Author Topic: Behold: A New Category, For Your Polemical Pleasure  (Read 8968 times)

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Behold: A New Category, For Your Polemical Pleasure
« on: September 18, 2011, 11:43:09 PM »
As you know, this forum has categories for different sorts of conversations.  This allows people to easily find what they're looking for, avoid what doesn't interest them, and helps keep threads somewhat on-topic.

At the outset, we tried to come up with useful topics.  This has been reasonably successful, with a few exceptions; discussion of what I think of as wrestling politics, for instance, aren't frequent, and when they do occur they frequently evolve from topics in College or International.  Likewise, certain topics garner more posts than whole categories, yet are lumped into Off-Topic.  We feel the design of the site should reflect what its members actually wish to discuss.

Experience has demonstrated that the discussion of evolution and intelligent design is extremely popular with some of our members, and much less so with others.  Accordingly, it now has its own category:  Miscellaneous >> Evolution(?).  The name was chosen for brevity, and the parenthetical question mark added so as not to appear to favor a particular position.

New threads on the subject should go here; no doubt the general public will find this a great resource when researching leading positions in the debate.  And, as has always been the case, when the conversation in one thread begins to digress to the point where the subject matter properly belongs in another category, start a new thread.
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