Author Topic: WrestleStat Week 5 Rankings - 2016-2017  (Read 957 times)

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WrestleStat Week 5 Rankings - 2016-2017
« on: December 06, 2016, 09:01:40 AM »
Here are this weeks rankings. One thing to note, I was not able to get the Cliff Keen and Journeyman Tussle match results entered prior to the rankings running, so those are not included.

In individual rankings this week, I'll make note of some of the big movers.
At 125, Nick Suriano of Penn State continues his impressive true freshman season and moves up another 11 spots after handling [last week's] #5 Darian Cruz of Lehigh.
At 133 Scott Parker also moves up 11 spots after he knocked off #5 Jered Cortez of Penn State.
Taylor Lujan (174) of Northern Iowa moved up 7 spots after taking the title at his home schools open tournament which included a win over #12 Zac Brunson.

In Dual Rankings this week, there wasn't much change at the top. Ohio State fell 3 spots which is directly attributed to the news of Keyshawn Hayes being out for the remainder of the season, down to #6. Iowa, Missouri, and Nebraska all moved up 1 spot each as a result of that change. Rutgers dropped by 10 spots this week and it looks like the reason why is because Richie Lewis (#9 at 165) is no longer set as the starter.

In Tournament Rankings, this big mover here is Oregon State out west. They moved up 27 spots to slide in at #14.

Lastly, in our weekly Hodge Watch, there really are no significat changes here. Zain Retherford, Olympic Champion Kyle Snyder, and Jason Nolf still sit in the top 3. I don't have a history/trend on this page, but I believe Gabe Dean and moved up a couple spots after he continues to bonus his way through the season.

One thing to note, I realeased an enhancement this week to the Dual Rankings pages. You are now able to see all of the wins and losses that comparised of the schools projected dual ranking record. Now you can see which teams a school won and lost to.

Individual Rankings:

Dual Rankings:

Tournament Rankings:

Hodge Watch: