg shot but Boyd is clinging on for dear life. Stalemate called with 5 seconds left. Renda accepts giving up a stall point and pulls out the 9-8 win. Boyd once again throws away a winnable match with ridiculous decision making.

197- Austin Schafer vs Michael Boykin

1st Period- Schafer has earned the starting spot with his work against Minnesota and is put in against Boykin as Oklahoma State clings on to a two point dual lead. Schafer stands up and Boykin with a good shot but Schafer locks up a good wizzer and hips Boykin out of bounds. Schafer getting shoved across the mat by Boykin but gets the last second circle in to prevent the stall call, have I mentioned I hate the current stall rules? Just add a darn push out! Boykin gets a snatch single to rear standing and is awarded the takedown as Schafer's hand barely touches the mat. Schafer escapes quickly but the period ends with no attacks.

2nd Period- Boykin gets and escape, Schafer tries an outside shot but Boykin drops the chest with a good sprawl and nothing for Schafer. Schafer is struggling to find an angle and tries a shot but it wasn't really there, Boykin tries a reshot but nothing going. Schafer sitting on an overtie for some reason, letting Boykin keep the inside control. Schafer with a sloppy shot to end the second.

3rd Period- Schafer going bottom, no pressure right? Schafer gets out quickly with a good stand up as I remember I have to do film study for the high school at some point tonight. Schafer defends another good single leg with a great wizzer and nearly gets a takedown on the edge but Boykin keeps his other leg out of Schafer's grasp. Schafer take a bad shot and gets extended underneath. Boykin picks up a single on the counter but Schafer defends. Schafer with another hideous leg attack, defended, another horrid attack but he reshoots and gets a stall call on Boykin. Schafer tries another leg attack but Boykin defends.

285- Austin Marsden vs Nick Gwiazdowski

1st Period- If this was Gelogaev, Rosholt, Mocco, etc I would feel like an upset could happen. But I have never felt that Marsden has the right mindset for these sort of matches. Gwiaz gets a snatch single and takes down Marsden. Marsden gets free fairly easily, looking very big today could be weighing in the high 260's/low 270's. Marsden does a lazy fake and gives Gwiaz another snatch single. Marsden hasn't had any offense to speak of really. I have to say the crowd in Gallaghar today has been horrible, no passion outside of Dieringer's pin. Maybe I just couldn't hear it through the speakers but that's the impression I am getting.

2nd Period- Flo is talking as if Gwiaz has already won, I mean I haven't seen anything from Marsden yet admittedly. Marsden with an easy escape. Marsden happy to just lay on Gwiaz for about a minute thirty and we go into the 3rd 4-3

3rd Period- Marsden lets Gwiaz up and it is 5-3. Waiting to see any sort of attack from Marsden. Marsden with a bad shot, the first two words of Star Wars The Force Awakens is "This will..." Gwiaz takes a shot and Marsden defends. Marsden walks off the mat having taken maybe two shots and that is the dual.

Tight losses at 184 and 197 cost Ok State the dual, maybe something different with a healthy Harding and healthy Collica but NC State walks out with the win

Polls / Which Policy is most important to you?
« on: November 16, 2015, 08:02:05 AM »
As the primary season sits upon the horizon the question of who should be our leader sits before us. Often with the more politically literate among us we find ourselves torn when examining candidates. "I love his fiscal policy, but his foreign policy is horrid" is an example. As we internally debate this I was just wondering which policy you personally find most important to you when examining a Presidential candidate

Off-Topic / Star Wars
« on: October 19, 2015, 10:00:29 PM »

Off-Topic / Pitch a movie/TV Show
« on: October 15, 2015, 08:13:35 PM »
With our future Emmy's winning comedy of Vise attending Coppin State already pitched by Ray I was curious what sort of ideas we could come up with for other Movies/TV Shows. Cast it and give a couple sentences as a pitch. Here is my example

Hot for Student

Two high school teachers (played by Seth Rogen and James Franco) are sick and tired of their micromanaging and rude principal (Sandra Bullock) and frustrated how despite constant lawsuits against her and the school's failing test scores there seems to be no way to get rid of her. Until after a night of drunken complaining the two come up with a plan. They will get one of their students (Josh Hutcherson) to seduce the principal and trick her into having relations with him on camera thus getting her fired. Hilarity ensues as their twisted plan goes into motion.

