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« on: March 04, 2009, 12:41:29 PM »
I've been thinking about this since the Slaton to 157 thing came up and the Oklahoma State 184 situation pushed me over the edge.  I realize that the Iowa coaching staff had more to consider with Slaton being the main backup at 133\141, otherwise they may have made the move earlier.

It is my opinion that replacing a wrestler who has started for the entire year, just before the qualifiers and post season tournaments is a failure by the coaching staff.  Yes, this is a sport where you have to continually earn your keep and your spot, but investing a starting role on a guy who you aren't willing to go with for the most important time of the year is a mistake.  It may be that you misjudged the weight early in the season and didn't see your mistake until too late or that you made a panicked decision when you realized the post season was upon you and you didn't have a legitimate guy ready to go, but either way you hurt your team.

I could go on about how a guy who started all year should improve and shouldn't be getting beat by backups, but its the coachs job to help everyone improve and some guys make leaps that are unexpected.  However, if you've got a guy thats close, he should be getting some looks during the season.  

At Oklahoma State at 184 we have seen 3 men take the mat as the starter this year, Shelton, McNeil and Hill.  However, we have only seen McNeil once or twice and not since the first semester.  Neither Shelton or Hill has performed well, though I would argue that Hill has shown improvement.  Now comes word that it will be McNeil at Big 12s.  If this was a possibility, why did we not see him in any Big 12 duals?  Why did he not get a match against Binghamton or Wyoming?  This can only be explained by a massive miscalculation by John Smith.  I love the Cowboys and I hope McNeil finds a way to qualify (he needs just one upset, there are 4 autos at 184), but we need to acknowledge that this was handled poorly.
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