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2012 NCAA Wrestling Pool.
« on: March 02, 2012, 09:50:14 AM »
It is that time of year again.  We are handling things a little different this year.  We are going to be using a website for everyone to enter their squads.  Along with that there will be some changes that I will go thru below.  There is also a “rules” tab on the site as well.
-You will need to go to the site and register first.  Then accept an invitation to the pool sent to the e-mail address you entered.  Don’t worry it’s an easy process and the information is just for our pool.
Please e-mail me at and I will send you an e-mail that includes the website and my address for payment.  All payments are paid out to the winners.
-After you register you’ll be able to enter your squads.
-The rankings loaded now are last year’s.  This year’s will be loaded once the final rankings come out next Tuesday/Wednesday.  This allows you to mess around with the pull down menu and get used to using it.
-The unranked wrestlers will be loaded once the brackets come out next Wednesday/Thursday.
-You will still need to submit your payment to me like past years. 
Some of the changes in the rules include:
-No one will be able to see anyone else’s squad until after the tournament starts, including myself.
-All squads will need to be entered/settled by the start of the tournament on Thursday.  You will not be able to enter/change your squads after this.
-The site will have scoring throughout the tournament.
-We are trying to set up PayPal as a payment option, but haven’t been able to as of yet.  Hopefully that will happen soon.
-Please review the complete rules below and then if you have any questions please e-mail me at
Cauliflower Classic 2012
Official League Rules
1.     New Rules / Reminders / General Information
2.     Rosters & Scoring:
2.1.      Salary Cap
2.2.      Tie Breaker
2.3.      Scoring
2.4.      Ties
2.5.      Rankings
2.6.      Entry Limits
3.     League Finances
3.1.      Entry Fee
3.2.      Payouts

1.     New Rules / Reminders / General Information
1.1.      Withdrawal Rule:  Once the deadline hits for adding or changing teams, you not be allowed to modify your lineup.  You will have until the official starting time of the first round of the NCAA National Wrestling Tournament to add rosters or make changes to existing rosters.  If a wrestler withdraws from the tournament prior to its start, and that wrestler is on your roster, you will not receive any points for that weight class.  Therefore, you should make a final check of your rosters prior to the submission deadline to insure you don’t have this issue.  We will no longer automatically insert the next ranked wrestler at that weight into your lineup for you.
1.2.      Deduction Points Clarification:  If a wrestler is deducted a team point(s) in the team scoring by the NCAA he will also be deducted a point(s) in our pool.  We score our pool exactly as the NCAA scores the team race.  Additionally, if a coach is deducted a team point, the NCAA assigns that deduction to the wrestler competing for that coach when the deduction occurred.  Therefore, we too will deduct a point from that wrestler.
1.3.      Reminder:  Please look over the entire rules sheet along with all e-mails we sent before e-mailing me any questions.  We’re more than happy to help you with anything, but please keep in mind this pool is very large and you may find an answer more quickly by simply reading the rules.  Everything will be handled the same year to year, so if you’ve been in previously, unless notified, everything will be handle as it was in the past.
1.4.      Website:  All roster selections must be completed through the following site: You will be required to register, after which you will need to accept an invitation to the pool.  Once you have done both, you can begin adding rosters.  We do not have a user or help guide for the site, but it is pretty self explanatory.
1.5.      Payment:  This year’s pool will be run through the website.  Results will be available during the tournament on the website.  Therefore, paymentMUST BE received by 12:00:00 AM on the final day of the tournament.  The reason for this is obvious.  Entrants could easily withhold payment to see how well they do, then choose to not pay if they don’t win.  In previous years we didn’t send the results out until all payments were received, which typically took a week after the tournament to accomplish.  Going forward, you must pay by the specified deadline above to be officially entered into the pool.  You will have the option of sending a check via U.S. mail (postmarked by the deadline above), using PayPal via instructions on the website, or paying directly in person.