Off-Topic / And Worst Aunt of the Year goes to...
« on: October 13, 2015, 07:06:03 PM »

I've read that the case is already, jury took only 40 minutes to make their decision and the aunt asked to be escorted back to her car

Off-Topic / The End of an Era
« on: October 13, 2015, 10:46:05 AM »
Playboy to stop using "fully nude models" in their magazine

Coaching and Technique / Drill vs Situations
« on: October 05, 2015, 08:21:17 PM »
As I am mapping out the practices for middle school, we just finished our first practice today, I have entered into a debate with the other coaches concerning our balance of drilling vs live situations.

Most of our wrestlers are in their first year and I want to make sure they have a good stance and positioning before we learn anything else. The other coaches make the important argument that I will bore the wrestlers and they need to build their wrestling IQ with live situational goes and mention how numerous coaches have suggested that. I agree with their point but I worry over letting our wrestlers develop bad habits without drills to get the refinement down.

Off-Topic / League of Legends World Championships
« on: October 01, 2015, 07:51:30 PM »
My favorite team CLG, the North American champions, pulled out a big comeback win for their first match in the group stage and I still consider them America's best shot at finally beating one of the Asian countries for the world title. Yes I am well aware I am probably the only League player on TOM

Off-Topic / Gerrymandering Wrestling in Louisville
« on: September 29, 2015, 06:32:36 PM »
Kentucky high school follows a depressingly simple Regions -> State format since we are still trying to promote growth of the sport with obscenely large state tournament brackets. Anyway the city of Louisville encompasses two of the regions the cesspool of Kentucky wrestling Region 3 and the powerhouse Region 4. I was looking at a map of Louisville wrestling to familiarize myself more with the sort of schools we would be faced. I see now why my head coach doesn't enjoy discussing why Moore is in Region 4. The blue are Region 4 schools and the brown are Region 3 schools. Reminds me of a similar issue we had at Heights and I'm sure there are examples of this sort of stuff in every state

Polls / Islam and You
« on: September 20, 2015, 08:50:10 PM »
Since for better or worse leading candidates of the GOP seem to be speaking a lot on the matter I figured we should take a formal informal poll of TOM's views of Mohammad and the Muslim faithful.

Off-Topic / Help save our pitiful weight room
« on: September 19, 2015, 06:11:40 PM »
The school I am currently coaching at is a very well managed and successful wrestling program, which was amazing to me once I saw that they had quite possibly the most pitiful weight room I have ever seen. I at first thought that maybe it was just the weight room they made the wrestling team use until we ran into an issue where the football team walked in to use it during one of our preseason lifts.

Some highlights

1. There are two (yes TWO) benches in the entire room, thankfully we don't do bench press

2. 80% of the equipment hasn't been used since the 80's

3. We keep running into issues of not having plates at a certain weight

4. Outside of squats and hang cleans there isn't really a lot we can do, lat pulls? that's hilarious

5. the neck machine works with plates, I have never seen that before

6. We have two clips, I keep expecting one of my wrestler to die anytime they do hang cleans.

So if you are feeling especially generous the head coach set up a gofundme to help the weight room. I'll keep you guys updated on how the season goes. I'll start getting an idea of how my middle school team will look after sign ups tomorrow. I'm anxious to just get the real practices going.

Been meaning to do these the past three days, but by about the time I was inebriated enough to make some really good predicitons I would forget what I was doing. So I will do my best to stay coherent long enough to get these in by the end of Labor Day. On a sidenote I thought it would be funny to go up to anyone working today and hand them the Communist Manifesto, but I don't have a printer.

Update- I got to 197 before giving up again. But hey I'm done now.


1. Nico Megaludis, Penn State
2. Nahshon Garrett, Cornell
3. Thomas Gilman, Iowa
4. Nathan Tomasello, Ohio State
5. Eddie Klimara, Oklahoma State
6. Joey Dance, Virginia Tech
7. Zeke Moisey, West Virginia
8. Steven Micic, Northwestern

Crazy Prediction- Moisey loses in the second round but comes back to make top 8, getting a controversial win over Tim Lambert in the r12

Moisey wrestled the tournament of his life, and I would be very surprised if that happens again. I think Nico finally gets over the hump and gets his title in an epic finish to his rivalry with Garrett. Gilman has the talent to win 125 but I think he won't have the fire that comes from "this is my last chance" like Nico and Garrett will have. Tomasello had a cake walk of a bracket last year and benefited from Waters getting the number 1 seed despite not being the best wrestler. Really I feel the Moisey/Tomasello final was a perfect storm that has no shot of happening again. Klimara appears to have somewhat gained a head on his shoulder and has top 3 talent. Dance will always be a freak of nature which should be enough to get him on the podium. Finally Micic has the potential to finish as high as 5th but could slip to the r12 behind a Tim Lambert or Connor Youtsey.

