Author Topic: Time to Lift the Ban on Nike?  (Read 19662 times)

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Re: Time to Lift the Ban on Nike?
« Reply #75 on: June 15, 2012, 08:02:56 AM »
Nike can suck it

Very eloquent.....  And we wonder why Wrestling Fans are considered Neanderthals ... At 29 years of age, and 10.711 posts per day, one would think ...... OH ... Never mind. :-[

It's exactly, this kind of blind, misdirected hatred, that has hamstrung College Wrestling since Title 9 arrived on the scene. The University of Washington, and prior to that Washington State, buried their heads in the sand and did absolutely nothing to preserve the wrestling programs.  Totally off guard, with no preservation or funding plans, what so ever. 

It's ironic, that OSU, the ugly step child of OU .... Is still alive and well, and building a solid endowment  base of funds. They are not out of the woods as of yet, however they are getting closer and closer. 

It wasn't until the programs were flushed down the toilet, did we ever see any efforts to fund the programs at  UW and WSU. Granted we never thought the proportion prong would be the fall back position ... in the early days. OU had plenty of lead time to prepare...  YET did not.

The last figures we got from WSU was 13M, to fund both womens and mens wrestling, as they also need new facilities as well. And over at the UW, you can find absolutely no history nor indication, that Larry Owing ever wrestled there.

It's as if, wrestling never existed.

What is frustrating is ... We have so many Kazillionaires, Billionaires and Multi Millionaires in the NW, and not a single one of them is a former wrestler, nor avid wrestling fans.

A sugar daddy or two would sure be welcome.

If you dont know that Phil Knight was a huge if not THE catalyst in the demise of the Duck wrestling program then you arent much of a fan of college wrestling at least not a knowledgeable one.
Agreed.  If you cant blame a big corporation for your problems, who should you blame?

deflection at its finest.

you're on that sparkilian stuff....always the contrarian.

I thought you were going to teach me a new word, Willie.  Then I realized Sparkilian was made up and was disappointed.  I'm not sure of its origins at this point.

I'm not ALWAYS the contrarian!  However, I do have my reasons for being sympathetic to homosexuals, but I'll save you that because most of you probably don't care and it'd be too long to type out.  And I'd probably come off sounding preachy.
I brain stormed it, thank you.   :D
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Re: Time to Lift the Ban on Nike?
« Reply #76 on: June 15, 2012, 09:11:59 AM »
Wrestling is an insignificant sport.  If they dropped every program in the country tomorrow we'd all go berserk, but nobody else would give a flying f***.  Not only is it "just a sport," but it is also an insignificant one at that.  Football and Basketball are the only sports that matter in college.  Everything else is just there for schools to pretend that they believe in "student athletes" even though they could care less.  Networks can market and make loads of cash on football and men's basketball, because that is all the general public cares about.  Everything else doesn't matter.  Enjoy wrestling while you can, because unless the general public starts giving out fu**s, then it'll never be anything but a niche sport competing with women's gymnastics for coverage.  Who cares if Philip Knight had some kind of involvement in Oregon wrestling being shut down?  If I want to wear a a shirt advertising my support for rainbow colored check marks then I will.

As harsh as this may seem to be .... It's one of the more accurate posts in this whole thread.
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