Author Topic: The Rental Car Racket  (Read 442 times)

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The Rental Car Racket
« on: September 30, 2019, 09:06:41 AM »
Have you ever noticed all of the "fees" assessed these days when you rent a car?  Check this out....a 1 day rental for $38.00

CONCESSION FEE RECOVERY                   9.37                                                           
VEHICLE LICENSE FEE                                  6.86                                                           
 ENERGY SURCHARGE                                  1..49                                                           
CUSTOMER FACILITY CHARGE                   12.00                                                           
MOTOR VEHICLE LEASE TAX                       12.60                                                           
TAX                           6.25%                                  6.63

Mind you the rental was $38.00 for day - $48.95 in fees and tax   Now add in a $7.50 fee for having an electronic toll pass on the windshield for $5.90 in toll charges.. 

Here the latest:  Massachusetts like a few other states have gone cashless on their highway tolls.  You either have to have an electronic pass which deducts from your account or they photo you license plate and send you the invoice in the mail.  The rental car companies now include the electronic pass on the windshield and charge 7.50 for placing it there.  Mind it doesn;t cost them  dime to place it there.

Thank you for renting with Hertz.
Hertz utilizes a service called PlatePass which allows its customers to use cashless lanes or all-electronic tollways without using a personal transponder or paying the toll authority directly. The card used for your Hertz rental was charged the cost of the toll(s) and the convenience fee(s) as disclosed in your rental agreement. No further payment or action is necessary. Additional charges may apply if new information is received from toll authorities relating to this rental agreement.

Summary of PlatePass Charges

Toll Charges: $5.90

Convenience Fee: $7.90