1. Cory Clark, Iowa
2. Cody Brewer, Oklahoma
3. Georgie Dicamillo, Virginia
4. Ryan Taylor, Wisconsin
5. Mason Beckman, Lehigh
6. Zane Richards, Illinois
7. Johnni DiJulius, Ohio State
8. Jordan Conaway, Penn State

Crazy Prediction- I already put Dicamillo at third what more could you want? Uh Kaid Brock goes undefeated in his redshirt season beating Conaway at Southern Scuffle

133 is Clark and Brewer followed by a bunch of guys who will not be winning a national title. I have Clark winning because well I like Clark and Brewer should be at 141. I've been a big Dicamillo since he was in high school, my grad assistant also went to St. Ignatius and loved bragging about Georgie. There are about 10 or so solid guys all competing for third and I really don't think any of them have that much of a step over the others. I also think Taylor is overrated but other people like him so whatever. Beckman has national finals level talent but nobody that boring to watch is allowed to win.

1. Dean Heil, Oklahoma State
2. Lavion Mayes, Missouri
3. Evan Henderson, North Carolina
4. Jimmy Gulibon, Penn State
5. Chris MeCate, Old Dominion
6. Anthony Ashnault, Rutgers
7. Randy Cruz, Lehigh
8. Zach Horan, Central Michigan

Crazy Prediction- Kevin Jack goes 1-2, Brock Ervin makes r12 after finishing second in the B10 conference tournament

The only thing standing between Heil and a national title is himself. I think his 4th place finish last year has given Heil the confidence he needs to wrestle to his full potential. Henderson is more fun to watch but I don't think his ceiling is that high. I see him losing to Mayes after Mayes wins a scramble with about 10 seconds left in the semifinals. Gulibon and Heil have a rematch that will allow even more trash talk of Ohio towards PA. Ashnault realizes that he probably picked the wrong university as MeCate picks up back points on him in the 5th place match. Horan will win the "he's still in college?" award for 141.

1. Zain Retherford, Penn State
2. Jason Tsirtsis, Northwestern
3. Brandon Sorenson, Iowa
4. BJ Clagon, Rider
5. Anthony Collica, Oklahoma State
6. Hunter "Never forget I dated a porn star" Stieber, Ohio State
7. Dan Neff, Lock Haven
8. Tywan Claxton, Ohio

Crazy Prediction- Tsirtsis scores more than one takedown against Retherford and still loses. Also two Kentuckian wrestlers reach the round of 12

Similar to 133 we have a case of three guys who could win it followed by a whole bunch of "I paid money to watch this?" Stieber is probably the biggest name out of said bunch but he has never truly seemed to have his head in the game and has sorely underachieved. Collica finally has 1- meat on his bones and 2- a weight class he is actually meant for, so maybe he will finally show why everyone I knew in Ohio was obsessed with him. Fun fact, I wrestled for the same university that both Collica and Heil's fathers wrestled for and also under the same head coach. I also once coached against Collica's father, I lost. Fun fact about Claxton, a certain someone still owes me $20 for trying to say Claxton would AA last year when I knew he wouldn't. Also in regards to the two sons of Kentucky I mentioned they are Caleb Ervin of Illinois and John Fahy of SIUE

1. Isaiah Martinez, Illinois
2. Chance Marstellar, Oklahoma State
3. Jason Nolf, Penn State
4. Ian Miller, Kent State
5. Nick Brascetta, Virginia Tech
6. Mitch Minotti, Lehigh
7. Micah Jordan, Ohio State
8. Aaron Walker, The Citadel

Crazy Prediction- Ian Miller is pinned out of the championship bracket

One thing I realized as I was typing this, there will totally be a freshman I forgot to include but then I decided who cares isn't like I'm getting paid for this anyway. Martinez should win again since the only people at this weight who can even challenge him are two redshirt freshmen. I feel that Marstellar and Nolf are both more than capable of beating Martinez but I want to see them prove their talents for a couple months before I attempt to crown them. With Marstellar there is also the fact whether or not he has learned how to cut weight and developed a champion's attitude. A lot went wrong for him his freshman year but I think after the wrestle-offs in the Ok State room he realized that the route he was going wasn't helping him. Scuffle was a showcase for an improved Chance and I have faith in him moving forwards, he has good influences (*cough* Dieringer *cough) around him and his talent is unquestionable. Ian Miller is overrated and that's all I'm saying for the rest of 157.

