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Fantasy League divisions, rules, scoring
« on: July 26, 2013, 01:25:07 AM »
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  • Each division will draft the week of each event. 
  • Based on a 12 fight card all fighters will be drafted, whether you want someone or not you need to have a full roster
  • Each team in each division will draft 4 fighters.  If not enough fights are on a card, there will be a vote to skip an event or add multiple fights from another org
  • Once a fighter is drafted in a division he cannot be taken again inside that division.  Ex. fighter A will be on one team in the UFC and one team in the Pride division
  • initial draft order will be randomly selected and a serpentine draft order will be used.  the last pick of each round will have the first pick in the next round
  • Draft order will rotate each event.  1st pick drops to 6th pick, everyone else moving up one slot
  • Draft's will begin on Tuesday of fight week 8 am central.  Draft picks need to be placed in a timely manner.  If you are signing up for the league show respect to others and keep track of the draft.  Every Friday morning, if picks are not in a 2 hour clock will start for all picks.  TOM personal messages and texts will be sent as I can.
  • If you miss your draft pick the next person drafting can pick in your place.  You will be skipped until you make a pick.  If you make no picks you will be given the last 4 figthers. the 5 hour time will still be in place but the skipped team can enter his pick at any time once he has missed.  EX. Team 2 misses it's pick.  Team 3 takes Figher A, team 4 now has 5 hours to pick but team 2 can make his/her pick at anytime
  • Length of regular season Next 6 events
  • number of teams from each division to make playoffs 3 per division
  • number of events in playoffs 6
  • 0.5 points for Split Decision loss
  • 1 point for Split Decision win
  • 1.5 points for Unanimous decision win
  • 3 points for TKO, KO, Submission win
  • 0.5 points each fighter for draw
  • any fight later ruled a no contest or result overturned will be corrected as shown in the Sherdog Fight Finder
  • 0.5 points for a win by disqualification
  • 1 bonus point to be awarded to a challenger winning the title from the champion ----this can still be debated if it is overwhelmingly hated

We will absolutely want more teams but need to keep in groups of 6.  If you want a team post below and we'll try to get enough added to start another division.

FIRST SEASON STARTS SATURDAY AUGUST THIRD.  Through 9-21 Jones Gustufson 6 events 1 top pick each

Top 3 teams each division to playoffs. 
Playoffs 10-9 UFC FN 29  through 12-14 UFC on Fox 9 (6 events 1 top pick each)

note I am skipping the TUF finale for fantasy purposes.  plays out better schedule wise. and I no one knows most fighters on TUF finale cards

Top 2 teams will have 2 events.  Each will have an event to have fist pick.  Will still have 4 man rosters despite 24 fighters per card.  ONLY 8 FIGHTERS WILL BE DRAFTED.  UFC in Australia and UFC 168 New Year card.

Champion is most total points in last 2 events head to head.  Winner gets a hug from Viratas, and Ray.

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