Author Topic: No repeats at 49 or 57, EVER!  (Read 1006 times)

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No repeats at 49 or 57, EVER!
« on: July 06, 2009, 10:32:12 PM »
Since the inception of the 49 and 57 weight classes (first wrestled at the NCAA tourney in '99), no one who was eligible has successfully defended their title at either of these weights.

Sure seems like Caldwell is using his redshirt, that leaves Burroughs.  Even my grandma said he'll be undefeated nat'l champ next year.  Sorry but history (albeit a short history), says otherwise.  

Name, year and the following year's finish where applicable

57-burroughs JR (?)
49-caldwell JR (?)

57-leen JR (3rd)
49-metcalf (2nd)

49-gillespie SO (5th/57)
57-paulson SR

57-cherrington SR
49-schlatter FR (3rd)

57-bertin SR
49-esposito JR (3rd)

57-gentry JR (DNP)
49-jantzen SR

57-bertin SO (3rd)
49-larkin SR

57-becker JR (4th)
49-lawrence JR (2nd)

57-williams SR
49-tirapelle SR

57-matter SR
49-davis SR

57-cunningham SR
49-williams JR (3rd)
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Re: No repeats at 49 or 57, EVER!
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2009, 11:34:18 PM »
pretty good stuff horatio. those two weights are always super competitive and i t goes to show that no one really seperated themselves, there were no 'legends' as most fans like to annoint them as soon as they win one.

makes snyder's 2OT RO finishes -- 2nd-2nd his jr/sr years a little more impressive, doesn't it?!?!

theres only two guys on your list that even made it back to finals.

i don't think the trend will stop here either. there's tons of good kids and alot several could win on any given day.

parity is good for college. not so much for our international hopes, but good for business.
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