1. Alex Dieringer, Oklahoma State
2. Bo Jordan, Ohio State
3. Isaac Jordan, Wisconsin
4. Ethan "who?" Ramos, North Carolina
5. Dylan "this weight is easy" Palacio, Cornell
6. Garrett "needs more Jordan" Hammond
7. Tanner "Falcon is bored of this weight" Weatherman
8. Who cares at this point?

Crazy Prediction- Somehow Dieringer doesn't bonus his way through the bracket, somehow costing Oklahoma State the title, and Falcon's father once again storms out into the dark of the night and doesn't return until 285 just like what happened in 2012.

I almost forgot to do my write up for this weight. Dieringer wins, he goes undefeated, wins the Hodge, woooo. Jordans have an awesome semifinal match. Falcon could AA at this weight this year.

1. Kyle Crutchmer, Oklahoma State
2. Brian Realbuto, Cornell
3. Zach Epperly, Virginia Tech
4. Anthony Valencia, Arizona State
5. Cody Walters, Ohio
6. Kurtis Julson, NDSU
7. Taylor Massa, Michigan
8. Blaise Butler, Missouri

Crazy Prediction- Who cares this weight is weak

Assuming Crutchmer doesn't drink/fight his way to ruin he has a pretty clear run towards a national title. But in general this weight is nowhere near as exciting as it has been for the past 3 years or so, I am bored just thinking about how boring it would be.

1. Blake Stauffer, Arizona State
2. Gabe Dean, Cornell
3. Nathaniel Brown, Lehigh
4. Victor Avery, Edinboro
5. Kenny Courts, Ohio State
6. Willie Miklus, Missouri
7. Matt McCutcheon, Penn State
8. Jack DeChow, Old Dominion

Crazy Prediction- Zahid Valencia will never win a national title. What do you mean not relevant to next season? Why do you need that? I'm trying to get a point across!

184 has a close top bunch followed by a bunch of people fighting for about the 6th spot down. I don't feel like Kenny Courts has a shot in finishing in the top three, but he won't finish lower than 7th so I suppose he could be considered the gatekeeper for the top level guys. I really want Stauffer to win because I like his style and Zeke Jones as a coach. DeChow is probably under ranked here and could finish in the top 3 depending on his draw

1. J'den Cox, Missouri
2. Morgan McIntosh, Penn State
3. Nathan Burak, Iowa
4. Conner Hartmann, Duke
5. Phillip Wellington, Ohio
6. Elliot Riddick, Lehigh
7. Aaron Studebaker, Nebraska
8. Scottie Boykin, Chattanooga

Crazy Prediction- McIntosh not winning costs Penn State the national title

Cox has shown he could win it before and McIntosh is just too darn tan to lose. Big team race weight considering Penn State and Iowa could make up a lot of ground on the Cowboys based on the fact the Cowboys haven't had a good homegrown wrestler at this weight since Rosholt (the old one). Byers doesn't count and Z never wrestled to his potential.What can you expect from a team whose heaviest coach in the room was Kenny Monday at one point? Hartmann continues the Duke tradition of wrestling above their talent level and high AA's again. No word yet on how much Lehigh fans will complain about the refereeing while Riddick loses to Wellington. Boykin finishes on the podium with a missed takedown call.

1. Adam Coon, Michigan
2. Nick Gwiazdowski, NC State
3. Austin Marsden, Oklahoma State (Ha!)
4. Connor Medberry, Wisconsin
5. Ty Walz, Virginia Tech
6. Michael Kroells, Minnesota
7. Ross Larson, Oklahoma
8. Riley Shaw, Cleveland State

Crazy Prediction- Marsden thinks he took down Gwiazdowski at the buzzer and starts celebrating but the call is overturned. But for some reason Marsden decides now is the time to actually wrestle for once in his life and pins through to third giving Oklahoma State the title.

I figure if I keep predicting Coon over Gwiazdowski enough times then eventually it will happen. Marsden will most likely not make the podium again costing Oklahoma State the title but it is fun to imagine the opposite happening while I still can. Medberry has an outside shot at the finals but I feel like Coon and Gwiaz have pretty solidly set themselves up as the untouchable top two. Well technically they will be touched because it's heavyweight and everyone hand fights here but you got my point. Over/under 10 times commentators will talk about Cleveland State almost losing their program everytime Shaw wrestles at nationals because they will have no idea what else to talk about.

College / WIN Rankings are out
« on: September 05, 2015, 12:43:47 PM »

Is it still cheating?

The population of Ashley Madison appears to have been more manly than the beach scene from Rocky III

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