Author Topic: Sports diplomacy project?  (Read 864 times)

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Sports diplomacy project?
« on: August 20, 2011, 11:52:51 PM »
HI all,

I touched upon this over within the "off topic" thread under the discussion about the Georgetown vs. Shanghai basketball teams brawl earlier this week.  However, I'll post it here because I assume more will read it. Plus it is more related to international wrestling than a generic "off topic" thread.

I have stated a number of times that I hope that coaches and recently graduated wrestlers apply for a Fulbright Scholarship. 

However, I am here now to ask....plead....that someone within either USA wrestling or any current NCAA wrestling team contact the Department of State's Public Affairs office.  Since some countries in west Africa consider wrestling as their national sport, some of the -stans consider wrestling as their national sport, and I think Iran considers wrestling their national sports well. I believe this could be a win/win situation for the sport of wrestling and general diplomacy as well.

Has this been done in the past?  If so, what was the road map that was completed.  It would be great to see it done again.  If  a project like this has not been done in the past, is there any plan to do such a thing?