2.     Rosters & Scoring:
2.1.      Salary Cap
2.1.1.         Each ranking slot will be allotted a set amount of points.  Those points are listed here:            1st – 196 points            2nd - 148 points            3rd - 139 points            4th - 129 points            5th - 117 points            6th - 107 points            7th - 93 points            8th - 87 points            9th - 78 points         10th - 71 points         11th - 59 points         12th - 45 points         13th - 38 points         14th - 31 points         15th - 26 points         16th THRU 20th – 10 points         Unranked – 5 points
2.1.2.         Each roster must have exactly one wrestler at every weight class.
2.1.3.         Each roster must stay below the allotted salary cap of 1,000 pts.
2.1.4.         There is no minimum for the total salary cap used.
2.2.      Tie Breaker
2.2.1.         Each roster must have a tie-breaker selected.
2.2.2.         The tie-breaker consists of two components            Team Champion:  This is the NCAA team the owner predicts will win the tournament.            Team Champion Points:  This is the total number of team points the owner predicts the winning NCAA team will score.
2.3.      Scoring
2.3.1.         Scoring for each wrestler is based on the official NCAA wrestling tournament team scoring rules.
2.3.2.         Placement Points – wrestlers earn placement points for finishing in 1st through 8th place.            1st place: 16 points            2nd place: 12 points            3rd place: 10 points            4th place: 9 points            5th place: 7 points            6th place: 6 points            7th place: 4 points            8th place: 3 points
2.3.3.         Advancement Points – wrestlers earn advancement points if they win.            Each advancement in the championship bracket is worth 1 point            Each advancement in the consolation bracket is worth .5 points            If a wrestler has a bye and wins his very next match, he will earn an advancement point for the bye.            If a wrestler has a bye and loses his very next match, he will not earn any advancement point(s).            Each wrestler who is not in a pigtail match in either the championship or consolation bracket is considered to have received a bye since they didn’t wrestle a pigtail match.  If those wrestler go on to win their first match, they will receive 2 advancement points due to the bye.            If the losing wrestler in the championship bracket pigtail match wins his wrestleback match, he will earn an additional .5 advancement points due to a bye.  This bye is not shown on the NCAA brackets due to space constraints.
2.3.4.         Bonus Points – wrestlers earn bonus points for certain types of victores.            Each fall, forfeit, default, disqualification: 2 points            Each tech fall (w/ near fall points): 1.5 points            Each tech fall (w/o near fall points): 1 point            Each major decision: 1 point
2.3.5.         Official NCAA scoring rules:  website?
2.4.      Ties
2.4.1.         In the event of a tie between two or more rosters, the winner will be determined based on the following criteria in this order            Tie-breaker Team Champion:  The roster with the highest placed tie-breaker team champion wins            Tie-breaker Team Champion Points:  The roster with the closest team champion points to the NCAA team champion wins.            Individual Champions:  The roster with the most NCAA National Champions wins.            Individual All-Americans:  The roster with the most NCAA All-Americans (top 8 place finishers) wins.            Lower Salary Cap:  The roster that used the least amount of points toward their salary cap wins.            Earliest Submission:  The roster created and finalized the earliest wins.
2.5.      Rankings
2.5.1.         We will be using Amateur Wrestling News's final rankings.
2.5.2.         The rankings typically are published the Tuesday or Wednesday following the conference tournaments.
2.6.      Entry Limits
2.6.1.         There is no limit on the number of entries submitted by an owner.  All entries will be named according to the owner’s first and last names and a number representing the chronological order of submitted rosters (i.e. John Doe 1, John Doe 2, John Doe 3).
2.6.2.         All required fees for entering a roster must be paid by the designated time in the manner set forth in section 3 of this document or the roster is disqualified.
2.6.3.         If partial payment is received, it will be applied to the owner’s rosters in chronological order (see 2.5.1 above).  All remaining rosters will be disqualified.

3.     League Finances
3.1.      Entry Fee
3.1.1.         The entry fee for each roster is $25
3.1.2.         Roster owners must have their entry fee paid by 12:00:00AM on the final day of the tournament.
3.1.3.         The following payment methods are accepted:            Check/Money Order/Cashier’s Check exchanged in person with pool commissioner(s).            Personal check, money order, or cashier’s check sent via U.S. mail to pool commissioner(s) post-marked by the deadline in 3.1.2            Paypal per instructions on the site
3.1.4.         No refunds will be given.  If an owner sends payment after the deadline, that owner’s team will be disqualified and the entry fee will be paid out to the pool winner(s)
3.1.5.         If multiple rosters were submitted by an owner and entry fees were received by that owner for fewer teams than submitted, the entry fees will be applied to the submitted teams in chronological order.
3.1.6.         If you are paying for other owner’s teams, please indicate the owner’s name on the check or PayPal remittance.
3.2.      Payouts
3.2.1.         All entry fees received will be paid out to the winning participants.
3.2.2.         Pool commissioner(s) will be allowed to enter one entry free of charge for each 25 paid entries submitted.
3.2.3.         Payouts for winners are:            1st Place – 50% of entry fees            2nd Place – 20% of entry fees            3rd Place – 15% of entry fees            4th Place – 10% of entry fees            5th Place – 5% of entry fees